Monday, October 31, 2005

NFL Recap

Just as predicted the Bears won in a tight game and the Redskins lost to a pumped up Giants team. I was surprised at the margin of victory, but not by the loss itself. It was a "statement" game that did not go well for the Redskins.

I could gloat and stick it to the 'Skins fans, but the bottom line is that this was just one game, on the road, against a tough division foe who had just lost its beloved owner. How the Redskins bounce back from this loss will say a lot. With a tough Philly team coming to Washington after a loss of their own, this weekend's game will be critical.

You know you want them so here are the updated stats:


Bears - Second-ranked scoring defense (11.6 pts/game, no change from last week), third-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (263 yds/game, no change from last week).

Redskins - 17th-ranked scoring defense (19.9 pts/game, down 9 spots from last week), 6th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (283 yds/game, down 2 spots from last week).

The Bears have only allowed 1 rushing touchdown this year (ranked #1). The Redskins have allowed 7 rushing touchdowns.


Bears - 23rd-ranked scoring 0ffense (17 pts/game, up 2 spots from last week), 26th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (261 yds/game, up 1 spot).

Redskins - 19th-ranked scoring offense (19.3 pts/game, down 5 spots from last), 10th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (350 yds/game, down 8 spots).

Thomas Jones 6th-ranked running back (102 yds/game, 6 touchdowns, down 1 spot from last week), Clinton Portis ranked 13th (79 yds/game, 3 touchdowns, down 5 spots).

Red Zone Stats:

The Bears continue to dominate in the Red Zone on both side of the ball. They score touchdowns on offense 62.5% of the time they get in the RZ and only allow opponents to score touchdowns 12.5% of the time.

The Redskins are at 54.5% on offense and 52.9% on defense.

Day 1510!


Justin's D! said...

I'm tired of your stats.

I don't know what happened to the 'Skins. They didn't even show up. They were dominated in every phase of that game. I did not see a single positive thing from that game. Too many turnovers, too many dropped balls, too many blown defensive assignments, no blocking for our QBs just an abysmal game. I know the Giants lost their patriarch and all so they were going to play with more emotional than usual but there is no excuse for being beaten the way the 'Skins were beaten. Hopefully they can use the loss to their benefit and come out fired up against the Eagles. The Eagles seemed to have lost their strangle hold on the East so the game should be a good one.

Regarding the Bears, typical Bears victory over a weak opponent. Yes, a win is a win and it's good for the Bears and they have a great chance of winning that division as it increasingly looks like that division is a mess. GB is 1-6, Minnesota is the biggest mess a franchise can be. All of their off the field issues and now they lose Culpepper for the year...they are done. Detroit has too many injuries and neither Harrington nor Garcia are good enough. The Bears should win by default. They have the 2-6 homeless Saints next week. Should be another win over a weak team. I understand that teams don't choose who they play and wins are wins but I have said several times before, the Bears are the fortunate beneficiaries of a weak schedule. Until they beat a team with a winning record, I am still unconvinced they are a decent team.

Rob said...

Fine, but we are in first place and have to be odds on favorites to win the division and get into the playoffs.

The 'Skins are going to be playing the game of their season this week. If they go down to Philly it looks like they will be in a death spiral after losing 4 of 5.

Rob said...

The only reason you are tired of my stats is that they support my hypothesis that the Bears are a good team. You just don't WANT to believe even though the empirical support is overwhelming.

Justin's D! said...

No it's not your empirical support and any of that. You are too statistical. I agree that the Bears have the better opportunity to make the playoffs. I think we agree on that. I'm not sure if we agree on the strength of the Bears and the caliber of team they truly are. Thus, should they make the playoffs, my thoughts (AT THIS POINT) are that they would be eliminated in the first round. Similar to the Padres of baseball, they made the playoffs as they played in the worst division in MLB and most people thought they would be easily pushed aside in the first round of the playoffs which was the case. I happen to believe (AT THIS POINT) the same would happen to the Bears. The Bears have been the fortunate beneficiaries of a tremendously light schedule. You can only hope that they win those games and; thus, their statistics would be good. I have no question that the Bears defense is solid. The offense is the issue. Statistically they rank poorly. Sure they may make some slight improvements but they are still very weak. I have said time and time again until they play against a team with a winning record and show they can compete, it is hard for me and I'm sure many others to take them seriously. This is the truth.

Rob said...

Fine, but I keep saying that you have to be in it to win it and that it is a long season. A lot changes through the course of the season - injuries, improvements, adjustments by other teams. You may be right AT THIS POINT, but we cannot really tell. All I am saying is that the Bears are showing improvements (particularly Orton) and are becoming a better team. They are developing a winning mentality.

At the end of the season we will be able to clearly see which team has made progress and which has not. However, the cumulative stats will factor into that decision and are important.