Friday, December 30, 2005

NFL Picks

Redskins are going to blow the Eagles game. This is a playoff game - the only one the Eagles will play this year. I just think the Redskins will make some mistakes and the Eagles will want to end on a good note for next year. Also, Portis dressed up like "Southest Jerome" again - last time he did that the Redskins lost to the Giants big.

Bears will lose in a meaningless game. A lot of the starters will be resting because their playoff seeding is set and there is no reason to risk injury in this game. Nice close for the Vikings who will end 8-8 after a horrible start.

LaVar Explanation

Turns out that LaVar had a good reason for his outburst. Great article by Mike Wise in today's Post that talks about a shouting match LaVar and his position coach got in after the Giants game in the locker room. An anonymous player said that the coach went too far and wouldn't just let it end.

The article is a pretty good summary of things that happened and gives some good insights. Wise points out that LaVar is clearly not innocent in the whole thing, but he has also been painted as a T.O. type which is ridiculous if you read the story.

Bushie Economics

We are running out of cash, let's raise the country's debt limit (again). Every time Bushie and the Republicans spend too much (which is every year), they borrow and push the country to the federal debt limit. Rather than cutting spending, they just raise the debt ceiling. That is the basis of their economic policy. It is ridiculous and we are all paying for it.

That is why our national debt is now up over $8 trillion. Up about $2.5 trillion since Bushie rolled into the White House.

Bushie on the Move!

Bushie wants to go after the dirty bastard who actually told Americans the truth. He wants to know who leaked the fact that he was illegally spying on American citizens. He has not been too interested in catching bin Laden or finding out all the details of the outing of a covert CIA operative by his White House, but man oh man he wants to rip a new one for the source of the illegal spying leak.

Day 1570!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Bushie Power Consolidation

Bushie signed an executive order changing the power structure in the Pentagon. He demoted the chiefs of the armed forces and put intelligence loyalists in higher succession positions.

These little noticed and little talked about moves help him consolidate power. On top of the secret wiretaps of American citizens and his efforts to hide these illegal activities from Congress, I think we all should be very concerned. There is a very thin line that is now separating us from an autocratic president - one could easily argue we are already there.

We are still three years away, but I suspect that somehow Bushie will try to extend his presidency. Remember before the last election there was a plan in place to push off the election if there was a terrorist attack? I wouldn't be surprised if Bushie actually tries to do it the next election.

Day 1569!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh LaVar

LaVar was all about himself this week. Man, this guy needs a better sense of timing. Now is not the time to pull this nonsense, with the playoffs on the line. Gibbs did not comment, but I am sure he was steamed.

Day 1568!

Friday, December 23, 2005

NFL Predictions

Oh man, Saturday and Sunday NFL football - I love it - especially because the Bears are again going to be on national TV Christmas night.

The Bears will stomp the Packers in what might be Favre's last game against the Bears as a Packer. I don't think the beaten up Packers will have enough to beat the Bears, even with some Favre magic. Should be a great Christmas.

The Redskins have shown sign and have certainly made progress. I still think their QB situation is troubling - at least for the future. I also think the team needs more Gibbs' guys and talent to really challenge. They will put up a much better effort against the Giants this time around, but they will be beaten by at least 10 points by the better Giants team. Good luck 'Skins fans, you will need it. Dream of sugar plums and playoffs next year.

Day 1563!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bushie World

Bushie says things are going well in Iraq and that the Iraqi people want us there. In his speech on Sunday night he cited a poll which found that 70 percent of Iraqis say their lives are going well and more than 60 percent expect things to improve over the next year.

Turns out the same poll also found that more than 50 percent oppose the U.S. occupation and want us out. Less than half say that Iraq is better off now than before the war. Good job Bushie - more Iraqis long for the days of Saddam than for U.S. democracy.

Of course there are accusations of irregularities and fraud with the latest election results in Iraq. Bushie truly is exporting American-style democracy.

Day 1560!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Bears help Redskins

Bears were dominating on defense as expected. Single digit air temps and a -7 degree wind chill was Bear weather and Vick could get nothing going. I had no problem but was surprised that Rex Grossman got in to start the second half. The move looks great today and really provided a spark. If Rex can get some good reps and feel for the game before the playoffs the Bears could be very dangerous.

