Saturday, December 30, 2006

Final Redskin Game

Typical result - losing yet again. What else is new.

The offense was great in the second half. The defense is just terrible and cannot tackle. If Double G wasn't such a prima donna egomaniac he would have played Arch and they may have at least slowed up Tiki. It may have been enough.

Redskins finished 5-11 and I think it was an accurate reflection of how bad the team was. They were 3-5 in the first half and 2-6 in the second half of the season.

Thank God they removed Arch. They were 2-5 with him in the lineup. After they benched him they went 3-6. Arch was leading the team in tackles and the defense was ranked 26th in terms of both scoring and yardage. They certainly did not make any improvement after the benching - in fact they regressed.

The scary part for the Redskins is that they are basically at the salary cap with only about 40 guys signed (the top 51 guys count against the cap). That means the team has to re-sign 10 guys with no money. Guys are going to have to restructure, there are going to be guys let go, and there is going to be significant turnover on the team. Add to the problem that the Redskins are going to take a $9M cap hit for letting Arch go (and should take another $9M hit for letting Lloyd go, but won't).

If the Redskins make some good moves and have some luck they might be able to make it to 8-8 next year. They are better off trading some players and their first round pick for more picks. They need to get some fresh, young, hungry talent on this team - especially on defense.

But, let me end on a couple of positives. The Redskins offensive line was very good in the second half of the season. That is a real strength of the team. I like Jason Campbell - good young player. If Betts can avoid the fumbles he is going to be a real player. Moss is a playmaker and Randle El is a solid number 2 receiver. Cooley is a good tight end. Offensively, the Redskins are in pretty good shape (assuming they re-sign Dockery). Andre Carter does not look like he is a total bust and had a solid second half of the season.

Good luck Redskin fans, and good night!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bears and Redskins Picks

23-8 on the year.

Bears. The Bears game against the Packers has been moved to Sunday night. Unless the Giants lose and/or a whole bunch of things happen, the game will be meaningless. I expect to see the Bears play a spirited first half and then I wouldn't be surprised if Lovie rests the boys. I would like to see Griese get some more snaps just in case. Tough one for me to predict, but in the end, I think the Bears will win out in a solid victory. Bears 24 - Packers 14.

Redskins. They close out a miserable year with a loss against a miserable Giants team. The Giants have gone 1-6 over their last 7 games, but will get into the playoffs with a win. Betts will play well, but the Redskin D will again look bad. I expect the Giants to come into FedEx and handle the Redskins. Giants 30 - Redskins 27.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Adam Archuleta Speaks

Look, I am no Archuleta fan. He is an overpaid player, but I cannot knock him for signing a contract that Danny Boy and Gibbsy gave him. What is unfortunate is that the Redskins have basically "LaVarred" him. As weak as he is in coverage, I have to say that he is a decent tackler and could certainly be useful as a player for this horrible defense. It's too bad, but for whatever reason the organization makes it a point to mistreat certain players and make them into scapegoats - that is just what they do.

I don't blame Arch for speaking out. He says he was misquoted in articles that say he believes he was lied to by the Redskins. He cannot be lied to if no one is talking to him. Canfora has more details in today's Post.

If I were him I would want out of Washington. I didn't think it possible just a couple of weeks ago, but now my guess is that he is going to go. The Redskins will take a $9M cap hit next year (or split the hit over two years), and Arch will be a productive player somewhere else. I'd be happy with him in Chicago in the right defensive packages and for a reasonable price, but he will likely end up with a team that does not play the cover-2 and has more of a traditional strong safety who plays up near the line of scrimmage.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bears and Redskins Thoughts

First let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

Bears. Interesting game. The D played well in the first half but struggled in the second half. Brian Griese came in in the 4th quarter and led the Bears to two field goals. Rex wasn't playing poorly, Lovie just wanted to get Griese some work. Given that the Bears have clinched home field and just want to avoid injury it is not surprising. The D was again without 3 starters, so I am not concerned. Bottom line is that they won.

Redskins. Another good game by Betts. It would have been a great game by Betts if he had not had the costly fumble. Campbell missed some passes, but he played about as you would expect for a young guy. But, the D returned to form and was just torched. Sean Taylor must be injured because he looked slow. Warrick Holdman was always chasing and looked slow also. Vernon Fox led the team in tackles, but man, it seemed to me like he missed a ton of tackles. On a positive note, Rocky made a nice play on the 3rd down run where he had to hustle back on the field.

You want to know what is wrong with the Redskin D? Vernon Fox is their starting safety. The same Vernon Fox who was cut by the Detroit Lions. Their backup safety is Troy Vincent - a guy who was cut by the Bills. Then the third stringer is the highest paid safety in the game. Clearly they have some personnel issues. I'm not Archuleta fan, but benching him really hasn't changed the fortunes of the Redskins or their defense. They were 2-5 with him in the starting lineup and are 3-5 with him on the bench. When you consider that Springs was out at the beginning of the season - the records are a wash.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Redskins Love

For what it is worth, Brian Baldinger says, "Watch out for Washington in 2007."

Frankly, I think his analysis about Gibbs vs. Saunders play-calling and the only hole on the team being a defensive end is ridiculous. But, I thought I would post it up to show you that at least one "expert" agrees with JKD (that the 'Skins are close to really competing).

Day 1929!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bears and Redskins Picks

21-8 on the year. The Redskins really surprised me last week by showing a little moxie.

Bears. No problem with the lowly Lions. I think getting this road game and then closing up at home against a much improved Packers team will be good for the Bears. I expect to see a more insprired effort on the defensive side of the ball, no costly penalties or fumbles on special teams, and a solid effort by Rex and the offense. Overall, it should be a solid victory. Bears 24 - Lions 9.

Redskins. In an up and mostly down year, I expect the Redskins to return to form after last week's shocker in New Orleans. They go to St. Louis and get smoked by Adam Archuleta's old team. There will be rumors that Arch passed secrets on to the Rams. They won't be true, but it will be another effort by Danny Boy and the Redskin braintrust to further embarrass Arch so that he gives back some of his signing bonus just to get out of Washington. In the end, it will be the Rams 20 and the Redskins 10.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rocky Balboa

Matar, this one's for you. I know you dying to talk about the new Rocky movie. Tell us, how was the midnight special showing of Rocky VI? Were you wearing a robe and boxing gloves? If you have seen it, let us know.

What started out as a joke has apparently turned into a legitimate movie that provides a feel good ending to the Rocky saga (until of course Rocky VII where he fights a rejuvenated Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago - AT THE SAME TIME. We could throw in the ghosts of Mickey and Apollo Creed managing Rocky to a great and glorious finale). But on a serious note, the reviews have been surprisingly good.

Here is an interesting commentary about Sly/Rocky that fans may find interesting. I felt as if I was reading words put down by Matar himself.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tank Johnson Suspended

So Tank Johnson got a one game suspension from the Bears. He may get more from the NFL, but I doubt it. Given what I know about the situation, it seems 1 game is appropriate to me. He failed to exercise good judgement and unfortunately his friend was shot and killed in the nightclub shooting.

As far as I can tell, Tank is not going to be charged with anything and was not responsible for his friend's death. If other evidence emerges, I might change my mind, but 1 game is enough.

I do wonder about the guy's mental state and whether he is going to be ready to play when he gets back. My guess is yes, because football can be his sanctuary, but who knows.

Bears and Redskins Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #3, Redskins now in the "muddled middle" again.

CBS Sportsline - Bears #3, Redskins #26.

ESPN - Bears #4, Redskins #26.

Bears remain at the top of the NFC. Redskins may be able to work themselves into mediocrity with a couple of more wins. Get read to cheer Redskin fans! "1 - 2 - 3: We're #15!!!!!"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bushie's Folly

Bushie's approval rating is in the mid-30s, and his approval rating for his handling of the Iraq war is at an all-time low of 28 percent in the latest CNN poll. The American people are fed up. The Iraq Study Group has called for troop reductions. We just had an election in which his party was trounced and yet still the guy wants to send more troops into the Iraqi civil war.

On top of everything else, the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon unanimously disagree with the President's cockamamee idea of sending more troops to Iraq.

I don't get the sense that he will ever change course in Iraq. He knows that his legacy is ruined unless things miraculously turn around in Iraq, so he is willing to risk the lives of more American soldiers just to see if he can get the mess turned around. There is no plan - but Bushie doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Day 1925!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bears and Redskins Stats

Rex played well for the second game in a row - this one at home. Although they had some defensive lapses in the fourth quarter the bottom line is the Bears clinched home field throughout the NFC playoffs. Redskins played well and we will see over the next couple of weeks if they are really improving or not. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #3 scoring defense (14.9 pts/game - down 1 slot), #5 defense in terms of yardage/game (286 yds/game - down 2 slots).

Redskins - 21th-ranked scoring defense (21.8 pts/game - up 4 slots), 24th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (340 yds/game - down 1 slot).

The Bears have allowed 7 rushing TDs this year (tied for #3). The Redskins have allowed 5 rushing TDs (ranked #1).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (28 pts/game - no change), 15th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (324 yds/game - up 5 slots).

