Friday, September 29, 2006

Republican Sicko Congressman Resigns

Looks like we have more Republican scandal in the House of Reps. Representative Mark Foley resigned effectively immediately when it was learned that he is likely a pedophile.

Look's like "God's Party" has another sick bastard to cast out. I love all of the sanctimony from these Republicans. This guy was emailing a 16 year old male page, chit chatting and asking for a picture.

Here's a Thought

By the end of next year, the United States will have spent over half a trillion dollars in Iraq. There is no question that it is a s**thole that continues to eat up soldiers, civilians, and dollars. Instead of flushing that money down the toilet in Iraq, Bushie could have given every man, woman, and child in America about $1700 each. For a family of 4, that comes to $7800. I can tell you that I would have found a much better use for that money.

This Congress does not ask any serious questions about Iraq. Maybe the next one will.

Bushie B.S.

The reason Bushie wants legislation on torture is to get blanket protection from war crimes that he has authorized. It is all just an effort to cover himself from some pretty bad crimes.

More George Allen N-Word Stuff

Another witness is popping up.

Colbert on Clinton and Fox News

Good video.

Here is more Colbert on the "Path to Slavery." It is obviously a satirical jab at the fictionalized "docudrama" about how Clinton messed up in getting bin Laden, "the Path to 9/11."

Far East Game Show

I don't know what the Hell is happening here, but it is funny. It looks like a version of the Gong Show with hosts/judges in weird costumes.

Jon Stewart on Bushie Torture

Good video from "The Daily Show" on Bushie torture B.S.

More Bushie B.S. on Iraq

Bushie is not giving a full account of the growing number of attacks on American troops in Iraq. Imagine that, he is being deceptive.

Our premier $75 million Police Academy in Iraq has been so badly mismanaged and badly constructed, that part of it will likely will be demolished.

Bears and Redskins Picks

5 and 1 on the year on my picks.

Bears - Tough game on Sunday night against the Seahawks. Alexander won't play, but the Seahawk offense was dominating last week against the Giants without him. Grossman will have to have a more solid game than last week and will have to avoid the costly turnovers. The Bears will work on getting their running game going and the defense will make a statement on Sunday night. Bears win 17-7.

Redskins - Jacksonville is coming off a tough loss to Indy. Their defense is dominating, their offense has been sputtering along. Brunell had a record-setting day and Portis looked good. Their defense has not played particularly well all year. Brunell will revert to his real self and struggle against his old team. He will look old and make mistakes that will be costly. It will be a game with a lot of field goals that remains close until the fouth quarter. In the end, the Redskins will be 1 and 3 and scratching their heads. Jacksonville 19 - Redskins 6.

Day 1844!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bushie Excuses

With all of the Bushies out and about blaming Clinton for everything, think about this - the 1993 WTC bombing happened a month after Clinton took office.

He didn't cry about how Bush Sr. or Reagan was responsible - he acted as a leader and brought all those known to be responsible to justice. Bush and his folks just cry about how no one could have predicted that 9/11 would happen, but then turn around and say everything is Clinton's fault. It is a joke. We have to assume that 8 months leading up to 9/11 was not enough for Bushie to get his act together. Just how much time did he need? Bushie says he couldn't connect the dots, but just one month before 9/11 he got a Presidential Daily Brief that was entitled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S." The PDB referred to suspected terrorist activity in New York, possible airline hi-jackings, and the WTC.

Even if we assume that Clinton made mistakes - every president makes mistakes - it has now been more than 5 years and Bushie has not been able to get OBL.

Olbermann takes a look at Bushie's mistakes regarding 9/11.

GDP Growth Slowing

The economy grew by 2.6 percent last quarter. Another clear sign of slowing. If you have followed the real estate market at all you would know this to be true.

As the economy slows, it means even less tax revenue so more foreign borrowing to cover our losses. Foreign holding of U.S. debt grew by $13 billion for the latest month - the majority of this increase went to China and OPEC nations. So yet again we find Bushie's policies selling more and more of America off to foreign investors who are not necessarily our friends.

Day 1843!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More on Why We Should Not Be in Iraq

The Iraqi people do not want us there. Eighty percent says our presence increases the potential for violence and 60 percent believe attacks on U.S. troops is justified.


Bushie refuses to release the full NIE. He declassified 3 plus pages which presumably were to show critics that Iraq is not hindering the War on Terror - the funny thing was that it didn't.


Interesting story about T.O. trying to commit suicide. The guy is self-destructive and has been described as a head case, so I am not really surprised. I wish the guy well, but if I were the Cowboys I would deactivate him immediately. Too much baggage and players are going to have to walk on eggshells around him. Not to mention every reporter who is going to ask "How's T.O. today?" every single day for the rest of the season.

NFL Rankings

CBS Sportsline. Bears #5, Redskins #18

ESPN. Bears #4, Redskins #20

10-Year Erection

This guy apparently got a faulty penile implant which has resulted in a 10 year boner. Tough break.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another $70B for Iraq

The House passed another $70 billion for Iraq. With this commitment we will have spent half a TRILLION dollars on the War on Terror. Given how badly Bushie has botched Iraq, the growing resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the latest National Intelligence Estimate which says that the global jihadist movement is growing as a result of our involvement in Iraq, it is obvious that the money has been wasted and continues to be wasted.