The Redskins are now in control of their destiny, but I still do not believe they will make the playoffs. Great win against Dallas, but man that was a shock. I cannot believe that the Giants will lay down for the 'Skins like Dallas did. However, I have to give Washington some respect for not packing it in a couple of weeks ago. Next week's game is huge.

I hope they get in and that there is a Bears - Redskins rematch in Chicago. Let's get it on!

Day 1559!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

You gotta love Bushie

He authorized spying on Americans and blames the press for disclosing his secret programs. He actually got mad at them because they told the truth. He also thinks our national security has been compromised. Condi is out making the rounds today parroting what Bushie said. It is crazy.

If you believe this garbage that is fine. I believe that the truth and transparency are in the nation's best interest. I also believe that the beauty of this country and our democracy is that individual rights are protected even against the power of the Government. Bushie and those that follow him clearly believe otherwise.

At least the Senate killed the Patriot Act for now. Even Republican senators are starting to worry about the trampling of civil rights by Bushie and his cronies.

Day 1558!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Be Afraid . . .

Be very afraid. Bushie authorized the super secret NSA to monitor Americans phone, email, faxes, etc. without any court review and without any congressional oversight.

The FBI has already been trampling on civil rights and the U.S. military is spying on everyday Americans - why not just add the NSA to the list.

Bushie has been a great president. He has brought stability to Iraq and the Middle East, he caught bin Laden, he has reduced the National Debt and eliminated the deficit, there are fewer Americans that are living below the poverty level, more Americans now have health insurance than ever . . . oh wait, I am in Bizarro World again. He certainly believes in big government and intruding in the lives of everyday Americans. Thank God he has the intelligence to finally damn the Constitution - it was written before 9/11 and we now live in a new world where only Bushie can save us all. If I disappear for writing this, just find the secret CIA prisons that are in North Africa.

Just Shut Up T.O.!

T.O. says his teammates disrespected him and the Eagles "used" him to get to the Super Bowl. Man, this guy is his own worst enemy. Every time he opens his mouth he looks like a bigger idiot AND he reduces his overall value.

Day 1557!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bears and Redskins this week

Bears will return home and play an inspired game against Atlanta. With Minnesota breathing down their necks, they will control Vick and win ugly (is there any other way for the Bears?). The defense was shredded last week in Pittsburgh by the Steelers rushing attack - they are going to need to play better against a very good Atlanta rushing game.

The Redskins playoff chances will be dashed this week as the Cowboys exact revenge for their stunning loss earlier this year. Brunell has been bad the second half of the year and if the Redskins do not get some pressure on Bledsoe it could turn south quick.

I have to say, I am not confident about either pick, but feel more comfortable about the Bears winning than the Redskins losing - the Cowboys have played some strange games this year.

Good day in Iraq

Looks like the Iraqi election went well. I saw an interview with an Iraqi man who thanked America, but who said he was voting so that the occupation would end. The security plan for the election was to move American troops out of the polling areas so they would not be seen. Basically, it looks like it is time to bring the troops home and let the Iraqis run their own country.

Day 1556!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Odd Stories from 2005

Some pretty funny and weird stuff. Here is one about a guy who is really messed up.

Authorities in Wisconsin arrested a 63-year-old man who allegedly had a fondness for calves.
Harold G. Hart, of Neillsville, reportedly told police he stopped at a Greenwood farm "at least 50 times" to have sex with calves there. The man, however, told police he never had sex with animals while maintaining a relationship with a girlfriend or his wife.

Piling on to McNabb

I just don't get Philly. They have a Pro Bowl quarterback but he continues to get criticized. This time the leader of the Philly NAACP basically accuses McNabb of "selling out" and blames him in part for the T.O. situation.

We will see if T.O.'s party has any impact - probably not - but we will have to just wait and see if it splits the team.

Day 1555!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ford Reverses Itself

Looks like Ford Motor Company rethought their marketing efforts and will advertise their brands in gay publications. At least they did not cave in to right wing conservative pressure.

Is this true?

Bushie gave a speech today in which he admitted that intelligence was wrong, and he took responsibility for it. However he said, "We are in Iraq today because our goal has always been more than the removal of brutal dictator." He continued, "It is to leave a free and democratic Iraq in his place."