Redskins - 25th-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - no change), 16th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (322 yds/game - up 1 slot).

Bears and Redskins Thoughts

Bears won in a surprisingly close game. These things happen. The Bears were up 21 points very late in the third quarter and then Tim Rattay had a great quarter. The defense was missing 4 starters, and they still won. So no harm done. Rex played his second straight good game. I am not worried about the Bears.

Redskins. Played a good solid game all around. We'll see over the next two weeks if it was just a fluke or if the Redskins really are playing better. It could be they are getting better, or it could have just been a "trap game" for the Saints who took a weaker opponent too lightly. Again, we will see.

FYI, sorry for the delay, I did not have Internet access today at work. It wasn't that did not want to talk about the Bears and Redskins. My views have not changed about either team in any way.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Question for JKD and Deepie

We don't agree on much about the Redskins. But we all agree that they need a GM.

Danny Boy and Gibbsy are not going to be bothered with having to deal with a GM. Danny Boy likes to do things his way and Gibbsy is too old to deal with conflicts. He is going to want to try to solve the problems his way. From what I am reading and hearing on the radio, it seems clear that the Redskins will not be hiring a true GM or any scouts to evaluate talent, draft players, work trades, and work with the cap.

If the Redskins do not hire a true GM this year, what will your reaction be?

Day 1922!

Friday, December 15, 2006

More Good News for the Bears

I read an article at the Chicago Tribune that talks about the fact that the Bears will be $20 million under the cap going into next year. That should be enough to sign Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs to a nice contract. The Redskins are going to be just a couple of million under and will have to cut players/restructure contracts just to sign their 4 draft picks this year.

More Evidence that Arch is the Scapegoat

First, let's be honest the Redskins D is terrible, particularly against the run. I don't like Archuleta but I could find a place for him as a run defender. Certainly the team's fortunes have not changed since he was benched, and the Redskins are not making any high impact plays on defense.

Interesting piece by Howard Bryant about how Archuleta is the only Redskin player who has been credited with more tackles by the NFL than his own team. The gap is huge for players like Holdman, Taylor, and Washington who have far more tackles by team numbers than NFL numbers. But that rotten Archuleta who Double G has thrown under the bus? The Redskins feel that the NFL has been too generous.

No question that Archuleta has been made a scapegoat. If Archuleta is let go, he will go to another team and will be a significant contributor. He just needs to get out of the Black Hole of Washington and of Double G's defense.

Carlos Rogers is Hilarous

What is it about the Redskins? Are they all in a state of delusion? Rogers thinks that he is close to being a Pro Bowl player. Here is a quote by the legendary Rogers from today's Post,

"If I even just picked up the balls thrown to me, I think it would be a Pro Bowl season."

He is saying that if he caught the 6 would-be interceptions that were in his hands this year he would be a Pro Bowl player. The guy plays 10 yards off receivers in short yardage situations and is a sucker for the double move and/or pump fakes. If he really believes what he said, he has no clue what it takes to be a Pro Bowl player.

Of course, earlier in the week, Rogers commented on Reggie Brown's 60-yard reception against him by saying,

"Gave me a double move and kind of ran towards the middle of the field; can't do nothing about it."

He is a riot. I think he must be sniffing glue, like JKD and Deepie. That is the only explanation for the crazy beliefs you guys all share about how close the Redskins are to being a contender (or Pro Bowl player as is the case with Rogers).

Bears and Redskin Picks

20-7 on the year.

JKD - I believe you are now 14-11. I think we agreed that you were 13-10 going into last week and you were 1-1 last week.

Bears. The Rex Grossman rehabilitation project continues this week with a home game against the lowly Bucs. It will be interesting to see how Rex plays at home. His last home game resulted in his 1.3 QB rating and the fans are ready to pounce if he has a bad game. It is important for him to perform well at home given that the NFC champion's road is likely to go through Chicago. The Bears are banged up on defense, and Tank Johnson may be suspended for his weapons charge. But the Bucs have not scored an offensive TD in 11 quarters. The weather will be somewhat favorable for Tampa - they don't win when it is below 40 degrees. However, the Bears won't have any trouble on D and I expect Rex to have a solid game. Bears 35 - Bucs 6.

Redskins. It is well known that I think the Redskins stink. I think the Saints are really good and getting better. The Redskins are going on the road and are going to be spanked 31 - 7. Then we can talk about the so-called "new direction" of the Redskins. My guess is that they are still going in the same wrong direction. I will be rooting for the Redskins and really hope I am wrong. A loss by the Saints would pretty much give the Bears home field throughout the playoffs. But, I have no confidence whatsoever that the Redskins have even a slight chance of winning this game.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interesting Discussion About Redskins Season Tickets

over at La Canfora's blog. Read the comments, they are pretty telling. The following was one of my favorite posts:

I think the best thing about FedEx is seeing all the grandma's and long-time season ticket holders rotting in the upper deck along with me...

Based on seniority these die-hards should be sitting 50-yard line lower, but Danny puts them in the rafters because they won't buy $1,000 tailgate passes OR $5,000 club seats... sad.

Anyone who thinks Dan Snyder is "for the fans" should be taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Oh, and how about the free Redskinette calendar they were offering last week... ONLY CATCH.. you must first spend $75 at a store. What a joke this guy is.

JKD and Deepie, Danny Boy is ruining the Redskins and when fans stop showing up and the games are no longer on TV, then maybe you will see how bad it really is.

7-Foot Python in the Toilet


The First Rule about Jell-O Club . . .

is you don't talk about Jell-O Club.

The theme and ideas about this story are much like Fight Club.

Couple of Thoughts for NFL Rookie of the Year

First let me say, that the NFL names an offensive rookie of the year and a defensive rookie of the year. However, for the sake of this discussion, I want to present a couple of names for overall rookie of the year.

1. Vince Young. There is little question that he is having a major impact on the Titans. I love the guy and think he is a natural leader with unbelievable skills. He just makes things happen and his super confident and upbeat attitude seems to be infectious. The Titans may actually get into the playoff mix, but given how poor they started it won't really happen.

2. Devin Hester. He has 6 return TDs in his first 13 games (an NFL record for a season). He is having a major impact on the Bears by giving them a whole other dimension. In fact, he leads the team in TDs. I heard an incredible stat this morning - only 24 players in the history of the NFL have more return TDs than Hester.

3. Mark Anderson (Bears). He leads all rookies with 10 sacks. He has been a situational pass rusher this year and has been highly effective. Anderson is currently tied for ninth in sacks, but with the NFL leader at 12.5 sacks, Anderson may end up right up at the top.

4. Marques Colston (Saints). A big wide receiver for the rejuvenated Saints. He has 7 TDs and nearly 1000 yards. But, he is dinged up and probably won't continue at his current pace.

5. DeMeco Ryans (Texans). Leading the NFL in tackles. Don't know much about him.

Leinart is playing OK, but the team is losing. Any other thoughts?

If Tennessee continues to win, Vince has to be the rookie of the year. If Hester returns a couple of more for TDs, he may have a chance - especially if they are in big moments - but I doubt he can overcome Vince if Vince continues to do his thing.

Bears and Redskins Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #3, Redskins #28 (now in the "bottom five").

CBS Sportsline - Bears #3, Redskins #30.

ESPN - Bears #4, Redskins #27.

I love that ESPN is now apparently annointing the Saints as the team to beat in the NFC. Last week it was the Cowboys. As for the Redskins - well, they are just 2 or 3 players away from going to the Super Bowl. The ranking and their record cannot possibly reflect the quality of talent on this team.

Danny Boy's Shennanigans

"I have destroyed the Redskins and now I am going to take away the only classical music station in Washington DC. My evil plan is working. Ha ha ha ha ha. And, the fans (i.e., suckers) just keep on forking over money to me."

Interesting story yesterday in the Post about Dan trying to build his Redskin Radio Network by buying WGMS and converting the popular classical station into another Redskins' Propaganda outlet.

I love the picture of Danny Boy - the Post really picked a winner.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Bushie's good friends the Saudis are going to fund the Sunnis if we leave. What do you want to bet that Saudi nationals are already funding the insurgency which is directly resulting in American casualties.

The Shiite government wants us to arm them so that they can "take care" of the Sunnis. Basically, they want to have heavy arms so that the Shiite militias (i.e. death squads) can do their damage. Complicating matters is that the current Shiite-dominated government is corrupt and is closely aligned with Iran.

So, there are no good options right now. The best we can hope for is that a strong leader emerges who is willing to crack down on the violence with ruthless abandon. Average people are likely to support signficant government violence if it brings an end to the everyday violence that is destroying the country.

The ideal thing for American interests would be to find a ruthless dictator-type who is a secular Sunni so that there is no interest in bowing down to Iran. Perhaps Saddam is available.

Day 1919!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bears and Redskins Comparison

Look at La Canfora's blog entry for today. He just happens to compare the Bears and Redskins and their diverging paths since their 2004 game.