Sen. Clinton On Terror

In response to Condoliar Rice, Senator Clinton defended the Clinton record on terror and took more jabs at Bushie. Dems should be aggressive on the subject - the record is clear. There were mistakes, but Clinton didn't spend his days accusing Bush Sr. for the 1993 WTC bombing - he hunted down those responsible and brought them to justice. He didn't accuse Bush Sr. and his Defense Secretary Dick Cheney for sending troops to Somalia on an ill-defined mission, he hunted down Aideed and his top folks for the events chronicled in Black Hawk Down and moved on.

When Clinton ordered 66 cruise missiles be launched into Afghanistan and Sudan to kill Osama bin Laden, it was Republicans who asked, "Who?" and accused Clinton of trying to turn attention away from Monica.

All Bushie, Dickie, Condoliar, etc. do is blame Clinton and continue to make mistake after mistake after mistake.

Day 1842!

More on George Allen

I came across the following commentary on Capitol Hill Blue - a site I frequent from time to time. It discusses just more of the same racist B.S. from George Allen.

Bushie Impeachment Thoughts

The guy can lie, torture, kill, wipe his arse with the Constitution . . . whatever . . . and this Congress will do nothing. But if he gets a blowjob . . . that would presumably get Congress to impeach. Hmmm. JKD get to work!

Rice Gives Clinton Credit

Sec. of State Condoliar Rice attempted to counter Clinton's comments that Bushie did nothing about terrorism after taking office. Her quote:

"What we did in the eight months [between Bush's inauguration and 9/11] was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceding years."

So she either believes that Clinton did nothing and thus Bushie did nothing. Or that Bushie did just as well Clinton. By her words, she basically says that Clinton was aggressive and that Bushie was just as aggressive.

So all of the right wingers who falsely accuse Clinton of doing nothing should take notice.

Bushie to Declassify "Part" of the NIE

Yeah, the part that does not say that Iraq is a huge mistake. If he is going to do it, he should declassify the whole thing and blot out the sensitive parts. Releasing "part" of it won't change any minds.

George Allen's Racism Problem

Yet more evidence of Senator George Allen's racism is emerging. A former UVA college football teammate, Dr. KenShelton, accused Allen of racist language and behavior, and now noted UVA political science professor Larry Sabato - no liberal by any means- provides corroborating statements.

Coming on the heals of his bizarre "macaca" comment, and his false denial of knowledge of his Jewish ancestry, Allen is having a really bad month. Ultimately, the voters will have to decide.

2700 and Counting

The number of American soldiers killed in Iraq hit 2700. A dubious milestone, but what makes it worse is that there is no end in sight. Iraq is in civil war - there will be no pro-American democracy, and our soldiers are spending their time building roads and schools when they are not dodging bullets or avoiding IEDs.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bushie Was President on 9/11 - Not Clinton

Bill Clinton has been getting hammered on the right wing blogs for having the gall to actually defend his record on fighting terrorism while he was president. Let's assume that he made some errors - it was a pre-9/11 world - what is repugnant is how Bushie and his party want to revise history so as to remove blame for the failures after 9/11.. It is amazing how ridiculously uninformed, ignorant, and false much of the commentary by right wingers has been.

I have seen revisionist history written about the 1993 WTC bombing, Somalia, and our response to the U.S.S. Cole - it is amusing up to a point, but it really demonstrates how uneducated folks are and how easily they can be manipulated.

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment about the Faux News interview of Clinton is dead on.

Day 1841!

Updated Bears/Redskins Stats

Bears survive, Redskins roll. The games were good wins in their own ways to each team. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - 4th-ranked scoring defense (7.7 pts/game - down 2 slots), 4th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (266 yds/game - no change).

Redskins - 20th-ranked scoring defense (20 pts/game - up 4 slots), 15th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (312 yds/game - up 8 slots).

The Bears have allowed 1 rushing TD this year (tied for #7). The Redskins have allowed 2 rushing TD (tied for #11).


Bears - 7th-ranked scoring 0ffense (23 pts/game - down 4 slots), 7th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (356 yds/game - no change in ranking).

Redskins - 15th-ranked scoring offense (19 pts/game - up 9 slots), 12th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (335 yds/game - up 14 slots).


Rex Grossman ranked 5th (100.9 QB rating, 65% completion percentage, 829 yds, 6 TD, 3 Int). Mark Brunell ranked 17th (86.3 QB rating, 67% completion percentage, 621 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int.


Thomas Jones ranked 20th (181 yards, 0 TDs, 0 fumbles, 5 receptions for 13 yds). Clinton Portis ranked 28th (125 yards, 3 TDs, 0 fumbles, 4 receptions for 89 yds).


The Bears have been in the RZ 7 times and come away with 2 TDs and 3 field goals (29% TD conversion rate). They have allowed teams into the RZ 2 times on defense and given up 1 TD and 0 field goals. Redskins have been in the RZ 5 times and come away with 1 TD and 3 field goals (20 % TD conversion rate). They have allowed 5 RZ drives by opponents yielding 3 TDs and 2 field goals.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bears and Redskins

Bears - Great defensive play was almost blown by a foolish Grossman interception in the 4th quarter. The Vikings only had 11 first downs and under 300 yards of total offense. Late in the game the Bears D came up big with a forced fumble with less than 4 minutes to play at the Minnesota 37 yard line. It wasn't pretty, but it was a divisional game on the road against a solid Vikings team. Winning ugly is still winning, and I'll take 3-0. Bring on the Seahawks in a battle of unbeatens next Sunday night in the Windy City.