I don't remember creating a democracy and using American lives and tax dollars to do it being discussed before the war. I do remember Bushie and his minions talking about "mushroom clouds" and WMDs. I do remember being told Saddam was preparing to attack. I do not remember being told that our military was going to nation-build and create a democracy. I could be wrong, but it certainly was not well articulated to the American people.

Bushie Economic Strategy

The dollar tumbled as the U.S. shattered trade deficit expectations. As I have been saying for months, prepare yourself for a major fall in the U.S. economy. It is just a matter of time. As the deficits becomes more difficult to manage and finance there will be continued hits to the U.S. economy. Bushie says everything is just great. Wait a year and see if he is right or I am right.

Moving Detainees and Due Process

The U.S. has allegedly moved detainees from secret prisons in Europe to secret prisons in North Africa. Bushie wants to torture people and deny them any rights because he knows what's best.

Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a graduate student with a wife and 5 kids, was arrested n Peoria, IL after 9/11 and has been kept in solitary confinement for most of the 4 years he has been in U.S. captivity. The government has brought no charges against him. Is this the kind of justice we practice? It is ridiculous!

Add to this the scary fact that the U.S. Military is now secretly monitoring everyday Americans as part of Bushie's policies and we see further erosion of civil rights.

Day 1554!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Iraq musings

Four more American soldiers killed in Iraq today. The death toll continues to rise and is not clear to me why we are there.

There was an interesting front page article in the Washington Post today with stories of soldiers killed, injured, and fighting in Iraq. There was one soldier who was blown up in October. His mom was given a letter by the Pentagon asking if she wanted his body parts if they were found and Bushie sent his standard three paragraph condolence letter. However, Bushie's letter had a typo. Instead of "God bless you" it said "God less you." Pathetic.

T.O.'s Birthday Bash

T.O. had a birthday party that was well attended by celebrities and 11 Eagles teammates, including Jevon Kearse, Lito Sheppard, L.J. Smith, and Brian Westbrook. Kearse is even quoted as saying, "He's a wonderful teammate." I suspect this is going to further fracture the Eagles - what a mess. It is pretty clear that there is little respect for the organization or Donovan McNabb by a good number of Eagles players.

Day 1553!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Bears and Redskins

Bears magic ended in Pittsburgh. They just couldn't get things going and it was a team loss. Orton was fine, but the thing that really killed them was their tackling. They just could not stop the running attack and screen passes of the Steelers. It was disappointing but as I have said in the past, in a long season you are going to have games like this.

Bears are going to have to regroup and prepare to play an Atlanta team that has a great rushing attack. If they don't, the Vikings are just itching to take the NFC North.

Redskins won in a yawner. Brunell was Brunell and it almost cost them. They pushed off elimination at least one more week. Actually, anything can still happen, but the wins by Tampa, Dallas, NY Giants, and Minnesota all hurt the Redskins' chances. It would be quite remarkable if the Redskins and Bears end up tied and the 'Skins go by virtue of their win in week 1. I don't think it will happen, but it is still possible.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bushie "Defending" Democracy

Bushie is gutting the Voting Rights Act. Basic protections for mostly poor, minority voters are being removed by Bushie. He knows they don't vote Republican so he figures why let them vote at all.

Day 1551!

Friday, December 09, 2005

NFL Picks

This week, the Bears winning streak comes to an end. Going on the road against Pittsburgh in a must game for the Steelers would be a major win, but the magic will end for da Bears. I think it will be a great game, and the Bears will be in it until the end, but the Steelers will have just enough to beat the Bears.

The problem for the Bears is that the Vikings are likely to beat St. Louis in Minnesota which would cut the Bears lead down to just one game with three to play (including a game against the Vikings on New Year's Day). Remaining Bears games: home against Atlanta, at Green Bay, at Minnesota. Remaining Vikings games: home against Pitt, at Baltimore, home against Bears. Things could get dicey for the Bears. The division and the playoffs may come down to the final game of the season.

The Redskins should roll over Arizona. If they don't win that game, Danny Boy should fire Gibbsy on the sideline right after the game.