Interesting reading and it shows the power of developing a plan and using the draft to turn Lovie's first team that finished 5-11 into the Bears of today. The comparison of what has happened since Gibbsy's first team in his second stint that finished 6-10. You can see exactly why today's 'Skins are the doormat of the NFC East.

Bears and Redskins Stats

Rex played a very solid game under extreme pressure from the media and the fans as the Bears continued to roll. Redskins wasted a good effort by Betts with penalties, coaching blunders, and defensive errors to lose yet again. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #2 scoring defense (13.6 pts/game - down 1 slot), #3 defense in terms of yardage/game (281 yds/game - down 1 slot).

Redskins - 25th-ranked scoring defense (23 pts/game - up 1 slot), 23rd-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (345 yds/game - up 5 slots).

The Bears have allowed 6 rushing TDs this year (tied for #4). The Redskins have allowed 4 rushing TDs (ranked #1).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (28 pts/game - up 2 slots), 20th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (314 yds/game - down 1 slot).

Redskins - 25th-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - down 2 slots), 17th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (320 yds/game - up 1 slot).

Bears and Grossman

The Bears clinched a first round bye. They can secure home field in a week or two. So I guess the Bears are now back to being the team to beat in the NFC. Dallas got smoked by New Orleans and the Bears take care of business. Rex played the kind of game he needs to play for the Bears to win - no turnovers, 200 yards, 2 TDs.

Great to see Devin Hester break the NFL record for TD returns in a season. The 2 kickoff returns last night gave him 6 returns for TDs on the year. The Redskins paid millions for Randle El - the Bears drafted Hester in the second round.

The Bears D gave up some points, but I am not concerned. The run defense was good, but they did give up a lot of passing yards. No doubt this was partly due to the fact that the Bears were missing one of their starting corners (Nathan Vasher) and their starting safety (Todd Johnson - who replaced injured Mike Brown). In addition, pro-bowler Tommie Harris is out for the year (but the Bears have good depth on the D line). Both Vasher and Johnson will be back, so things should be fine.

Basically, the Bears did what they had to do and Rex got some of his mojo back. With games against Tampa at home, at Detroit, and then at home against Green Bay, the Bears look to be in pretty good shape to lock up home field for the playoffs.

A Post on the Redskins

Pretty sad (and funny in some ways) comments about the state of the Redskins. These come from some dude posting on La Canfora's blog. Again, I cannot say it is all true, but there is no reason to doubt the comments.

"my buddy asked me to sell his 2 tickets before the game. I stood outside for 25 minutes and all I could get was $10 for one, and an offer of a bag of weed (no lie) for the other. I declined the weed and ended up tearing up the 2nd ticket... $10 for 2 tix to a Skins-Eagles game... sad. Looking back I should have accepted the weed and gotten higher than a kite and drank in the parking lot."

"as I predicted, FedEx was a sea of green (Eagles fans) and yellow and red (empty seats)... sad."

"Gibbs press conference... AGAIN. Let me get this straight, Gibby? You are "PROUD" of the guys? We dropped to 4-9 and all you can say is how "PROUD" you are? How soft has this guy become? MY GOD."

Day 1918!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Quote from Carlos Rogers

I got this from a post on La Canfora's blog. I am not sure if it is true, but it sure sounds like it is true.

"Gave me a double move and kind of ran towards the middle of the field; can't do nothing about it."

If Rogers could catch, he would lead the NFL in interceptions given how often teams pick on him. Apparently he dropped at least one more yesterday on the first Eagles offensive play.

Redskins Thoughts

First, I have to confess that I did not watch the game. I have read a number of different accounts of the game, heard various commentators, watched highlights, and looked over the box score. There are some good things and bad things from a Redskin standpoint. It looks like the offense and the running game were working well. However, penalties, missed opportunities, and big plays killed the 'Skins again.

On D, Carlos Rogers had a tough day (not surprising) and there was little pressure on Garcia. Although the stats looked pretty good, when it counted at the end, the D could not get the ball back and allowed the Eagles to burn the last 5 minutes of the game.

I'm curious to hear what you guys think. Betts was great, but overall results matter and it is hard to see progress when you lose by 2 at home to a rather weak Eagles team. I imagine New Orleans will rip the 'Skins this week.

Boswell's column in the Post talked about the supposed progress the team says it is making, but he said it pretty well right at the end of today's column:

"The progress -- loosely defined -- of the last three weeks will be tested sorely the next two weeks on the road. Then perhaps we'll find out whether the Redskins' patter after this defeat was just cheap talk or a precursor of better things."

Day 1917!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rex and Brian

Griese got half of the snaps in practice this week with the first team. Normally he gets about 20 percent of the snaps. The Tribune estimated it to be about one third of the snaps. Either way, I am happy to see that Lovie is preparing for the worst and putting some pressure on Grossman to produce.

Day 1916!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Good Redskin Move . . .

for a change. The 'Skins gave LEE-DELL a nice raise with a contract extension. According to the Post, it included a $3.5M signing bonus, plus another $5.5M guaranteed. The reason I like the move is that now that they have locked up Betts, they can shop Portis in the off-season.

Portis' contract is large, but they may be able to move him. This would free up cap space and if they can trade for some picks they can improve the team significantly.

Day 1915!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bears and Redskin Picks

18-7 on the year.

Bears. St. Louis is reeling and Bulger called out his team last week as having a bunch of guys who don't care. After a promising start, that team looks like it is in real trouble. Monday Night Football will allow Rex to go on national TV and regain some of his mojo. I think it will be good for Rex to get on the road and away from the home boo birds. I expect him to have a great game and for the Bears to roll. Bears 30 - St. Louis 9.

Redskins. This week Philly comes to town. Given how many fans did not show up last week, I expect to see a sea of green in the stands. There will be a noticeable contingent of Philly fans supporting a rejuvenated but still mediocre Eagles team. Campbell will throw a couple of picks and there will be some head scratching after the Redskins get embarassed at home. Philly 27 - Redskins 10 (Betts will score a late TD to give the Redskins some respectabilty, but it will be far to little much too late).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

George Clooney in an Indian Film

He says he is a fan of Bollywood movies and would like to act in an Indian flick. Can you imagine him starring in a movie with Amitabh Bachan and Sha Rukh Khan. It would be awesome. He could be a visiting American who falls in love with Ashwarya Rai. Rai would be the daughter of Amitabh, who could get angry about the idea of having an American son-in-law. The battle for Rai's hand would be between Clooney and Khan. The audience would be left wondering who she would choose - it would have it all.

That movie - if it were ever done - would be an international blockbuster.

More Needless American Deaths In Iraq

Yesterday was a particularly rough day in terms of American casualties - 11 more soldiers were killed in Iraq.

So, while politicians and pundits argue over terms like civil war, sectarian violence, cut-and-run, etc., Iraq continues to rage on and worsen.

The bottom line is this, why should we stay in the middle of a civil war when the elected Iraqi government that we are trying to prop up is more influenced by Iran than it is the U.S.? Should American soldiers be dying for the rights of Iraqis to listen to Iran? It is utter madness.

Rex and the Redskins

The Chicago media is questioning Lovie about Rex, and will be in a feeding frenzy around Rex and Lovie if Rex plays poorly this week. But so what? The Bears are 10-2. Lovie does not have to make any changes right now. This could end up being like when the Redskins won their second Super Bowl. In week 15 (I think), Gibbs made the switch from Jay Shroeder to Doug Williams and they won. We'll see what happens, but I am sure Lovie is considering his options carefully.

As for the Redskins, I was thinking about the huge numbers of empty seats and the largely nonsensical excuses that JKD and Deepie are pulling out. Here is the bottom line, the fans are so fed up with the Redskins that they are quitting on them. That does not mean that they cannot get back on the 'Skins bandwagon, but they have quit - including JKD and Deepie. Let me explain why (and it goes back to stuff I have been saying). Had the Redskins won, they would only be 1 game out with 4 to play. There are only 4 teams ahead of them, but they would hold the tiebreakers against Carolina and Atlanta, and they would have home games against Philly and the Giants. So basically, they had control of their own destiny.

I have heard JKD and Deepie say that this team was not going to turn it around and get on a streak because they are inconsistent - so are Atlanta, Carolina, Philly, and the Giants. All four of those other teams have their issues, yet you guys gave up on your team too early in my opinion.

Contrary to what you may now say JKD, your postings all point to the fact that you believed last week's game was meaningless - but clearly it was not especially when you consider the state of the NFC and its wild card race.

Have a nice day!

Day 1913!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bushie Has Been Lying About Iraq Violence

What else is new?

The Iraq Study Group reported today that U.S. military and intelligence officials have been systematically underreporting the level of violence in Iraq in order to suit the Bush administration's policy goals.

Quoting from the article, "The panel pointed to one day last July when U.S. officials reported 93 attacks or significant acts of violence. "Yet a careful review of the reports for that single day brought to light 1,100 acts of violence."

So basically, Bushie has been lying to the American people.

Another Record Debt Level

The National Debt is now up over $8.65 trillion. Thanks Republicans!

