Sunday, December 04, 2005

NFL - Bears and Redskins

Bears are now at eight in a row. The Vikings have won 5 in a row which is putting pressure on the Bears. I think this is good for them to stay focused. Orton again did not do much, but he did not hurt his team. Favre had better overall numbers but he threw an interception for a touchdown and another interception at the Bears goal line that went 95 yards right before halftime and gave the Bears another 3 points. I'd rather have Orton's numbers than Favre's in this case.

Good victory for the Redskins. As I expected they came back from three bad losses. May be too little to late, but they still have games against Dallas and the Giants. One more loss and they are out, but they still have a slim glimmer of hope.

Day 1544!


Justin's D! said...

The Bears best offense is proving to be their defense. No doubt their defense is top notch. The question is, is it good enough to carry them deep into the playoffs with such a weak offense? I do like how the Bears have an identity (strong defense, decent running game, Orton just don't blow it). This will be a good test this week against the Steelers who have lost two in a row. Should be a hard hitting classic. Amazing how quickly the Bears went from pretender to contender. They have definitely gained alot of respect although I think their offense is just too weak to get to the Super Bowl.

'Skins had a good victory but they don't really have that identity. You really don't know what you are going to get from the offense and defense week in/week out. It's nice to have Arizona this week and then finish up against NFC East rivals. It should really determine the character of the team. One more loss and they should start playing Campbell.

Rob said...

Steelers have lost 3 in a row and are in very real danger of missing the playoffs. They will be a caged animal trying to get out.

Remember the Ravens? They went almost 5 games without scoring an offensive touchdown. It can be done, but it is certainly difficult. A broken play or botched coverage may be enough to sent the Bears packing because they have little room for error.

At least the Redskins got back to ball control running which is Gibbsy's style.