Questions about the Miami Shooting

There are no independent witnesses who can verify that the passenger who was shot in Miami said he had a bomb. In fact, almost everyone who noticed the guy said he was acting odd, but not dangerous. His wife seemed to be trying to keep him calm. No doubt it is a tough job being an air marshal, but I am convinced that the air marshals and Homeland Security botched this one. Let's wait to see the facts.

Day 1549!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What an Idiot!

This woman has got to be one of the dumbest criminals in the world. She mistook a block of cheese for cocaine.

More "Progress" in Iraq

Looks like Iraq is going to pump less oil this year than last year. Not a good sign given that oil is the only major export Iraq has.

More of the Same Bushie B.S.

Here is a quote from Bushie's "major" speech on Iraq yesterday, "If we're not fighting and destroying the enemy in Iraq, they would not be leading the quiet lives of good citizens. They would be plotting and killing our citizens -- across the world and within our own borders."

Yeah right. The 20,000 Iraqi insurgents would just hop on planes or boats and invade the U.S. wreaking havoc everywhere they go. Are you kidding me? We created the mess in Iraq. Saddam was under control and the Iraqi people had no means to attack the U.S. until we destroyed their infrastructure and all security within the country.

The president's talk was largely the same nonsense we have been fed about 10,000 times in his campaign speeches.

Day 1548!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This just sounds so fake

An American Airlines passenger was shot in Miami by an air marshal in a jetway between the plane and the airport. This just sounds like a fake story to try to make it seem like airlines are safe going into the holiday season. It is also a good way to "scare" potential terrorists into thinking that there is tight security.

Perhaps I am being cynical, but the Bushie's are great at making up stories. Let's see what is learned about this passenger over the next couple of days.

Ford is shedding 30,000 jobs . . .

along with up to 10 plants. There are also stories about the slowing housing market including one report that says the slowdown will cut 800,000 jobs out of the economy. There is alrealy a pinch being felt in the auto industry as consumer borrowing has plunged. There is little reason to believe that interest rates are not going to continue to rise to encourage savings. and the Bushie economic policy that is allowing huge deficits and an unprecedented national debt is going to kill the economy. Any short term gain is going to be swamped by the looming problems this president and the Republican congress has created.

Ford is such a loser company

The Ford Motor Company has pulled advertising in gay magazines because it was afraid of a boycott put on by a right-wing religious organization.

I just do not understand why people care about how others lead their personal lives. Gay people are not hurting anyone else. If two men or women want to marry each other that has no impact on me and my wife. Ford just further demonstrates their weakness by their action.

Day 1547!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

White House Slams Dean

Dean basically said Iraq is unwinnable. The White House says he is wrong. The bottom line is that Dean is right and most Americans now realize that it was a mistake to go and many Americans want to end Bushie's quixotic quest to bring democracy to Iraq.

The main reasons we went to war were WMD and to remove Saddam as a threat. There are no WMD and Saddam is no longer in power. Mission Accomplished! Bring the troops home.

This nonsense about creating a democracy in Iraq is just ridiculous. If Bush had told the American people we are going to a foreign country to create a democracy it would have been shouted down.

Day 1546!

Monday, December 05, 2005

World's Ugliest Dog

Here is a picture.

American Democracy at Risk

Condi Rice is going on a European tour to tell our allies that we do not torture prisoners. Of course, she is not expected to answer and questions or admit that the U.S. is actually running secret prisions around the world to hold terror suspects without charge or counsel. Is there any reason to believe her? She said before 9/11 no one could imagine planes hitting buildings in a terror attack. Wrong - Bushie and her were briefed by the CIA about that very possibility before 9/11.

Still no bin Laden unless we have him in a secret prison. On another note, I am not a wacko conspiracy theorist, but I have always wondered about 9/11. There is an academic paper (with pictures) by a BYU physics professor that questions whether planes knocked the WTC down. Here is a news report about his hypothesis that it was pre-positioned explosives rather than the planes.

Finally, here is a video that questions the motives and causes of 9/11.