Redskins - Brunell was surprisingly effective with the short passing game. It will quiet the critics for about a week. Portis was the difference maker. In a must game against a very weak team, the Redskins delivered. This was just what they needed. The Redskins D made some mistakes, but controlled Houston. Jacksonville will be a real test next week at home. The Jacksonville D is significantly better than Houston, and the Jags are coming off a loss to Indy this week.

More Bushie Lies

You know when Bushie says, "we are safer but not yet safe"? He is lying.

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which is the nation's best summary of U.S. intelligence, says that the war in Iraq is a rallying cry for jihadists and that the number of terrorists is growing faster than we are killing them. In other words, we are less safe than before 9/11. So Bushie is clearly lying - nothing new.

Day 1839!

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Rex Factor

Look who is leading the NFL in the QB ratings. I know it is early, but if Rex Grossman can continue his stellar play, da Bears will be very dangerous. Good article.

Weekend NFL Picks

Season Predictions Record: 3 right, 1 wrong (Redskins couldn't beat the Vikings as I expected in week 1).

Bears will start slow, but beat the Vikings by at least 10 points. After crusing the lowly Packers and Lions, the Vikings will be tougher - but not tough enough. Talent and coaching will win out and the Bears are just better right now. 17-3 Bears.

Redskins will prevail in a surprisingly close game. Portis will have a good day, but the QB play will still be shaky. The Texans will put some points on the board against a mediocre Redskins D, but not enough. Don't expect the fans to let up on Mark Brunell, but this must-win game will go the Redskins way. 21-20 Redskins.

ESPN NFL Expert Picks (Mort and Schlereth really do not like the Bears - they usually pick against them. Why?)
CBS NFL Expert Picks (Last week all six experts pick the Lions, this week they all picked the Bears. It is the only game that they are unanimous about - could be trouble for the Bears)

Day 1837!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NFL Power Rankings

Over at CBS Sportsline Bears are up to #8 and Redskins are at #23.

ESPN has the Bears at #6 and the Redskins at #24.

American Torture

Bushie insists that the U.S. doesn't torture, but that is based on re-definitions of torture provided by former White House Counsel and current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales has called the Geneva Conventions, "quaint."

On of the more horrifying concepts of permissible behavior comes from former Justice Department Official, John Yoo. Yoo was a political appointee of Bushie who worked in the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel as a Deputy to former Attorney General John Aschcroft. His job was to write opinions about what was legal. Yoo was also one of the principal architects of the PATRIOT Act and America's torture policies at Guantanamo Bay.

Quoting from the linked article: "John Yoo publicly argued there is no law that could prevent the President from ordering the torture of a child of a suspect in custody – including by crushing that child’s testicles."

What do you want to bet that the rape and torture of children has already happened at the hands of U.S. interrogators? The whole reason Bushie wants to make torture legal is to provide legal cover for past illegal actions and to allow coerced evidence into the trials of suspected terrorists.

It is a sad day in America when the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES argues that he needs the RIGHT TO TORTURE whomever he deems a terror suspect.


Good post by Daniel at Gould Effect on the topic - Thanks!

Related Video (also on Gould Effect): Bush talking to Matt Laur about torture.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More on e-Voting Issues

Diebold and other touch screen voting manufacturers have not done their jobs and left American democracy at risk.

Is Bushie and Idiot?

The answer is clearly yes, and here is some video to support that concept.

More Big Government Intrusion

Bushie's Attorney General, the "great" Alberto Gonzales wants ISPs to save user search/view data so that the government can look at what Americans are doing online.

More On Redskins' Woes

B-Mitch on Sportstalk 980 says it clear and to the point.

Here is more salt for the wounds.

Kangaroo Court in Iraq

The Chief Judge in the Saddam trial has been removed for saying Saddam was not a dictator. If you have followed any of the proceedings for the two trials you know that they have been a sham. You know he will be found guilty, but I will just laugh if they find him not guilty or they delcare a mistrial. I didn't think anything could be more ridiculous than the O.J. trial.

Bushie Speech to U.N.

He described fighting extremeism as the calling of our time. I don't suspect he will be shutting down Jesus Camp.

Electronic Voting Machines

Anyone who thinks that electronic voting machines are secure is just plain stupid. There are so many ways that things can go wrong - both accidentally and on purpose. Here is a demonstration that appeared on Fox News.

At the very least we need to have a printout of results so there can be a meaningful recount. The manufacturers of these machines such as Diebold should be required to open up their source code and have the machines tested at independent laboratories for certification. Right now, Diebold just has to hire its own lab who certifies the machines are working properly - there are no real standards. Every American should want to ensure accurate election results.

Jesus Camp

Look, I am all for religion, but this is crazy.

Bushie Blunders

An example of how ridiculously incompetent and dangerous Bushie's "extraordinary rendition" program is - this is the program that whisks up terror suspects around the world and moves them to secret prisons or countries that allow torture.

