Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's Go Time Iran!

Many members of Congress want to take military action against Iran. Hold your horses tough guys. Unfortunately, Bushie's jaunt into Iraq has our military stretched to its limit. We cannot talk tough with Iran because we really cannot back up the threat of an invasion. The instability in Iraq makes it darn near impossible to successfully manage a military strike because it may inflame the majority Shiites in Iraq to raise arms against the U.S.


Justin's D! said...

Lets just invade and turnover the entire Middle East. Lets have the Crusades Part Deaux. Who are we going to send? Who cares? Just strap up every man, woman, and child with a toy football helmet and a butter knife and send them off to fight.

OR just strap Bushie and Jenna to a SCUD and send them to the Middle East so Jenna can start peace talks by teaching them da Butt.

I can't believe one guy could screw up SO much and be SO incompetent.

Rob said...

Man, I cannot believe there are people who still want him to "fix" Social Security. Have you seen the mess with the prescription drug coverage in Medicare? Katrina, Iraq, no bin Laden, illegal eavesdropping of Americans, bringing back torture, what the F.

I do like the return reference of da Butt.