An Argument For Rex

Let me first say that I am not concerned about the Bears' QB issue. The team in 10-2 and the coaches know what they are doing.

But in case you missed it, here is a piece by someone who defends sticking with Rex.

Last night I watched a piece on NFL Network which showed the three interceptions Rex threw this past week. The first one was a bad read and a bad throw. The other two were not. The second interception was a long throw along the sidelines into a one-on-one situation and the receiver made a very weak effort that resulted in the interception. The third interception was a ball that was blocked at the line of scrimmage, popped up, and got intercepted.

So, it is not time to panic - the coaches will get Rex back on the right track or make a change if one is warranted.

Plane Forced to Land Because of Farting

Some woman lit some matches to cover up her gas problem and it led to a forced landing.

The Iraq Study Group . . .

has issued its grim findings and recommendations in a sobering report to the President, and there are no magic bullets for solving the mess in Iraq. It calls for greater diplomacy and for a reduction in U.S. forces if that does not work. Bushie has shown no ability to conduct effective diplomacy. Frankly, he has not shown much of an interest in doing so. That said, I don't no if Bushie will ever reduce forces because he is stubborn as a mule.

I found this part of the article particularly worthy of quoting here:

He [Bushie] was flanked by the commission's co-chairmen, former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, and former Rep. Lee Hamilton in a remarkable scene — a president praising the work of a group that had just concluded his policy had led to chaos.

Empty Seats in Redskins' "Dannyland"

Looks like I am not the only one who noticed the empty seats this past week. Jason LaCanfora also mentioned it in his Redskin Insider blog entry yesterday. He specifically referred to the "Increasingly Large Globs of Vacant Seats at Dannyland."

Here is another observation by the Post, "A cornucopia of unoccupied seats in FedEx Field's upper deck. About half of the chairs in the top bowl stayed empty Sunday. Usually packed with fans, the tip of the stadium instead resembled a sea of red plastic."

Here is an Atlanta fan who was apparently at the game this past weekend. Quoting, "Almost half of the stadium was empty with 5 minutes left in the game and more than 3/4ths were gone by the time the punt was blocked."

I know JKD and Deepie don't seem to see the empty seats and think there is nothing unusual about it. But, the growing number of empty seats is quite obvious and does have implications about the overall support level of the fans.

Bears and Redskins Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #4, Redskins "muddled middle."

CBS Sportsline - Bears #5, Redskins #25.

ESPN - Bears #4, Redskins #25.

Looks like the Cowboys are now the team to beat in the NFC. We'll see in a couple of weeks what people think.

Another Record for U.S. National Debt

$8.64 trillion. Those crazy Republicans are making sure to push as much debt as they can onto the American people before they turn over power.

Day 1812!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What to Do About Rex

Lovie reiterated that Rex is the Bears starter. It is a very delicate situation, and Lovie knows he has to handle it carefully. I like the move to give a vote of confidence to Rex and let me explain why.

First, the Bears can afford to give Rex another game to try to work out his problems. They play on Monday night on the road in St. Louis. If he sucks, there are still three games to go. If he is average, they can give him another game.

Second, if they replace Rex as the starter now, and Griese sucks, it is tough to go back to Rex. You would have a young QB who may view the benching poorly.

Third, if they are patient and Rex plays poorly this week, they can replace him at halftime. Then, they can still go back to him the following week, or make a change if Griese plays well.

Ultimately, by being patient and sticking with Rex, they keep their options open. Obviously the hope is that Rex will regain his early season form. However, they have the advantage of knowing that they don't need spectacular play from their QB to win, they just need solid play.

Great coaching at this point - we will see if it works out in the playoffs.

Iraq War: The Never-ending Story

The number American casualties just went over 2900.

Day 1911!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Redskin Bashing for the Day

I saw a lot of empty seats at FedEx. Any shot of the crowd was kept to a minimum, but it was clear. There was one shot in the third quarter (I think) of the upper deck that looked like only about 60 percent of the seats were filled. The boo birds were certainly out to.

Danny Boy has made the Redskins super profitable, but he is taking the fans for granted. The Redskins are 60-68 since Danny Boy has taken over the team. Two playoff appearances in 8 years just is not good enough. That would still be OK if it did not always appear that the Redskins are gouging their fans.

Here is a story I came across about Danny Boy spitting on the fans when it came to parking at FedEx.

Bears and Redskins Stats

Bears played great on D and special teams, but had to overcome another shaky performance by Grossman. Redskins played a good offensive game from a rushing standpoint, but Campbell made mistakes and were horrible on D. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #1 scoring defense (12.5 pts/game - no change), #2 defense in terms of yardage/game (268 yds/game - down 1 slot).

Redskins - 26th-ranked scoring defense (23 pts/game - down 3 slots), 28th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (352 yds/game - no change).

The Bears have allowed 5 rushing TDs this year (tied for #2). The Redskins have allowed 4 rushing TDs (ranked #1).


Bears - #4-ranked scoring 0ffense (27 pts/game - no change), 19th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (309 yds/game - down 6 slots).

Redskins - 23rd-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - down 3 slots), 18th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (312 yds/game - up 2 slots).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bears and Redskin Thoughts

Bears. Talk about winning UGLY! The Bears mustered 107 total offensive yards and 6 first downs in the game. The defense and special teams made tons of huge plays to compensate for Grossman's woes and a couple of fumbles to win it for the Bears. They still won their second NFC North title in a row. However, from what I have read and heard about Grossman's performance I am not encouraged. Apparently he made bad reads and his mechanics were off. I think his confidence is shaken. I would like to think the Griese will get some work in practice with the first team. If nothing else, maybe Grossman needs some real competition and pressure in practice to perform. That said, I support Lovie and Ron Turner, and know they know what they are doing.

Redskins. Their defense sucks and I am not surprised they lost (my prediction was 24-17). The Redskins offense moved the ball and had a pretty solid game. I don't really have any complaints about the play calling. The interceptions clearly hurt, but Betts was great. Campbell had a so-so game. He made a couple of mistakes, but he made the good throw to Moss and a good play with his legs in the first quarter to move the sticks on the other scoring drive. Ultimately, the Redskins lost because they gave up 256 yards on the ground. Frankly, this would have been a good game for Archuleta to play in given his tackling skills. But Double GG has decided to "LaVar" him. Too bad the guy holds personal grudges and is so stubborn.

Economic Turmoil Ahead

The dollar is literally collapsing. While it may be good for U.S. exports as our products become cheaper for others to buy, there are far more threats than benefits to the U.S. economy from the falling dollar.

Let me explain the one huge threat. The U.S. National Debt just went over $8.63 trillion - the highest level ever. To finance this debt, we borrow literally trillions of dollars from foreign central banks as well as foreign investors. As the dollar collapses, it will be increasingly more difficult to secure investment to pay for our huge debt as well as our ongoing record deficits. That will require higher interest rates which will further erode an already slowing economy.

Wall Street is taking note of all of the indicators of a slowing economy. We are standing on a precipice looking into a financial abyss. Just watch what happens over the 6-18 months. But here is my advice - lock any adjustable rate loans, invest in Gold and other commodity metals, and look to invest in European and Asian stocks.

Even Rumsfeld Recognizes Iraq is a Mess . . .

and that it is time for major changes. Dems have been saying it for months. Many Republicans want to see change. The American people want change. The Iraq Study Group is going to recommend changes.

Bushie must really be perplexed that the number of "cut and run" folks now include Rumsfeld, so many Republicans, and virtually all of George H.W. Bush's top advisors (except of course Cheney).

Yet in the face of the growing tidal wave of opposition, our esteemed Commander-in-Chief says that we are staying until the job is done. He is delusional, doesn't want to admit that he was wrong, and childishly stubborn to a failed policy. His failure is directly leading to the needless deaths of American soldiers and the bankrupting of this nation.

Day 1909!

Friday, December 01, 2006

O'Reilly Sinking - Olbermann Rising

The November Cable News numbers are out. Buffoon Bill O'Reilly's act is continuing to lose steam while Keith's numbers continue their upward climb.

O'Reilly's November ratings are down 18 percent from November 2006. Keith is up 54 percent from a year ago. O'Reilly still has almost 3 times the number of viewers of Keith, but a year ago he had almost 6 times the number of viewers.

Grossman and the Bears

I hear and read all of the griping and criticism of Grossman. The big thing that people keep saying is that if the Bears don't make it to the Super Bowl it will be because of Grossman. That may be true, but that is the case for almost every team. Outside of Tom Brady, every team has some issues at QB. Peyton supposedly cannot win the big one. Delhomme is questionable and blew the NFC Championship game. Tony Romo is not a Hall of Famer yet. Rivers is a first year starter. Hasselbeck has been prone to make mistakes in big games. Steve McNair has not really been tearing it up.