Bushie is getting slapped down in Congress on his proposal to allow torture and and detainee rights, so he is changing his proposal.

Keith Olbermann yet again nails Bushie's foolishness yet again in another special comment - I recommend the video link. A couple of quotes that I found particularly strong:

With increasing rage, he and his administration have begun to tell us, we are not permitted to disagree with them . . . at some point in the near future some of the "detainees" transferred from secret CIA cells to Guantanamo, will finally get to tell the Red Cross that they have indeed been tortured. Thus the debate over the Geneva Conventions, might not be about further interrogations of detainees, but about those already conducted, and the possible liability of the administration, for them.

Day 1834!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bears roll, Redskins roll over - not surprising. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - 2nd-ranked scoring defense (3.5 pts/game - down 1 slot), 4th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (256 yds/game - up 8 slots).

Redskins - 24th-ranked scoring defense (23 pts/game - down 5 slots), 23rd-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (338 yds/game - down 5 slots).

The Bears have allowed 1 rushing TD this year (tied for #11). The Redskins have allowed 2 rushing TD (tied for #17).


Bears - 3rd-ranked scoring 0ffense (30 pts/game - up 3 slots), 7th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (372 yds/game - no change in ranking).

Redskins - 24th-ranked scoring offense (13 pts/game - down 2 slots), 26tf-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (257 yds/game - down 4 slots).


Rex Grossman ranked 1st (128.7 QB rating, 72% completion percentage, 551 yds, 5 TD, 1 Int). Mark Brunell ranked 26th (67.7 QB rating, 57% completion percentage, 360 yds, 0 TD, 1 Int.


Thomas Jones ranked 21st (127 yards, 0 TDs, 0 fumbles, 2 reception for 2 yds). Clinton Portis ranked 47th (39 yards, 1 TD, 0 fumbles, 2 receptions for 11 yds). Nothing special from TJ, Portis did not play this week.


The Bears have been in the RZ 4 times and come away with 3 field goals (need to turn those into TDs). They have not allowed a team into the RZ on defense. Redskins have been in the RZ 4 times and come away with 1 TD and 3 field goals. They have allowed 2 RZ drives by opponents yielding 1 TD and 1 field goal.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bears and Redskins

As expected the Bears rolled. I had no doubt about the Bears going in against the Lions and they proved me right. Defense was great as always and Grossman with 4 TD passes. Great start to the season against two weaker teams, although they need to try to get their running game going. Next week against the Vikings is set up to be a good game.

Redskin, what can you say? They suck. The defense was weak and the offense was even weaker. Brunell cannot play - the dead duck he threw up that was intercepted on the goal line just killed them. The offensive line was horrible - 6 sacks. It is pretty clear that the 700-page playbook is not helping. Too many cooks ruining the stew. At least the Redskins are going to play Houston. If they lose that game, the season is lost.

I would love to hear the conversations between Gibbs and Al Saunders. But, on the bright side for the Redskins it looks like Frost solved his punting problems.

Day 1832!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Portis Out

Looks like the Gibbs has ruled Portis out of the Cowboys game this week. It came as a surprise to Portis.

Drinking Boosts Income!

JKD, you must be the richest man in the world. I remember that time you got drunk - you know, from 1989-1992.

"What We Are" Movie

Here is a great short film about what human beings are. Enjoy!

I also came across a good flick about "How LOTR should have Ended."

Republican Support for Our Troops

Almost 2700 American soldiers have been killed and nearly 20,000 American soldiers have been injured. Many soldiers have lost limbs as a result of IEDs detonating under their unarmored Humvees; however, the signature injury is brain trauma causing damage.

Why in the world are Republicans cutting support for medical head trauma research in half? The war profiteering of Dick Cheney last year would more than cover these costs.

Weekend Football Picks

The Bears will win big against a rejuvenated, but far weaker, Lions team. Lions receiver Roy Williams "guaranteed victory - he is delusional. The defense will shut down the run and be all over Kitna (expect turnovers and sacks), Grossman will have another solid game and the running game will improve over last week's performance. The Bears win 20-3. Da Bears are a good team and this is a game they should win handily.

The Redskins and Cowboys meet up in Texas for their classic rivalry on Sunday Night Football. Bledsoe will be shaky, but the Dallas receivers will make some big plays against Mike "up-my" Rumph, Carlo (Carlos Rogers), and Kenny "why-can't-I-get-it" Wright. Redskins offense will show some signs of improvement with Clinton Portis playing more, but in the end Brunell will throw two costly turnovers and a Portis fumble will doom the Redskins. The lose 24-20. The Redskins nation will be in turmoil, questions about the defense, Brunell, and Saunders' 700-page playbook will be flying, and panic will start to settle in.

ESPN NFL Expert Picks (looks like Mort has come around)
CBS NFL Expert Picks (What the Hell are they smoking? All six experts pick the Lions)

More Republican B.S.

The Republicans are pulling out the same B.S. that got us into Iraq - hyping the danger of Iran's potential nuclear weapons capability without any evidence. Are we going to get fooled again with the mysteriously missing WMD fantasy? I doubt it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reggie Bush Paid at USC

If this is true, he should lose his Heisman Trophy and USC should be forced to forfeit every game he played in after he took money.

