Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vikings Demise

Man, I am shocked at how bad things have gone for the Vikings in such a short time. Culpepper may be done for his career with three ligaments gone. If he comes back we are talking two years. There is no reason to fire Tice at this point of what now seems like a lost season, but they need to clean house in the off season.

The thing is there is talent on this team but they need a new coach and organization structure as well as to root out a few players and this team could easily rebound next year.

Day 1511!


Justin's D! said...

Vikings have to be by far the biggest disappointment of the year. They came into the season as one of the top teams in the NFC and have been pathetic. They have had plenty of off the field problems, scandals with their coach, now they lose their best player.

They should have won their division easily. Culpepper will probably be back next year but who knows what kind of player he will be. Still, agree that there are a number of organizational changes that need to occur. We'll see what happens.

Rob said...

I don't think Culpepper will be back for at least 2 years if at all. As far as I know he tore three ligaments in his knee.

Brad Johnson is a strong backup and may bring some stability but that team is just in disarray.

Justin's D! said...

I heard three ligaments as well but I also heard that there was hope of him coming back next year. Maybe that is wishful thinking but we'll see.

B. Johnson is a serviceable back up but at 37, his best days are behind him. I think he can manage the offense sufficiently but I don't think he can win games. The
Vikings bigger issues stem from their off the field problems and organizational issues.