Last year against Carolina, it wasn't the QB that killed the Bears, it was the failure to control Carolina's passing game (particularly Steve Smith). All of this speculation about Grossman is ridiculous considering the Bears are 9-2. I have great faith in Lovie Smith and the Bears coaches. In addition, the team seems to really like Grossman. Unless Grossman makes the mental errors where he threw into double and triple coverage that he made against Arizona and Miami on a regular basis, I don't see any reason to bench Grossman.

What I find even more hilarious is how many of "the experts" are now saying that Dallas is the best team in the NFC. Three weeks ago it was the Giants. At the beginning of the year it was Carolina and Washington. The only constant in the NFC has been that the Bears have won while the other teams have faltered. If the Giants beat Dallas this week and the Bears win, then everyone will be back on the Bears bandwagon.

Bears and Redskin Picks

16-7 on the year. Tough week last week with 2 losses.

Bears. The Bears clinch a playoff berth this week when they beat the Vikings in Chicago. I expect to see a stronger emphasis on the basics in the trenches this week. There will be a focus on continuing the improvement of the running game - it has been playing very well of late. However, the Bears front 4 on defense needs to pick it up. They have not been getting the same push as earlier in the year. Bears 27 - Vikings 7.

Redskins. The Falcons come to town and look ripe for the picking. The Redskins played an inspired game last week and Atlanta is reeling with 4 losses in a row. However, as much as I would like to pick the Redskins this week, I think it will be the Falcons. The Redskins have not showed any consistency this year and you have to assume that Campbell will make some mistakes during the year. Vick "comes home" and has a big game. This will be another frustrating week for the Redskins. Falcons 24 - Redskins 17. (Good luck 'Skins fans)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bushie Snubbed by Iraqi PM

So, Bushie is off in the Middle East and was supposed to meet w/Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki about the raging violence in Iraq. However, al-Maliki decided that he had better things to do and decided that he would stand Bushie up. Just think about how much of a slap in the face that is - he is too busy to meet w/the President of the United States. What a joke! The Iraqi PM just openly snubbed the President.

Bushie is unbelievably stubborn and increasingly stupid about our continued Iraqi misadventure. It looks like the Iraq Study Group has come to the consensus view that we should gradually withdraw our troops. It is now just a matter of time before we leave Iraq - it looks like adults and smarter folks are coming in to slap down Bushie's ideas.

My guess is that both Republicans and Dems in Congress are going to embrace the recommendations and we may actually see bi-partisan calls to remove our troops from Iraq.

Day 1906!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another thought about Iraq

Before the last election, Bushie and the Republicans were saying that the escalating violence in Iraq was an effort to get Americans to lose heart and vote for Democrats.

Well, the election has passed and we are a few weeks out. However, we continue to see the violence in Iraq escalate. What will Bushie's excuse be now? Yesterday he pulled out his tired old al Qaeda nonsense - but the fact is that the overwhelming majority of violence is part of the growing civil war. It is Iraqi vs. Iraqi, and has nothing to do with al Qaeda.

Thoughts about Iraq

Nothing really new, except that Iraq is just worsening. We are rapidly approaching 2900 American soldiers killed.

The sad part is that American soldiers are dying to prop up a corrupt Iraqi government that is filled with anti-American lawmakers.

But what is really pathetic is that even with the worsening violence, a hostile government, a growing Iraqi civil war, polls in both the U.S. and Iraq that show that there is little support for U.S. involvement in Iraq, and even the recent election results here in the U.S., Bushie said yesterday that we are not going to leave Iraq until we achieve victory and create a stable democracy - that is not going to happen for years, if at all.

What makes Bushie's comments even worse is that the White House questions the current Iraqi prime minister's ability to lead. So Bushie is allowing our soldiers to die fighting for a government that his administration itself does not believe in.

More Redskins Organization B.S.

On Sportstalk 980 this morning, I heard another story about how the Redskins organization likes to bash reporters who write things that make Danny Boy look bad. If the writers were inaccurate that would be one thing, but there is a lot of evidence that the organization engages in outright lying to cloud the truth.

Here is a link to a piece by Jason La Canfora in which he responds to the lies emanating from Redskin Park.

I also heard this morning about Danny Boy being upset with Laveranues Coles that I hadn't heard before. Paraphrasing and quoting from an SI story about Coles' experience w/Snyder:

[Coles] described every week of last season as a "miserable" experience and added that the most important lesson he learned while in Washington was "trust nobody."

If you want to know how badly Coles and the Redskins needed a divorce, consider this: Redskins owner Daniel Snyder threatened Coles when the receiver's refusal to accept [a trade to the Jets] without a contract extension thwarted the deal last month. "He said that if I stayed in Washington, he would turn me into another Terry Glenn," Coles said. (Glenn, now with the Cowboys, missed most of the 2001 season with New England as his public feud with head coach Bill Belichick resulted in various fines, suspensions and ultimately Glenn's benching). "He said he would send a flat-screen television to my home because I'd be better off watching the games there. That was his way of saying I'd be sitting for the next couple years until they cut me."

Nice - and you don't think players around the NFL are learning about what the Redskins are all about?

Also, here is a short economics piece about the Redskins that is available at the American Enterprise Institute - a right wing thinktank that is better known for politics.

Bears and Redskins Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #5, Redskins "muddled middle."

CBS Sportsline - Bears #5, Redskins #25.

ESPN - Bears #5, Redskins #25.

Day 1905!

Monday, November 27, 2006

New Record National Debt

The U.S. National Debt went over $8.62 TRILLION - a new record. Nice job Bushie.

Bears and Redskin Stats

Bears played fairly well, but got hurt with the mistakes at QB. Redskins played the best game of the season - too bad it was Week 11. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #1 scoring defense (12.5 pts/game - no change), #1 defense in terms of yardage/game (261 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 23rd-ranked scoring defense (23 pts/game - up 5 slots), 28th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (350 yds/game - up 2 slots).

The Bears have allowed 4 rushing TDs this year (tied for #2). The Redskins have allowed 3 rushing TDs (ranked #1).


Bears - #4-ranked scoring 0ffense (27 pts/game - down 2 slots), 13th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (328 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 20th-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - no change), 20th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (306 yds/game - down 2 slots).

The Depth of Redskin Trouble

Good article from ESPN the Magazine, on just what is wrong with the organization.

I doubt all of the coaches will be back, especially if the Redskins finish the season like I expect them to - with a bunch of losses. I know there will be significant turnover in personnel, so next year will be a restart yet again.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bears and Redskins Thoughts

Bears - Grossman has got to learn to take better care of the ball. He has the NFL's best defense and a team that has great special teams, but he is single-handedly is killing the team. The running game was going and the defense gave up yards but forced a lot of turnovers - the problem was that Grossman kept making his mistakes. I didn't think his game was as bad as the one in Arizona, but he has got to protect the ball better. Still, the Bears played a solid game against a good Patriot team on the road and had a chance to win in the end.

Redskins - great win and a solid performance in all aspects of the game (except the first Novak miss). Gibbsy's yelling, Campbell's ability to make plays (and call plays), and the commitment to the running game all worked. It's great to see the Redskins playing better, but it is too little too late. So, it really doesn't make much difference. If they can finish strong then I'll be impressed. If they lose the next two then this game will really be meaningless.

Day 1902!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bears and Redskins Picks

16-5 on the year (counting the Ohio State-Michigan game)

Bears finish up their "Northeast swing." Three weeks ago the idea of winning 2 of 3 against the Giants, Jets, and Patriots on the road would have sounded pretty good. They have done that, but are now going for the sweep. Should be a good game, and it clearly is a possible Super Bowl preview. The Bears can send a message to the AFC with a win - which they will get. In a 20-17 thriller, Grossman will make a key play in the fourth quarter to win it for the Bears.

Redskins got chewed out by Gibbsy this week - about 4 weeks too late for it to matter. It will be interesting to see how they respond. My sense is that they will play better on D, but Campbell will be harassed all day and the Redskins running game will be ineffective against a solid Pathers D. Carolina 20, Redskins 10.

Day 1901!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who visit this blog, I wish you all good holiday cheer. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and family, thank God for all things good in your life, and say a prayer for those less fortunate. Peace be with you.

Redskin Salary Cap

I have looked further at the figures and there is some hope for the Redskins in terms of cap space - but not much. I decided to look more closely at the figures based on one of Deepie's comments on an earlier thread.

The 2007 NFL salary cap will come in at $109M. The Redskins have $103.4M committed. This means that they are $5.6M under the current projected cap for next year. This is not really enough to extend contracts for their best players, sign draft picks, and make significant offers to free agents. Thus, the team will have to free up some cap space with some cuts and some restructurings.

The most likely cuts based on cap savings are as follows (cap savings in parentheses):
1. Reynaldo Wynn ($2.5M)
2. Ocho Stinko ($2.33M)
3. John Hall ($1.5M)
4. James Thrash ($1.3M)
5. Christian Fauria ($1M)
6. Mike Sellers ($710,000)
7. Lemar Marshall ($600,000)

This would free up another $10M, but other than Marshall and Wynn these guys are largely expendable. Which would be enough to try to take care of some business.