Day 1545!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

NFL - Bears and Redskins

Bears are now at eight in a row. The Vikings have won 5 in a row which is putting pressure on the Bears. I think this is good for them to stay focused. Orton again did not do much, but he did not hurt his team. Favre had better overall numbers but he threw an interception for a touchdown and another interception at the Bears goal line that went 95 yards right before halftime and gave the Bears another 3 points. I'd rather have Orton's numbers than Favre's in this case.

Good victory for the Redskins. As I expected they came back from three bad losses. May be too little to late, but they still have games against Dallas and the Giants. One more loss and they are out, but they still have a slim glimmer of hope.

Day 1544!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who Do You Believe?

Bushie or Greenspan? Bushie says everything is great with the economy. Greenspan just this week warned about the dangers of deficits. Bushie has created the largest deficits in the history of this country and is responsible for adding about $4 trillion to the nation's $8 trillion debt.

If you want to believe Bushie, that's fine - he was so right on Iraq (yeah, right).

Day 1543!

Friday, December 02, 2005

More Evidence Bushie Stole 2004 Election

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has just issued a new report that details numerous irregularities that amazingly all favored Bushie. People will believe what they want, but there is enough non-partisan evidence to suggest that Bushie was not only defeated in 2000 but also in 2004. And we want to bring democracy to Iraq - what a joke.


Now I have heard everything. Apparently you are not a rapist when you are a victim of sexsomnia.

NFL Picks

Bears will play a rivalry game against the Packers. I have a bad feeling about this game because the Packers always beat the Bears. Chicago has not beaten the Packers at home since 1993. Favre always plays well against the Bears. However, this is a game I fully expect the Bears to win. Defensively, they will pressure Favre who has thrown a lot of interceptions this year. The Packers defense is average and the Bears will win their 8th in a row.

Redskins must win the last 5 to get in the playoffs which they won't do, but they will win this week. After 3 tough losses in a row I think their defense will rise up and play a more attacking style against the Rams' rookie quarterback. In a close game, the Redskins will get back on a winning track. If they lose this one there will be a major storm brewing with respect to major personnel changes and some finger pointing of players who quit.

NFL Picks

Bears will play a rivalry game against the Packers. I have a bad feeling about this game because the Packers always beat the Bears. Chicago has not beaten the Packers at home since 1993. Favre always plays well against the Bears. However, this is a game I fully expect the Bears to win. Defensively, they will pressure Favre who has thrown a lot of interceptions this year. The Packers defense is average and the Bears will win their 8th in a row.

Redskins must win the last 5 to get in the playoffs which they won't do, but they will win this week. After 3 tough losses in a row I think their defense will rise up and play a more attacking style against the Rams' rookie quarterback. In a close game, the Redskins will get back on a winning track. If they lose this one there will be a major storm brewing with respect to major personnel changes and some finger pointing of players who quit.

The Gibbsy Record

The Redskins have lost 6 of 8 and are going to miss the playoffs again. They are sputtering on offense and on defense. They lack enough impact players and turn the ball over way too much. Consider the fact that after 27 games as head coach, Gibbsy is 11-16 - the exact same record as Spurrier.

I don't think there is a coaching problem so much as an organizational problem in that there is no real GM. It is the same thing that did in Norv and Spurrier ultimately. Marty fixed the cap problem and kept the team competitive. For his efforts he got dumped.

Gibbsy is still a good coach although the NFL is very different. He has a nice group of solid players which keeps them close in many games, but he still needs a significant talent upgrade. Until the Redskins address their organizational problem they will not be successful.

Day 1542!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Colts and Coaches

Should the Colts go for perfection or rest their players. My view is that they should go for it, but try to get some other guys in for some plays. It is tough to maintain focus when doing this, but they should try to minimize the risk of injury while going for the perfect season.

Here are the coach approval figures for the NFL. Notice Lovie is tops at 95% approval and Gibbsy is in the lower half at 46%.

Iraqi Progress?

What kind of democracy are we creating in Iraq? We pay to put propaganda in newspapers (creating a culture of corrupt, biased press), women don't have rights under the new constitution, the police force is rife with corruption and Shiite militia infiltrators who are acting as death squads under the banner of the law. What a freaking mess.

Anyone who thinks the U.S. is going to leave a western-style democracy is fooling themselves. Even Iraqis want the U.S. out - Bushie and his neocon followers need to wake up.

Day 1541!