Another Republican Congressman Going to Jail

Ohio Congressman Bob Ney is getting flushed down the toilet in the Abramoff affair. Not surprising.

Pathetic Unsportsmanlike Behavior

This is a sad story of a coach who paid one of his players to bean an autistic teammate in order to improve the team's chances of winning a Little League baseball game. Another example of a coach putting way too much importance on winning.

Senate Repulicans Who are Terrorist Sympathizers

I am of course joking, but 4 Republican Senators (Warner, McCain, Graham, and Collins) joined with 11 Dems on the Senate Armed Services Committee to slap down the President by offering a proposal on terror-suspect detainee rights and military tribunals.

In addition, Bushie's first Secretary of State, Colin Powell wrote a letter opposing any efforts to weaken Geneva Conventions protections.

Day 1830!

Bushie Arm-Twisting Republicans

He knows it is a challenge to get what he wants in terms of new ways for government to spy, torture, and convict terror suspects. So he spent time today arm-twisting Republicans behind closed doors. There are legitimate concerns to privacy rights, due process rights, and American moral authority that folks have. For Republicans he tries to work out the differences behind closed doors. If you are a Dem, he and his henchmen call you an anti-American terrorist sympathizer. It proves how much of a political animal he is.

Day 1829!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Redskins - Style over Substance

I came across this article which makes my argument for me. It discusses the reason I no longer like the Redskins (Danny Boy and his foolishness).

Whitney is Dropping Bobby

I'm shocked! But seriously, I hope she still has it in her to get her life together.

Bushie's Iraq Blunder

Great piece on how Bushie played politics and sold the Iraq war to GOP skeptics and the American people. It is pathetic how little Bushie actually thought about the real consequences and need for planning.

Almost $500 billion has been appropriated for Iraq and Afghanistan and for our tax dollars and borrowed money from China, Japan, and OPEC we are seeing worsening civil war in Iraq and a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Our military families are the only ones sacrificing for this war - not the American people as a whole. They are now fatigued by multiple deployments. Can you really blame them? Especially when there is no end in sight and Bushie's strategy continues to be "Freedom is on the march and we have to stay the course."

There were no WMDs and no relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda or 9/11. Yet we find ourselves in a war without end for no good reason.

I need to fix all of the problems.

Pressure is building!

Bushie "Progress"

He has allowed the search for Osama bin Laden to go "stone cold."

He has unleashed Hell on the Iraqi people. The Pentagon has called the Anbar province lost with no military or political solution possible.

The Taliban is regaining strength in Afghanistan.

The National Debt stood at $5.7 trillion when Bushie took office. It is now $8.3 trillion.

In January 2001 when Bushie took office we (the United States) owed foreign investors $1 trillion (it was being paid off under Clinton). At that time we owed China $61.5 billion and OPEC $48.5 billion. Today, we owe foreigners $2.1 trillion. China now holds $328 billin in U.S. debt and OPEC has $101.5 billion in U.S. debt.

The federal government will spend $2.7 trillion this fiscal year with a $300 billion budget deficit. The government spent $1.79 trillion the last year under Clinton and we had a $236 billion budget surplus.

I could go on, but will stop there. I don't know how much more Bushie "progress" we can take.

There is a great commentary floating around the 'net by Keith Olbermann. He is dead on.

Weekly Bears/'Skins Stats

As I did last year, I will post up the key weekly stats for the Bears and 'Skins. Obviously it is early (only 1 game) so things will change, but here are the stats:


Bears - #1-ranked scoring defense (0.0 pts/game - tied w/Chargers and Ravens), #12-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (267 yds/game).

Redskins - 19th-ranked scoring defense (19 pts/game), 18th-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (309 yds/game).

The Bears have not allowed a rushing touchdown this year (ranked #1). The Redskins have allowed 1 rushing touchdown (tied for 16th).


Bears - 6th-ranked scoring 0ffense (26 pts/game), 7th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (361 yds/game).

Redskins - 22st-ranked scoring offense (16 pts/game), 22nd-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (266 yds/game).


Rex Grossman ranked 7th (98.6 QB rating, 69% completion percentage, 262 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int). Mark Brunell ranked 20th (76.9 QB rating, 61% completion percentage, 163 yds, 0 TD, 0 Int.


Thomas Jones ranked 23rd (63 yards, 0 TDs, 0 fumbles, 1 reception for 0 yds). Clinton Portis ranked 30th (39 yards, 1 TD, 0 fumbles, 2 receptions for 11 yds). Solid games this week by both TJ and Portis (considering Portis' injury).


The Bears have been in the RZ 4 times and come away with 3 field goals (need to turn those into TDs). They have not allowed a team into the RZ on defense. Redskins have been in the RZ 4 times and come away with 1 TD and 3 field goals. They have allowed 2 RZ drives by opponents yielding 1 TD and 1 field goal.

Guy Won't Shave Until bin Laden Caught

Thanks to Bushie's incompetence in hunting down Osama, this guy has ended up with a ZZ Top-like beard.

Moderate Republican Chafee Wins

Anti-War Senate Republican Lincoln Chafee was able to hold off a challenge by his conservative challenger. Not surprising in Rhode Island, but it was an unusually strong challenge. The general election should continue to be a dogfight for Chafee.

