Saturday, March 05, 2005

Redskins spinning their wheels but not going anywhere

It is funny how players on winning teams will sometimes take less money to stay, while Redskins players are willing to forfeit good money to leave. I would love to ask Laveranues Coles why?

The Redskins lost Antonio Pierce (lead team in tackles last year) and will likely lose Fred Smoot - two starters from their defense. Coles wants out and they should try to move him. To replace Coles/Gardner, they get David Patten. A nice player, but in 8 years in the NFL he has been a productive but not spectacular player. At 5-10, 190 he is also not that physical presence the 'Skins are going to need, especially if Coles does return.

Oh and by the way, the Redskins identified him as a "deeply religious man." While I can respect that on a personal level, and I am sure Gibbs love that, it does not necessarily make him the right player for the team. Perhaps he will help the Redskins pray their way out of their Danny Boy doldrums.


Justin's D! said...

The players that are willing to take less to stay with their current team are rare. Sure, Trotter did it because I'm sure he feels indebted to the Eagles for resurrecting his career. He had to beg Andy Reid to take him last year and signed for the minimum. Yes, he had a good year and it would have taken alot more money than the Eagles were offering for him to leave. But even he left the Eagles originally to come to the Skins where he was useless. By and large, players are selfish and it IS all about getting paid. For every one player willing to accept less, there are at least 100 that will leave for more money. So don't portray the Skins as an anomaly for their players leaving for more money. I'm sure an additional reason for Trotter wanting to stay was that the Eagles still have a chance to win a Super Bowl and, at this point in his career, that is also significant.

Yes, the Skins lost A. Pierce but wouldn't you leave too if you were being paid the minimum and then got a raise of $5+M per year, not to mention a $6M signing bonus? Who would pass that up? If Smoot wants to test the market, why not? Every team, every year loses players and brings in new guys. Maybe you haven't heard of it but it's called free agency in the NFL in the 21st century. HELLO?!!

The Jets have lost several players, why? Do players want out of NY?

I agree that David Patten is not a superstar like R. Moss or T.O. but he's a solid receiver. Regarding his size, he is no smaller than the Skins receivers last year. Sure, Gardner was a little bigger but he lacked speed, consistency, and more importantly heart so I say good riddance. I have said from the beginning, I am disappointed with L. Coles and I don't know his reasons for wanting to leave (although I have my suspicions which I laid out in previous postings). Fine, if he doesn't want to be part of the team, then go home. That is exactly what Randy Thomas said of Coles who by the way, played with him in NY. Bottom line, every team will have players that are disgruntled because they feel they are not getting the ball enough. In my book, they're called crybabies. If Coles wants out SO bad, why didn't he approve the trade to NY? They wanted him, we wanted him to go but he refuses unless he gets MORE money.

Now tell me, which other Redskins want out SO badly that they will "forfeit good money" to just get out of town? What makes them SO much different than any other team in the league?

Again, I think Patten is a nice addition and hopefully the Skins will draft a more physically imposing receiver (e.g., Mike Williams). Regardless, I know that you are not a Skins fan and like to bash them but they are no different than any other team. Again, wake up and welcome to the NFL in the 21st century, pallie!

Rob said...

As we discussed, let's see what happens with free agency, the draft and ultimately during the season.

Looks like the Coles for Moss trade with the Jets is a go.

Justin's D! said...

Good riddance to Coles. Probably good for him and definitely good for the Redskins. If they can draft a larger, more physically imposing receiver they will have improved upon what they had last year.

Yes, lets wait until the final team is determined in late August but I do expect improvement upon last year.