Other players who could help free up cap space if they are cut include (of these, only Collins, Duckett, and Evans are real possibilities):
1. Jon Jansen ($2.65M)
2. Philip Daniels ($1.9M)
3. Troy Vincent ($1.38M)
4. Todd Collins ($1.25M)
5. Randy Thomas ($1.12M)
6. Joe Salave'a ($710,000)
7. Pierson Prioleau ($710,000)
8. T.J. Duckett ($700,000)
9. Demetric Evans ($589,000)
10. Casey Rabach ($550,000)
11. Chris Cooley ($500,000)

Of course some restructurings are going to take place - the guys who are most likely to be asked to restructure are as follows (their 2007 cap figure is in parentheses):
1. Chris Samuels ($8.6M)
2. Shawn Springs ($7.4M)
3. Clinton Portis ($7M)
4. Corn Griffin ($6.2M)
5. Marcus Washington ($6M)
6. Jon Jansen ($5.85M)
7. Randy Thomas ($5.4M)
8. Santana Moss ($5M)
9. Casey Rabach ($3.85M)

The players have to agree and any restructurings push problems back to later dates. Given that most of the guys on the list are older there won't/shouldn't be much that is done.

Finally, the guys who are basically untouchable because of the cap implications are:

1. Arch Deluxe - counts $2.4M but would cost $9M if cut.
2. Andre Carter - counts $2.3M but would cost $8M if cut.
3. Brandon Lloyd - counts $2.4M but would cost $9M if cut.
4. David Patten - counts $3M but would cost $5.3M if cut.

Day 1898!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Magical Year at Wrigley?

Probably not, but Cubs fans like me can dream. Soriano should be a great fit for Chicago - they need another bat and his power should be great at a relatively small Wrigley Field. He may be overpaid, but the guy can flat out play.

I love the lineup with Ramirez, Lee, and Soriano. However, ultimately, the Cubs will live or die with pitching. They need to spend some cash on 2 or 3 new arms and hope that Wood and Prior can stay at least somewhat healthy.

Bears Woes of the 1990s

Redskin fans, let me tell you a story. It is no secret that the Bears have been pretty bad for most of the 20+ years since the 1985 Super Bowl. I lived in Chicago during the lost 90s and witnessed team that was bad and only got worse because of poor organizational decisions.

The Bears in the 1990s under Wanny (Dave Wannstedt) were terrible. From 1993-1998, Wanny compiled a 41-57 record with the Bears. He led them to the playoffs once and he was fired after 2 back-to-back 4-12 seasons. It was a lost time and the Jauron era (35-35) afterwards was not much better.

Ultimately, what got the Bears back on the right track. was a coach and an organization that are committed to the draft, defense, and running game. The Redskins find themselves in much the same place. Just look at the records of Gibbsy, Spurrier, and Norv. The one coach who was any good was Shottenheimer, but Danny Boy did not like having a football coach who knew what he was doing, wouldn't accept Vinny Cerrato, and thought for himself.

Until the Redskins recognize how much work needs to go into rebuilding the franchise, organization, and team, they are doomed to mediocrity (at best) in a league that promotes mediocrity through parity. If you want to be bad forever, stick with your players, coaches, and organization as it is - or just look to make some minor changes. But if you want to win, accept the fact that a new mindset is needed in the brain trust, and that significant changes are required.

Redskin Woes

Gibbsy's post-game press conference was about as anger-filled as Gibbsy ever gets. The only thing that is surprising to me about his anger is why it took so long to emerge. The Post has a piece today, "Gibbs Bemoans Team's Lost Way." It is his fault that he has not held coaches and players responsible. The defense is horrible but the offensive play calling was just as bad. In a close game with a QB making his first start, who calls 34 running plays and only 20 rushing plays?

At best, the Redskins are going to win three more games this year. Anything more than that will be a surprise to me. That would put them at 6-10 in the third year of Gibbsy's reign of incompetence. It would result in a record of 22-28, with little to look forward to for next year. Barring some sort of real turnaround in the next 6 weeks, I cannot imagine that Gibbsy, G-Will, and Al will all return next year. Nor should they in my opinion.

Learning about the Redskins

Some of you Redskin lovers know very little about your team. JKD loves to say that he doesn't know what goes on behind closed doors, but you can learn about your team if you make a little effort.

I recommend listening to Sportstalk 980 on Monday mornings after games - they have players and coaches interviews along with commentary. Pretty much from 7:00 am to about 2:00 it is mostly Redskin talk. In addition, go to their website and listen to some of the interviews - especially Clinton Portis' weekly interview on John Thompson's show. (This week you will hear how little Portis thinks about Saunders' offense.)

However, a good source is Jason LaCanfora's Redskin Insider website at He follows the team every day - it is his job - and he knows players and other sources within the organization and reports on some of the inner workings of the team and player attitudes. He has a good piece today about how if you take away the 5 game win streak and the 4 game losing streak that were the longest of Gibbs' tenure this second go around - you have a team that is 14-19 - not too good.

Redskin fans, if you read it regularly you will actually know something about your team. I also recommend reading the fan comments to each of LaCanfora's comments - they give you a sense of what the fans think.

Keith Special Comment . . .

on Bushie's complete and ridiculously foolish misunderstanding of the lessons of Vietnam.

Day 1897!

Monday, November 20, 2006

No O.J. Special

Fox cancelled the TV "special" and the book. The people spoke.

Bears and Redskins Stats

Bears got a good victory on the road. Redskins lost again - terrible D, but some hope at QB. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #1 scoring defense (12.0 pts/game - up one slot), #1 defense in terms of yardage/game (252 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 28th-ranked scoring defense (24 pts/game - down 3 slots), 30th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (359 yds/game - no change).

The Bears have allowed 3 rushing TDs this year (tied for #1). The Redskins have allowed 3 rushing TDs (tied for #1).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (28 pts/game - no change), 13th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (328 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 20th-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - no change), 18th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (311 yds/game - down 2 slots).

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bears and Redskins Notes

Bears got a good road victory against a better than average Jets team. It wasn't pretty, but the Bears D got the shutout and made a couple of big plays - most notably Urlacher's interception in the end zone with the Jets in the Red Zone ready to score. The running game got going and the Bears D controlled the Jets running game. Overall a good win that puts the Bears at 9-1.

Redskins - not enough defense and a bad fumble by Betts hurt them. However, at least Campbell showed some good signs of being a solid QB during his first start. It gives the Redskins some hope for the future. He clearly has a big arm, but at times his windup seems slow. Still, I thought he played very well and his two TD passes are better than what I would have expected out of Brunell. The first offensive play of the game slipped right through Lloyd's hands - that was terrible. But it showed what Campbell could do - Brunell would have thrown a dead duck that would have been picked off. Good luck 'Skins fans.

Day 1895!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Emmitt's Winning Dance

Check it out if you are interested. Emmitt Smith winning dance for Dancing w/the Stars. He really seemed like he was enjoying himself.

Bears and Redskins Picks

13-5 on the year.

Bears head back to the Meadowlands for the second time in two weeks. They dismantled a banged up Giants team last week and will enjoy their second trip to New York (actually New Jersey) this year. The Jets are a solid team and they are coming off of a good win against New England, but I believe the Bears are much better than New England. They will handle the Jets' unique blitz packages and will get their running game rolling. I also expect to see a fired up Bears defense control the line of scrimmage after being torched the last two weeks. Bears 30 to 10 over the Jets.

Redskins head down to Tampa and unlike the rousing playoff game and the regular season game, this will be a matchup of two hapless teams going with inexperienced QBs. I expect a sloppy game with some interceptions on both sides. Jason Campbell will be a pleasant surprise this week at moments, but will make mistakes. In the end, the Redskins will make one or two more plays and win in a relatively boring 14-7 game.


There is no question that the game of the week has to be Ohio State and Michigan. I think Troy Smith is much better than Chad Henne, and I think the home field advantage will make a difference. Ohio State 24 to 14 over Michigan. (Note: This pick counts toward my yearly record)

Day 1893!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emmitt Wins Dancing w/the Stars

I know you Redskin fans must be tired of the posts talking about how bad your team is. So here is something a little lighter. Emmitt Smith beat out Mario Lopez to win Dancing with the Stars.

I wonder if he is going to put the trophy up with his Super Bowl MVP trophy and all of his other footbal trophies.

Redskin Salaries

Here is a useful site to see the current Redskin salaries. I don't know how accurate it is, I am sure there are some errors. But you can get an idea about who is getting what and how much they count toward the cap. Keep in mind that if the Redskins cut a player, all of the prorated signing bonus and other guaranteed money becomes due that year. I believe that if you cut a player after June 1, then you can divide up the amount left over two years.

The numbers do not look good given the talent problems. They are going to have to restructure a bunch of contracts at the very least.

Bad Deals/Good No Deals in the NFL

Here is a list of the top 10 deals that did not happen which helped the teams that did not go through with them (and hurt the teams that did). Funny how the Redskins always end up on the short end.