Day 1828!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Terrorist Appeasers in the Republican Party

Looks like Bushie is having trouble with some folks in his own party on Capitol Hill. He is facing resistance on the surveillance program, detainee rights, and military tribunals. Other Republicans just realize that their political lives depend on distancing themselves from this unpopular president.

Another Bushie Economic Record

The July trade deficit set a record at $68 billion. We are on pace for a $776 billion trade deficit this year. Add the $300 billion budget deficit and record $8.3 trillion national debt. Bushie has been a great steward of American wealth - if you are Chinese, Japanese, or a member of OPEC. Xie xie!

A True Bears Fan and/or An Idiot

This furniture store owner (and self-proclaimed "huge Bears fan") offered customers up to $10,000 of free furniture if the Bears shutout the Pack. They did, and it cost him $300,000. At least he insured himself so he isn't out the full amount.

How To Get Your Kid to Do Homework

Just promise them some pot after they are done.

New Record National Debt

$8.31 trillion. Still rising.

Abridged Bushie Speech

If you didn't see Bushie's speech last night, here is an abridged version:

September the 11th was bad. Osama bin Laden is still on the loose so be scared. I am a war president who is making you safer - don't question me. Freedom is on the march. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy but we got him. Iraq is getting better. Be scared and vote Republican otherwise you are giving in to the terrorists. God bless America.

(I put this in my long post below, but thought readers might not get to it so I pulled it out into this post.)

For those who are interested, great comment piece by Keith Olbermann on 9/11.

Deadskins Game

I watched the very beginning and then the second half. My thoughts are this - it looks like the offense was OK and the defense was a little soft. I am not a fan of the Redskins punter or kicker. How about 38 year old Brad Johnson? Not spectacular, just very efficient.

The last punt of the game by Frost allowed the Vikings good field position to start their final drive. The defense couldn't hold. Betts got a good return on the ensuing kickoff and the offense largely did its job. Randle El should have gotten that first down at the end, but John Hall missing the 48-yard field goal was predictable. I told my wife before the drive started that Hall would miss a field goal to end the game and I was right. Bring back Nick Novak and for God's sake get another punter. Frost was weak last year and terrible in the preseason.

I don't think Minnesota is a power team, but we will have to see. It is early and it is a long season - no need to panic. However, it certainly looks to me like this is an average team that is going struggle throught the season. I may change my mind in a few weeks, but if the Redskins don't regroup against the Cowboys next week there will be a lot of questions about this team.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bushie Speech

Good speech last night for Bushie - about as good as he can deliver. The problem is that it is the same old stuff. Here are some of Bushie's quotes and some of my thoughts:

1. "Today, we are safer, but we are not yet safe." We will never be safe - ever. Terrorism will always exist and any politician who says he/she can make you safe is just fooling you. There are millions of soft targets in the U.S. which is why we will never, EVER, be completely safe. It is just a matter of time before the next major terrorist attack.

2. "The war against this enemy is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation." If this were true, then why not ask the American people to sacrifice? Why not ask Americans to conserve gas so that we do not have to pay our enemies in OPEC for as much oil? Why not repeal the tax cuts on the wealthy so that we do not have to further borrow from foreigners in order to fund our huge deficits? Americans have not been asked to sacrifice.

3. "America will find you, and we will bring you to justice." Another warning to bin Laden. It has "only" been 5 years.

4. "I'm often asked why we're in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks." At least he stated that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.

5. On the mess in Iraq, "America will stay in the fight. Iraq will be a free nation, and a strong ally in the war on terror." Time will tell, but there was never a plan to win the peace. We never secured large weapons caches in the country after our invasion. We disbanded the Iraq army and allowed them to go home with their weapons. We allowed $10 billion in CPA money to be "lost." This money was stolen and much of it probably was used to fund operations against our troops. American soldiers have been relegated to holding back a civil war, acting as police officers, digging drinking wells, and becoming building contractors to rebuild schools, roads, and other infrastructure. In the end, the best we are going to end up with is a stable, pro-Iran Shiite theocracy.

6. In the broader Middle East, ". . . we changed our policies, and committed America's influence in the world to advancing freedom and democracy as the great alternatives to repression and radicalism." This is why we have Hamas running Palestine and Hezbollah now running Lebanon. The Bush foreign policy has yielded extremist governments that are duly elected by their people. There is no effort to promote democracy in Saudi Arabia and Egypt because they are largely benign to the U.S.

7. "Winning this war will require the determined efforts of a unified country, and we must put aside our differences and work together to meet the test that history has given us." Why doesn't he just say to be unified means that one cannot question the President. Cheney and Rove go out and question the patriotism of Democrats - it is hard to be unified when the President's men are out there calling you a traitor.

In the end it is all the same old stuff. His speech can be condensed down to this:

September the 11th was bad. Osama bin Laden is still on the loose so be scared. I am a war president who is making you safer - don't question me. Freedom is on the march. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy but we got him. Iraq is getting better. Be scared and vote Republican otherwise you are giving in to the terrorists. God bless America.

Day 1827!

