Friday, November 11, 2005

Bears and Redskins Game Predictions

Bears play San Francisco at home. The 49ers have played two good games against the Rams and Bucs, but this should be an easy win for the Bears. Their defense will overrun a weak 49er offense and unlike most Bears win, I expect them to win by at least 14 points.

Redskins on the road in Tampa Bay. Tampa is reeling, having lost 3 of 4 since their 4-0 start. The losses of Griese and Cadillac have really hurt their offense, but their defense seems to be fairly solid. Tampa lost to the 49ers who I think is a horrible team. I expect the Redskins to post a solid 10 point win this week on the road.

I was 1-1 last week - the Redskins proved me wrong. I hope the same results come out with the Redskins proving me wrong this week.


matar-alloo said...

Your hatred for Daniel Snyder has transformed you into a Washington Redskins hater. You should not take your hatred toward the whole organization/

Rob said...

Why not? He has ruined a once great franchise by filling it with cronies. Things are better with Gibbsy, but even that won't last given Gibbsy's age.

Justin's D! said...

Should definitely be an easy game for the Bears. The 49ers are hapless and hopeless. Frankly, who really cares about this game? It's the Bears vs. the 49ers.

I expect the 'Skins to pull out the win if they play their game. It will be interesting to see if they can continue their good play (outside of the Giants debacle). It will also be interesting to see how Tampa plays. A couple of weeks ago they were considered a possible Super Bowl contender but now given the injuries to Griese and Cadillac their offense has plummeted. They still have one of the best defenses in the league so it should be a decent game.

matar-alloo said...

I think the 49ers are going to win. I just think they'll have a better game, much like the Giants when they spanked the Redskins. Bears will make stupid mistakes and the 49ers will capitalize on them.

Why shouldn't you hate the Redskins?

a) You used to be a loyal fan at one point in your life.

b) Because you don't hate the Redskins, you hate Snyder. The Redskins didn't do anything wrong. It was Snyder. Snyder doesn't play on the field therefore what he does should not affect your opinion towards the Redskins as a team.

c) Because Gibbs is back. Memories of the old glory days should be flooding back into your head.

The Skins will play with few mistakes tomorrow, but so will the Bucs. I'm expecting a close game, but Redskins should edge the Bucs.

Justin's D! said...

Good points, matar-alloo.

Why do you hate the 'Skins so much, Rob?

I am not a huge fan of Snyder but that doesn't deter my feelings for the 'Skins. I commend Snyder for his passion and his drive to succeed/win; however, I don't think he goes about things in all the right ways. I think he has been WAY too hands on but I do believe he is learning.

Still, I know you like to poke fun and all and maybe that is all you are doing but if not, it is a good question, why do you hate the 'Skins so much?

matar-alloo said...

The referees can blow themselves up for all I care. Allsnott (as Reena says) was not in!!!! DAMN ITTTTT!!!!!