Monday, January 23, 2006


Cannot stand the guy, but 81 points? That is unreal. Some may say he is selfish, but he shot better than 50 percent (including from 3-point range) and his team won. Cannot fault him for taking control of a game in which the Lakers were down by as much as 20 in the second half.

Frankly, the Raptors should be ashamed. I don't care how "in the zone" a guy is, you have to slow him down and let others beat you.

Day 1595!


matar-alloo said...

Yeah but can he sleep with 20,000 women like Wilt the Stilt? Now that's a stat worth striving to beat.

Just kidding...that's NASTY!!!!

Rob said...

I am sure he has his various love nests in different cities. Frankly I don't really care.

However, I cannot believe that 20,000 women thing. Let's just assume Stilt was with 600 women a year (some two- and three-somes). It would take him 33 years to get to 20,000. I think it is an urban legend that people just like to talk about.

Justin's D! said...

Maybe if Kobe Bean continues to "pay for love" he might reach Stilt's mark.

81 points later, I still don't like Kobe Bean.

Rob said...

That's a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers (ala Wendy's commercial).