Supporting Our Troops

The Republican Congress is cutting funding for brain injury treatment in half because it costs too much. They are cutting funding from $14 million to $7 million. There is Republican support for our troops.

Car Sex

I know how much some of you (i.e., JKD) you love your car - do you love it this much?

Will He or Won't He?

The question is whether or not Clinton Portis will play tonight. I heard on sports talk radio about 15 minutes ago that he is going to see some significant playing time tonight. The Redskins O is completely different when he is playing.

Path to 9/11 Miniseries

The ridiculously foolish "recreation" of the events leading up to 9/11 that are portrayed in ABC's miniseries, "The Path to 9/11" got trounced in the overnight ratings by the Manning Bowl (Giants-Colts game).

I have been having some fun over at Mike's America blog with the right wingers who claim that the Path to 9/11 is an accurate portrayal of facts (Mike is so irritated with me that he has decided to scrub me off of his blog every time I post - for that I have called him an insecure intellectual coward - but it is his right). The mini-series is a complete and utter joke. The writer, producers, two FBI agent consultants who quit the movie, 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean, Harvey Keitel (who acted in the movie), ABC and virtually everyone involved in the movie have discredited the movie by admitting that they made stuff up.

The ABC disclaimer explicitly says:

"The movie is not a documentary. For dramatic and narrative purposes, the movie contains fictionalized scenes, composite and representative characters and dialogue, as well as time compression."

I didn't watch a single second of what sounds like a completely boring made-for-TV movie. And it appears that the American public agreed. For all of the fuss, only 13 million Americans watched the fictionalized docu-drama, as compared to nearly 21 million watching the NFL. Count me in the 96 percent of Americans who thought it wasn't worth watching.

Couple of Election Thoughts

Senator George Allen is now facing what was once considered impossible - a competitive Senate challenge. In the first major poll since his "Macaca" comment, Allen's lead over James Webb is now just 46 to 42 percent. Still a long way to go, but two months ago this was not considered to be a competitive race.

Moderate Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee (RI) is facing a major challenge from conservative Stephen Laffey. If Chafee does not win the primary, it is a pretty good bet the Democrats will win the RI seat. Tomorrow is the Republican primary in RI - will there be a "Lieberman-type" primary loss on the Republican side?

Good piece by Larry Sabato at UVA on the current state of the races. He predicts that Dems will make gains in both the House and Senate as well as in Governors' mansions across the country. But he is not yet predicting a clear turnover of either house of Congress.

A gay Republican? I didn't think that was possible.

Da Bears!

As I predicted, the Bears had no trouble hammering the lowly Packers. The defense was great (as usual), the offense was efficient (although they settled for a lot of field goals), and the special teams were great. Great way to start off the season.

Largely as a result of the 27 points the Bears D posted, we were the highest scoring team in fantasy football this week. There are still some players in tonight's game, so we will see if that holds.

I need the Redskins to beat the Vikings tonight and the Bears will be alone in first in the North.

9/11 Plus 5

Five years out - it seems like just yesterday. Say a prayer for the innocent victims of that madness.

Day 1826!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bushie Signed Off On Khatami Visa

It is rare for me to credit Bushie for anything. But, he personally signed off on on a visa allowing former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami to visit the United States because Bushie wanted to hear his views. We have to have a dialogue with Iranians in order to make an effort to avoid conflict. This must surely be roiling right wing "nuke 'em" folks.

Bears and Redskins Picks

I have the Bears pounding the Packers 20-3. The Bears D will roar with a couple of turnovers and a defensive touchdown. The offense will be adequate.

Redskins will squeak by against the Vikings - 10-7. It will be a good defensive effort but a weak offensive game.

The best game of the weekend has to be tonight's Manning Bowl. Good human interest story w/the Manning boys, the return of LaVar Arrington, and even better two very good teams.

Enjoy the games - it's great to have the NFL back in action.

Day 1825!

Friday, September 08, 2006

No Saddam Link to al Qaeda

No surprise and nothing new, but the Senate Intelligence Committee finally released their report on the subject and stated the obvious - no link.

The CIA was clear in its position that Saddam did not have a relationship with Zarqawi or any other al Qaeda operatives. All those ridiculously uninformed and ignorant Americans who think that Saddam was involved with 9/11 and tied to bin Laden/al Qaeda have another government report that they can just ignore.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

As we reach the 5 year anniversary or 9/11 there are more folks than ever who question the government's explanation of what happened. My own view is that there are many unanswered questions that should be further investigated. I respect the efforts of folks who question the official story and are pushing for more information. Whether Bush, Cheney, or other American elites were involved, there have been significant impacts. The linked article is a good summary of consequences and actions that have resulted from 9/11.

Here are a couple of good links for those who are interested:

9/11 Controlled Demolition

What Really Happened? - WTC 7

Loose Change, 2nd Edition

9/11 Perspective Documentary

Well, at least Bush has just about caught bin Laden. Yeah right.

NFL is Back!

Good game last night. Touchdown Ronnie Brown delivered for my fantasy football team (co-owned w/JKD) with 17 points. I cannot wait for the Bears to play the Pack and probably for the only time this year I will be rooting for the Redskins to win their game against the Vikes.

Day 1823!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh Those Hapless Detroit Lions!