#5 - Randle El not being signed by the Bears. The Bears offered him $18M ($8M signing bonus) for 6 years. So what do the Redskins do - offer $31M ($10M signing bonus). The Bears ended up drafting Devin Hester in the second round and have gotten 3 returns for touchdowns already this season. The Redskins way overpaid for a good return man who has not been a major offensive producer at the receiver spot.

#9 - Archuleta. The Rams (and the Bears) wanted to sign him but there was no way they were going to make him the highest paid safety in the game considering his obvious coverage limitations. Now the Redskins are stuck with him. I don't know his contract exactly. I believe that he signed a 5 year contract at $30M, with a $5M signing bonus and another $5M guaranteed. Assuming that to be true and that the $10M in guaranteed money is prorated equally across the life of the contract, if the Redskins cut him after the season the $8M in guaranteed money counts toward next year's cap. They certainly cannot trade him, and they are not going to eat $8M next year - so Redskin fans are stuck with him for at least one or two more years. That makes him one of the highest-paid special team players in history (probably the highest, if you don't count kickers).

Fox B.S. and Faux News B.S.

I am sure most of you have heard that O.J. is going to appear on a TV special entitled, "If I Did It" to be aired over 2 nights on Fox. It just happens to coincide with the release of O.J.'s book which has the same name. The book is published by Regan Books which is also owned by News Corp. (the parent company of Fox). Making money from O.J. is not illegal, but it is wrong and it tells you how low Fox will stoop for a dollar.

For anyone who thinks Faux News Channel is fair and balanced, this week a copy of one of the daily memos that issues marching orders to all of the on-air talent was posted at Huffington Post. It basically tells the broadcasters what should be emphasized and how to spin the news - amazingly, it is all pro-Republican. Imagine that. Faux News is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Republicans - a sort of Pravda for Bushie. So people who want to hear right-wing news should go to Faux - but please don't call it fair and balanced. The "newscasters" are given a script. They are nothing more than infotainment folks.

Day 1892!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to Build an NFL Winner

Here is a good explanation for how to build a consistent winner in the NFL. It basically comes down to drafting a lot of players and then signing young, emerging players to long term deals - which is just the opposite of what the Redskins do.

At this point, if I were the Redskins, I would think about trading away players for picks. The only three guys on the team that have any real value are Portis, Moss, and Taylor. I would consider trading any and all of them if I could make a deal that would bring in significant numbers of picks.

The next 7 weeks should help the Redskins decide if Campbell is the QB of the future. But, let's face it, the Redskins have a thin and aging offensive line, and need an overhaul on defense. It is an old and weak bunch that is helpless on Sundays.

They have some players at running back and wide receiver who could take the load, trading Portis and Moss may be the way to go. As for Taylor, he is a good young talent, but I am sure he is pissed off about his contract and how much Archuletta is making. That may help explain some of his drop-off in play this year. He would be the last of the three I would trade, but if the right offer came along, I wouldn't hesitate to make the move.

The Road to Miami Goes Through Chicago

Barring a total collapse of epic proportions, the Bears should have home field advantage. They have a favorable schedule and, more important, they are a complete team. They have a great defense, great special teams and a great offense. The question is whether it will all hold up. There are two things they need to improve - their run defense has been weak the last two weeks, and their running game. Of course Grossman needs to cut out the mistakes, but if they can shore up their run defense and get their running game going, they should make it through the NFC.

Miami - here we come!

NFL Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #3, Redskins "falling."

CBS Sportsline - Bears #2, Redskins #25.

ESPN - Bears #2, Redskins #25.

The Bears are now in great shape to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Redskins look to the future with Campbell.

Day 1891!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Let the Campbell Era Begin

Joe Gibbs made the move that needed to be made. Jason Campbell will get an opportunity to show whether he is the Redskins' future. Campbell will make some mistakes, but I think now the Redskins actually have a chance to win a couple of games. I now fully expect that the Redskins will make some plays in the vertical passing game.

Good luck Redskin fans. I will be pulling for J.C.

U.S. National Debt . . .

now up over $8.6 trillion. Another record for the Republican Congress and Bushie.

Add to this the fact that the Budget Deficit is rising and that economic growth is slowing, we can see that Bushie has really screwed us.

Suggestions for the Redskins

This is a bad team in virtually every phase of the game and with its coaching. It is not fun to watch. There aren't really guys that people want to root for, and it is a slow moving train wreck unfolding in front of our eyes. Here are some suggestions for improving the team.

1. Fire Joe Gibbs as the lead personnel guy. They need someone who understand how to evaluate talent and work with the cap. This needs to happen right away.

2. Fire Joe Gibbs as the coach. He is too nice and remains in a state of denial about the quality of this team. He makes excuses instead of holding players and coaches responsible. This is something to do in the off-season, not right away. But, I would have no problem with doing it right away.

3. Just put Joe Gibbs and his brilliant football IQ in charge of the overall organization, and let him be the CEO. He is a bright guy and can still offer a lot to the organization. But, he does not seem to be able to communicate with today's players, and it is clear that he has no eye for talent.

4. Start Jason Campbell right away. You want to know if the guy can play or if you have to address your QB situation in the off-season.

5. Start T.J. Duckett and pound the ball with what is supposed to be a solid offensive line. This will allow the team to evaluate Duckett and it should help to take pressure off of Campbell. They gave up a third round pick for Duckett and he is going to be a free agent after the season. You may be able to trade him, or you may want to re-sign him, but there is no way to know for sure unless he gets on the field.

6. With Campbell and an offense that is committed to run first, take some shots throwing the ball downfield and see if the Al Saunders offense can work in Washington. With Brunell, there is no ability to throw down the field because he has no arm strength left. The Redskins are left with dink and dunk passes that do not maximize the speed and potential of the Redskins players. The pass that Brunell threw on the out that was intercepted and returned 70 yards last week is what you will get if you keep Brunell in and try to throw downfield.

7. Evaluate the talent that you have on the team and start thinking about trading guys like Springs, Taylor, and Washington for draft picks in order to really improve the team and to create some salary cap space. There is no way they are going to be able to unload Carter and Archuleta, but they need draft picks to improve the defense. The talent that they do have needs to be sent away for picks. This is a team that is nowhere near ready to compete in the NFC East from a defensive standpoint and they need to rebuild. I know Taylor is young, but he should be able to bring in some picks. They have so many holes to fill on defense that picks are more important right now than having one solid safety.

8. For God's sake get a kicker and a punter who can actually do their jobs. There have to be guys they can sign for league minimums who can do better than their current guys. The Redskins cannot win the field position game with Frost, and Novak is clearly struggling.

It may be harsh, but this is a team that needs to take time over the next 2 years to address their significant problems. There is no band aid approach that can fix this team.

Bears and Redskin Stats

Bears started slow but beat up on a good, but short-handed, Giants team. A nice win on the road, but should the Giants and Bears meet in the playoffs, I expect a much tougher game. The Redskins just plain sucked and Gibbs does nothing more than make excuses. I am irritated about the Redskins and Gibbs' excuses and I am not even a fan. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #2 scoring defense (13.3 pts/game - no change), #1 defense in terms of yardage/game (250 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 25th-ranked scoring defense (24 pts/game - down 2 slots), 30th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (355 yds/game - no change).

The Bears have allowed 3 rushing TDs this year (tied for #2). The Redskins have allowed 3 rushing TDs (tied for #2).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (30 pts/game - no change), 13th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (333 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 20th-ranked scoring offense (18 pts/game - down 1 slot), 16th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (318 yds/game - down 1 slot).

Bears and Redskins

Bears started slow but their defense was solid in the first half and was able to keep the Giants from blowing the game wide open early. The Bears then scored 35 points over the last 32 minutes of the game. Great win, and it sent a message to the NFC that they are still the team to beat. Rex had a very good game and the running game started to go as the game wore on. The defense gave up a lot of rushing yardage to Tiki - they are going to need to tighten up their rushing D.

Redskins started slow and never got anything going. The defense wasn't terrible, but they gave up big plays yet again. Brunell did nothing and the Redskins cannot throw the ball down the field with Brunell. The players are bad and this team has no chemistry or identity. I have to say that the Redskins coaching is just plain horrible. They don't hold anyone responsible and I get sick of hearing Gibbs after the game saying "we're in this together," "our guys have character," and "we have smart guys." Gibbs needs to look in the mirror and decide if he really wants to coach. If he does, then he needs to stop making excuses for the poor plays and the penalties and hold some players responsible. Let the J.C. era begins - PLEASE!

Day 1889!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Republicans Pointing Fingers and Re-grouping.

So, the Republicans are mad at Bushie for not firing Rumsfeld before the election. I would have to agree with Newt Gingrich and Arlen Spector that Republicans would still be in control of the Senate and would not have lost nearly as many seats in the House. If Bushie was going to fire him, waiting until after the election was just foolish (if you are a Republican).

What I think is hilarious is that Michael Steele, Maryland Senate candidate who lost to Ben Cardin, is being talked about as a potential successor to Ken Mehlman as the head of the RNC. Steele is the current Lt. Governor of Maryland, and I would love to see him in charge of the RNC. He has done nothing in the state of Maryland, and lost by 11 points in his Senate race this last election. If Republicans want to put him in charge, be my guest. Based on his past performance, it would be a disaster for Republicans.

