Friday, November 18, 2005

NFL Picks for this Week

Bears will play inspired footbal this week and surprise most experts by beating Carolina in a tight, hard fought football game this week. This is the biggest game for the Bears since their last playoff game in 2001 and the defense will rise to the occasion. They will get pressure on Delhomme and take away Steve Smith. The weather will be in the 40s, so it will be good Bears football weather. I expect Orton to play a solid game and the running game to do its thing. The Bears know that they and their division are not being taken seriously and they have something to prove. I know I am a partisan fan, but I honestly think they will play like champions.

The Redskins will have no problem beating an undisciplined Oakland team that leads the league in penalties. The only way the Raiders are going to win is if the Redskins continue to turn the ball over and give up big plays on defense. I think the defense has something to prove after allowing Chris Simms to look like Phil Simms. I also expect the Redskins to have zero turnovers this week. The improved effort over last week will lead to a victory by at least two touchdowns.


Justin's D! said...

Bears don't have a chance. For only the second time this season, they play a decent team and they will lose because they cannot compete with better teams. Their 6-3 record is a farce as they have squeaked by each week against sub par teams. Bears lose and we see their true colors.

'Skins bounce back and win in a good game. Should be very familiar feeling for Norvell -- losing at FedEx.

Rob said...

I agree about the 'Skins, but to say that the "Bears don't have a chance" is bold. I think we will see their "true colors" and while I think they will win, they are not going to lose big. The game will be very competitive.

Justin's D! said...

Bears lose by at least 10 points.

It's a great test and measuring bar for the Bears but I don't believe they are that good. Maybe they will prove me wrong.