Thursday, October 13, 2005

LaVar LaVar, where are you?

To see what fans are saying, here is a local DC bulletin board on the subject. I think it says something that most of the fans are in LaVar's corner.


Justin's D! said...

I feel like I am beating a dead horse here. The majority of fans are too emotional and don't understand all the intricacies of the game. Football has become so technical today that unless you are on the inside and part of all the strategy, you really don't have any clue as to all of the assignments and responsibilities that each team member has on a given play.

I love the enthusiasm and again, I am miffed by the whole LaVar situation. I have repeatedly mentioned that I like LaVar but it's just strange the way this situation is playing out. It was a mistake for LaVar to speak to the media because now it has opened things up even more. He has challenged the coaches reputation and integrity and that is not good for the team. Gibbs responded accordingly (and was visibly upset) and clearly someone is not telling the truth. I think Gibbs has given enough explanation to us. What more is he supposed to do? Have a program detailing LaVar's mistakes/inadequacies? Showing film of him making mistakes? Tape conversations documenting LaVar's insubordination? On the other hand, maybe LaVar is telling the truth and coaches are lying and this is just a personal situation handed down by the coaches or even worse...Danny boy. I don't know. I have to trust Joe Gibbs in saying that he has spoken 3 times more frequently to LaVar than any other player. Perhaps it's just a breakdown in communication.

Bottom line, is that the 'Skins are 3-1 and have been making progress each week. The defense still ranks as one of the top defenses in the league. Fans should not be complaining so much and have some trust and faith in the coaches. It's the best I have seen the 'Skins in years. Let them do their jobs.

You talk about if LaVar is to get in their he will play passively/tentatively fearing he will be scrutinized by the coaches and made aware of the slightest mistake. What about the defense when he is not in there? The situation has become a state where the fans are going to scrutinize every defensive play and any play that nets more than 7+ yards, the fans will believe LaVar could have made a difference. Arm chair quarterbacks and fans who think they could do a better job at coaching/managing a team both crack me up and frustrate me. They really have no clue.

Again, I don't know what is going on with that situation and I'm sure it is deeper than we are led to believe which is unfortunate given the success the 'Skins have had so far this year. I just say let the coaches/LaVar take care of this situation in house and lets cheer the 'Skins for who they are, not for who they are not.

Rob said...

OK Gene Hackman. Go Hoosiers!

But tell Bugel to shut the hell up and Williams to stop crying about not getting any turnovers. They have a guy who produces sitting on the bench.

Justin's D! said...

I agree that Bugel should shut the hell up. He's little firecracker loaded with too much explosive material without much output and nothing of any value (much like your dong).

I don't know about Williams. He's successful and maybe he is just trying to inspire/motivate his entire defensive unit and emphasize the importance of creating turnovers to them. I am sure that is what any decent defensive coach would preach to their defense.

Rob said...

Yeah, but then he does not play the player who can most directly address the issue.

Warrick Holdman is not going to blow any plays up.

Holdman's tackles per game:
Chicago - 2 assists
Dallas - 2 tackles
Seattle - 1 tackle
Denver - 4 tackles, 1 assist

In four games Holdman has 7 tackles and 3 assists, with no sacks,forced fumbles, or interceptions.

In his very limited action, LaVar has 2 tackles.

Justin's D! said...

Funny. I didn't even know who Warrick Holdman is. I still have faith in the coaching staff and the players out there. It would be good to see LaVar out there but I will let the coaches to their jobs.

Rob said...

You're a good and trusting fan. Good night, Gene!

Justin's D! said...


Rob said...

Yeah, Gene Hackman from Hoosiers. Your first post clearly borrowed some language from that movie. How quickly you forget. Are you drinking Bushie juice?

Justin's D! said...

My mind is very lucid. I don't start drinking Bushie juice until 2:15 pm on Fridays so it couldn't have been that.

Rob said...

Maybe someone slipped you a Micky.