Day 1888!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

E-Voting Problems in Florida

This story provides a perfect example for why all electronic voting machines should be required to provide a printed paper ballot. That way one could actually do a meaningful recount.

Bushie at 31 Percent

After the thumpin' he took in the election, it is not surprising to see that his approval number in the latest Newsweek poll hit an all-time low (for that poll) of 31 percent.

Warrantless Wiretapping is Done

With the change in Congress, Bushie's warrantless wiretapping is finished. Bushie called for the lame-duck Republican Congress to make his program legal. If Bushie really believes his program is legal, why is he calling for Congress to pass legislation on it? The program can continue, but the Democratic Congress is going to provide real oversight.

The question is not whether we should be listening in to terrorist conversations or not. Everyone - Dems and Republicans - agree. The issue is whether Americans should give up their 4th Amendment Rights and allow the government to listen in to their phone conversations without cause. I am happy to allow the NSA program to continue, but wiretapping should be done with a warrant.

Bush likes to say that the program is limited to phone calls from known al Qaeda terrorists coming into the country. If that is truly the case, why can't he just get a warrant from the secret FISA court? These warrants can be sought and issued retroactively (i.e., after the call has been listened to). The warrants protect Americans' 4th Amendment rights and provide an adequate check and balance to executive power.

Day 1887!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bush is Getting Daddy's Help

Bush has really mucked things up pretty well with respect to America's foreign policy, not to mention the fiscal mess he has created with his explosion of government spending, deficits, and national debt issues that I have talked about in previous posts.

So, to clean up his mess he is calling on Daddy to fix things once again. That is why you see Baker and Gates being given a role in trying to rectify the Iraq debacle and to try to send a signal to the world that change is coming.

Bears and Redskins Picks

11-5 on the year. Disaster struck last week as I was wrong on both games.

Bears are heading to the Meadowlands for the game of the week. A possible preview of the NFC Championship game. Certainly, this is a game that pits the two best NFC teams at the halfway point of the season against each other. Both teams are banged up, with the Giants more banged up. Grossman has a lot to prove and the Bears need to get their running game going. Grossman is not on a short leash, but he needs to work on his decision-making and his mechanics when he is under pressure. I expect that in front of a national audience on Sunday Night the Bears will rebound. 17-9 Bears.

Redskins going to the Linc. Philly is coming off of a bye which they really needed after losing three straight games by a combined 12 points. The loser of this game is out of the playoff hunt. Both teams have a lot to prove, but I expect Philly to regroup and Donovan McNabb to have a big day against a porous Redskin D. Any dreams of the post-season will be over for the Redskins at 4:00 this Sunday. But on the bright side the Campbell era will begin. Philly 30 - Redskins 17. Don't be fooled by the score - it will be a lot worse than the final score. Brunell will pad his stats and throw a late TD to make the score somewhat respectable.

Day 1886!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Surprise Surprise, Rush Admits He Lies

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh admitted that he has been lying to his listeners. In the wake of the beating the Republicans took, he now claims he didn't actually believe in the Republicans who were swept out. He only pretended to support them for the sake of the election.

So basically, he has no personal values or beliefs that he holds on to - he is just a tool of the Republican Party and says anything they want him to say. Nothing new to me, but all the "Dittoheads" who actually believe Rush is telling them the truth are just fooling themselves.

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball

In the past several months, I have referred to University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato's politics website. On Monday, I posted that he had predicted that Dems would pick up 29 House seats (which they did), 6 Senate seats (which they did), and 7 Governorships (they got 6 and Minnesota is still not called, although it looks like it will stay w/the Republican who is leading). What is amazing is he got most of the individual races correct.

Once again, I would recommend politics junkies to visit his website.

Why Republicans Lost the Senate

The Republican scandals in the House virtually assured turnover of the House. However, the Senate is another story. My view is that Bush's campaigning in Missouri, Montana, and Virginia in the last few days of the campaign hurt more than helped. However, it was his comments last week that Rumsfeld was going to stay until the end of his presidency virtually killed the Republican Senate. The country could not vote out Rumsfeld, so they did the next best thing.

Here is an interesting exchange between a reporter and Bush today:

REPORTER: I wanted to ask you about the thumpin' you took at yesterday's rodeo. You said you were disappointed, you were surprised -- Does that indicate that after six years in the Oval Office, you're out of touch with America for something like this kind of wave to come and you not expect it?

THE PRESIDENT: I'm an optimistic person, is what I am. And I knew we were going to lose seats, I just didn't know how many.

REPORTER: How could you not know that and not be out of touch?

THE PRESIDENT: You didn't know it, either.

REPORTER: A lot of polls showed it.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, there was a -- I read those same polls, and I believe that -- I thought when it was all said and done, the American people would understand the importance of taxes and the importance of security. But the people have spoken, and now it's time for us to move on.

So it appears the Bush thinks that the American people don't understand the importance of taxes and security. That is denial, not an acceptance of the fact that the election is, in large part, a clear repudiation of his policies.

Day 1885!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Gone.

It didn't take long. The voters spoke and even though just last week Bush was saying that Rumsfeld was going to stay through his presidency, Bush recognized the will of the people and decided to replace Rumsfeld. The replacement? Robert Gates, former CIA director and a member of Jim Baker's Iraq Study Group (ISG). The ISG is a bi-partisan group of former government officials who essentially want us out of Iraq.

Gates is no friend of the neo-cons and would appear to be a candidate who would bring about a complete change in Iraq, as well as Iran. With respect to the latter, Gates wrote a 2004 report for the Council on Foreign Relations that called for the U.S. to directly engage Iran and open a dialogue. Noted neo-con William Krystol objected to the idea and basically found it absurd in a memo he wrote for the Project for the New American Century.

Heath Shuler Returning to Washington

Not to the 'Skins, but rather to Congress. He won North Carolina's 11th District.

The Voters Have Spoken

Clearly the voters sent a message that they were sick of Republican corruption and the war in Iraq. The House turned over in a big way, the Senate looks like it will turn over when all is said and done (once George Allen's incredible defeat is finalized). The size of the anti-Republican wave was surprising to me. I did not believe that the Senate would turn over.

On top of that, Dems picked up at least 6 governor's mansions - that is critical for the 2008 presidential elections. It gives the Dems footholds on power and fundraising in six additional states going into the 2008 campaign.

All in all, a great night for Dems, a clear rebuke of the president's policies, and horrible night for Republicans in general.

Let the accountability and oversight of the Bush Administration begin. Democracy in action is a great thing.

Day 1884!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NFL Rankings

Yahoo! Sports - Bears #5, Redskins "muddled middle."

CBS Sportsline - Bears #2, Redskins #20.

ESPN - Bears #3, Redskins #20.

The Bears-Giants game is huge this week - for both the Bears and the Redskins.

Go and vote.

Keith on why we need to vote.

If you like what we are doing in Iraq and the overall direction of the country vote Republican, if you don't vote Democratic. It is as simple as that.

Day 1883!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't Forget to Vote

On election eve, we have some tightening of races, but it still looks like a Democratic wave will hit tomorrow. Larry Sabato's updated picks show Dems picking up 29 House seats, 6 Senate seats, and 7 governorships.

Personally I agree with the House and governorships, but I think the Republicans will only lose 4 or 5 Senate seats, leaving the Senate under the control of Republicans. We'll see tomorrow.

Bears and Redskins Stats

Bears sucked and the Redskins got back in the winning column. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - #2 scoring defense (12.5 pts/game - down 1 slot), #1 defense in terms of yardage/game (251 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 23rd-ranked scoring defense (24 pts/game - up 2 slots), 30th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (354 yds/game - down 4 slots).

The Bears have allowed 1 rushing TD this year (tied for #1). The Redskins have allowed 3 rushing TDs (ranked #5).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (29 pts/game - down 1 slot), 13th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (331 yds/game - down 2 slots).

Redskins - 19th-ranked scoring offense (20 pts/game - down 2 slots), 15th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (323 yds/game - down 3 slots).

Day 1882!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bears and Redskins

First the Bears. Grossman clearly sucked yet again. Three interceptions plus a fumble just won't cut it. This is the NFL - which stands for "not for long" when you are playing like Grossman has in 2 of the last three games. I would not be surprised to see some of Griese in coming weeks. I don't want to see Grossman get benched, but if his struggles continue there won't be any choice. They have to regroup and have a HUGE game against the Giants next Sunday night.

Redskins. I don't have much to say other than it was a win. They did what they had to and they did just enough. Congrats Redskin fans.

Friday, November 03, 2006

How We Ended Up In Iraq

Good video on the power of the think tank, The New American Century, and how it's members promoted the war and made it happen.

Saddam did not have WMDs and we knew it. The British Defence Minister is also shown to be a liar.

Rumsfeld Must Go

So says an editorial, which will appear in the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Marine Corps Times on Monday.