Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bush the hypocrite

Not surprising to find that Bush is a politician who only does what is politically expedient rather than what is right. A couple of years ago he signed "right to die" legislation as the governor of Texas, but now he has changed his mind for political reasons.

The only explanations for his actions are that he is a political animal who is being opportunistic, or he knows more than her doctors and virtually every doctor who knows anything about people who are in a persistent vegetative state. I doubt the latter and cringe at the idea that he can be so politically calculating with the stakes so high. If he really believes Terri can recover and deserves more treatment then he should go down and visit her himself. Michael Schiavo asked him to see for himself.

At the very least he could have just signed the law in Texas and not spent $34,000/hour of taxpayer money on Air Force One to get back to Washington.


Justin's D! said...

Aren't most politicians opportunistic? Whatever is hot at the moment or whatever will make me more popular at the time. That's what being a politician is all about. Saying what you think the majority of the people want to hear. It's sad and Bush is an idiot.

Rob said...

Yes, but I think the Schiavo case goes beyond opportunism because of the delicate situation and the fact that Congress trampled on the individual rights of a husband. This action gives the stereotypical politician a bad name.