Their D-Line coach was arrested for driving nude. Then a couple of days he was stopped for suspician of DUI. The guy is an embarrassment.

What I don't get is NFL Insider Peter King actually thinks the Lions are going to win the North. I didn't realize he had a drug problem.

Bushie on Terrorism

He is talking tough which is not surprising given the poll numbers and upcoming election. However, folks should recognize that this President did nothing that is documented when he received his August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) which was entitled: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.

The problem was that he was "busy" on his month-long vacation in Crawford on August 6, 2001. Who knows if he actually even read the PDB. But if he did, he would have seen that the PDB referenced the World Trade Center, terror suspects conducting surveillance in New York, and preparations to hijack airplanes. Our "great" President did nothing when presented with this information.

Bushie on Terrorism

He is talking tough which is not surprising given the poll numbers and upcoming election. However, folks should recognize that this President did nothing that is documented when he received his August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) which was entitled: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.

The problem was that he was "busy" on his month-long vacation in Crawford on August 6, 2001. Who knows if he actually even read the PDB. But if he did, he would have seen that the PDB referenced the World Trade Center, terror suspects conducting surveillance in New York, and preparations to hijack airplanes. Our "great" President did nothing when presented with this information.

Bin Laden is still on the loose nearly 5 years later.

Pakistan has agreed to a cease fire with tribal leaders on the Afghan/Pakistani border - essentially giving Bin Laden a safe harbor.

Hezbollah runs Lebanon. Hamas runs Beirut. We find ourselves bogged down in Iraq trying to hold back a civil war (not fighting terrorists).

Hurricane Katrina is the one major test of the government monstrosity that Bushie created to protect America - AKA, the Department of Homeland Security - and it was a complete and utter demonstration of government incompetence that can only be called a miserable failure.

He can say what he wants, but the evidence of his failures in leadership and incompetence is clear and glaring.

Day 1822!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

American Moral Superiority

has been destroyed by Bushie with his politics. We live in the greatest country in the world and have been able to set a shining example for the world. Our moral superiority was based on laws, rules, and actions that demonstrated the values of the American people and our system of democratic representative government. Bushie has done enough damage to our values with warrantless wiretapping, secret prisons, torture, rendition programs, etc.

Today he acknowledged that the U.S. is operating secret prisons. It is interesting to note that on the same day we find that the Army is banning interrogation techniques that are inhumane and border or torture (I would argue things like electric shocks and water boarding amount to torture). It is a rebuke of our "wise" Attorney General's definition of what is and is not torture. I have to say the forced nakedness, sexual humiliation, and hoods are the work of sexual deviants - not consistent with American values.

With the Supreme Court already having determined that Bushie's military tribunals are illegal, there is nothing American about such tactics as have been used. Uniformed military lawyers have argued for years against some of the rules set up by Bushie - not because they are un-American - but because we cannot claim moral superiority and expect our enemies to treat American prisoners of war any differently.

That said, it looks like American values are coming back and slapping Bushie down.

$10 Billion More to the National Debt

in just the last 5 days. Wow, Republicans sure know how to bring home the bacon in an election year.

Great Piece By Olbermann

Keith was dead on in his commentary last night on Bushie's politically-charged, anti-American terror speech.

That Passenger is not Sleeping . . .

he is dead!

Katherine "the Clown" Harris Wins

Republican voters in Florida chose Harris to be their Senate candidate in November. This pretty much assures that Democrat Bill Nelson will be re-elected.

Day 1821!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zidane Head-Butt Explanation

During the World Cup Final, French star Zidane head-butted Italian defender Materazzi. Here is the explanation from Materazzi:

"I held his shirt but don’t you think it is a provocation to say that ’if you want my shirt I will give it you afterwards’? I replied to Zidane that I would prefer his sister, that is true. I brought up his sister and that wasn’t a nice thing, that is true,” said Materazzi.

Bears and Redskins Brawl

No not Chicago and Washington. A brawl broke out between the Stockton Bears and the Riveroak Redskins out in a California youth football game. Pathetic display of violence and poor sportsmanship.

The War on Terror

The White House issued its new "National Strategy for Combatting Terrorism." I like the name, but the same old line always comes out - "we are safer, but not yet safe." Look, that is always going to be the case because terror will always exist. The "new" al Qaeda is not a centralized, hierarchical organization. It is a loose conglomeration of independent cells that can attack whenever they want. The danger is real and will exist for decades. To think otherwise is just plain foolish. That said, folks who live in fear all the time are just going to be miserable. Go out and enjoy your life.

One final point, as I have said it in the past we will never actually win the "War on Terror." Terror has always existed and will always exist in one form or another.

Day 1820!

Friday, September 01, 2006

More Good News about Iraq

A new Pentagon report states the obvious - that Iraq is worsening. Nothing new.

Bears and Deadskins

Next weekend the real games start. As expected the Redskins did nothing yesterday. The Bears first units looked good. Rex Grossman looks like he woke up. He threw one touchdown pass and had a second one dropped. The first team offense looked crisp in their two series. I cannot wait until next week.

End of Month National Debt

The end of the month has brought yet another milestone for the national debt - $8.15 trillion. The debt rose by $79 billion in August alone. Hopefully September will yield a different result. Somehow I doubt it under this president and this Congress.

Day 1816!