Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekend NFL Picks

Should be an interesting weekend with some pretty good games on tap. Here are my picks:

Tampa Bay will beat the Redskins at home. I like the Redskins' effort the last five weeks and would pick them if they were at home, but they aren't. It will be close for the first half, but the Bucs will pull away with a couple of big plays. Of note, last time they met, Sean Taylor and Cadillac did not play. Taylor is clearly a difference maker and should help an injury-plagued secondary. Cadillac should find some running room and improve the passing lanes for Simms. The teams are well matched, but Brunell is banged up and Portis' shoulder may be dinged and could have some impact.

Giants will win at home. Carolina's offense is not consistent enough to outscore a very solid Giants offense.

New England will beat Jacksonville. I don't like the benching of Garrard in favor of Leftwich. Garrard is 5-1 and is playing well. Leftwich was not exactly tearing it up when he was injured. The cold weather won't help Jacksonville either.

Pittsburgh will roll up on Cincy. Cincy's run defense is porous and Pittsburgh has been playing well the last few weeks.

Interestingly, the experts are mixed. The CBS Sportsline staff is pretty much split on all the games. The SI guys favor New England and Washington in their games and are split on the other games.


Justin's D! said...

I like the 'Skins to win in a close game. They have been playing well and I think are looking forward to a rematch with TB. Not only do they get Taylor back but also Cornelius Griffin to plug up the middle. I also think Simms will make some mistakes.

I think Carolina will pull out the victory over the Giants. Tiki will be shut down and Eli is going to make some mistakes.

I like New England because they live for the playoffs and Tom Brady is the best big game QB in the league right now. They have been playing much better ball in the second half of the season now that they have guys healthy. Don't have any problem with Leftwich starting the game but may have a quick trigger to pull him if he struggles.

Agree that Pittsburgh will roll up on Cincy. Pittsburgh is going to pound it right down Cincy's throat and they will love it and beg for more.

Rob said...

Let's get it on! I love the NFL.

The 'Skins should be confident and I am really looking forward to that game to see how they perform.

Justin's D! said...

My analysis was spot on.

'Skins won in a close game where the play of their defense won the game for them. Simms made the mistakes I called for and the addition of Taylor and Griffin made a difference.

Carolina pulled out the victory. Per my analysis, they shut down Tiki and Eli made mistakes.

New England won easily. Per my analysis, they have been playing much better ball in the second half of the season. Brady is a big game QB and showed it. They are the reigning Super Bowl champions and are until somebody knocks them off.

Per my analysis, Pittsburgh pounded it right down Cincy's throat and made them their girlfriend in the process. Too bad about Palmer but he can take pride in having a great season both individually and as a team. Cincy should take heart that they have a great foundation and the future looks bright.

Rob said...

Nice work. Let's see if you carry it through next weekend. If you pick the Redskins you will throw away your perfect record.

Justin's D! said...

What do you know? You were 2-2 and would have gone 1-3 as you were thinking of taking the Jags if they were playing at home and had Garrard playing.