Sunday, March 13, 2005

Another Bush foreign policy blunder!

There is no question much of the world views the U.S. with suspicion and even disrespect thanks to the policies of our current President. Iraq, Abu Ghraib, fiscal insanity, take your pick, but yet again we see another example of why the world questions the leadership of our President. He has nominated John Bolton to be our ambassador to the United Nations. So what?" you might ask, well take a look at the following discussion from this week's Meet the Press transcript between Tim Russert and Condoleezza Rice:

MR. RUSSERT: Let me turn to the appointment of John--nomination of John Bolton as ambassador of the United Nations. . . . the appointment of Mr. Bolton has raised a lot of eyebrows in Europe and around the United States. Comments like these, an interview he gave with National Public Radio. Bolton: "If I were redoing the Security Council today, I'd have one permanent member because that's the real reflection of the distribution of power in the world." Question: "And that one member would be, John Bolton?" Bolton: "The United States." Great Britain, France, China, Russia, all permanent members, pretty much left out. And then this interview comment from Mr. Bolton. Let's watch.

(Videotape, Citizens For Global Solutions Convocation, February 3, 1994):
MR. JOHN BOLTON: There is no such thing as the United Nations.
The secretariat building in New York has 38 stories. If you lost 10 stories today, it wouldn't make a bit of difference.
(End videotape)

MR. RUSSERT: Why are we sending him to the United Nations?

DR. RICE: Because John is a very good diplomat. . . .

Sure sounds like it! Bush really picked a winner for the U.N. and is sure to regain the respect of the world with the choice of Bolton. NOT!!!! To see the full transcript click here.


Justin's D! said...

Bush continuously proves he is an arrogant arsehole. That or he just doesn't pay any attention and doesn't care. Or he is the biggest idiot president we have ever seen. Perhaps, all three!

Bush seems oblivious that there other countries in this world besides the U.S. With those other countries come other cultures, religions, ideas, people. He is so oblivious and insensitive to these facts. I think he does want to dictate this world and hide behind his "fighting terrorism" blanket to justify to the U.S. and it's allies of his actions. I just hope he doesn't screw things up TOO much more over the next 3 1/2 years.

Rob said...

You gotta love W and his henchmen. They love to just do whatever they want to do and in the process stick their middle finger out to the rest of the world.

But hey, "Freedom is on the March."