Friday, October 13, 2006

Bears and Redskins Picks

8 and 2 this year.

Bears - shouldn't have problems with the Cardinals on Monday night. Larry Fitzgerald is out, the Cardinals O-line is weak and they have a rookie QB. I smell shutout. Bears 27-0.

Redskins. The frustration from last week will be taken out on Vince and Company. I think Vince will make some plays against a porous defense, but the 'Skins shouldn't have any trouble at home this week. I expect a heavy dose of Portis and the running game. Redskins 24-10.


deepie said...

Bears win 34-6. Rackers hits two long field goals as the Cards get nowhere near the end-zone.

Redskins win 27-14. If Springs comes back, Young will struggle, but his running ability will make things difficult for the struggling 'Skins D.

J and K's D said...

0-0 since my picks start this week.

Bears win 27-10 against another weak opponent. Leinart will have some surprising success but will also be rattled by the D and commit a couple of turnovers.

Redskins will come back strong at home. Expect Portis to have a good game against a weak Titan run defense. Big question will be containing VY. He won't do much with his arm but he is going to run for good yards. The concern is who is going to be VY's shadow. Don't think any of our LBs can contain him. My guess is it will either have to be Washington or Archuleta. Won't be an easy task but this is the only real concern of the game. Redskins win 27-10.

Rob said...

Look guys, more common ground. It is amazing.

Michael R. Churchill said...

Bears and Redskins will win this weekend.

And Steve McNair will rupture his spline when Julious Peppers hits him five or six times while the Panthers sneak in a road win over the Ravens.

Rob said...

Nice to see you over here MRC. I am assuming you are a Panthers fan. I agree with you about the Panthers winning.

FYI, JKD (j_and_k's d) and I have Steve Smith on our fantasy team.

Do you want to continue to look at the fiscal numbers?

Michael R. Churchill said...

I am a huge Panthers fan, and I was lucky enough to draft Steve Smith last year, and I went 8-2 with him in the lineup.

I have been to seven Panthers games including their first year at Death Valley in South Carolina.

I have even gone to their Preseason Practices before. The players were always great at the public pratices.

Per the fiscal numbers, I believe that the President is doing what he can to turn it around. The Dems told him two years ago that he would not turn around the deficit in five years, but he did so in two. The GDP is increasing, inflation is slowing, interest rates are steady right now, the dow is awesome right now, oil prices are great, and we are bringing in 14% more taxes despite the tax cuts.

Sure the national debt is not great, and by all means I am not ignoring it, but I think that we can outgrow it with the other six points I am making. You may not agree with my fiscal views, but at least you are picking the Panthers.

Michael R. Churchill said...

I was slightly off in my predictions... Panthers did sneak out of Baltimore with the win, but it was LB Draft who knocked out the now confused McNair with a concussion.

I am also 100% sure you are the happy fantasy owner of Steve Smith the new undisputed greatest WR in the game. With close to 190 yards and a touchdown: he alone could have won the game for you in some leagues.

Another shocker was Tennesse kicking their way to a win... I would have never thought it in a million years.

I am sure that the Bears will put away the Cardinals on Monday though.

Rob said...

Michael - congrats on the Panthers. Smith was our first pick in our draft (#8 overall) and we have clearly been pleased.

You seem like a reasonable guy. I think you have a new appreciation for the National Debt problem.

Did you look at the foreign ownership of our debt and the government spending figures in my other posts?

I want to move on to the budget deficit, GDP growth, and the trade deficit. When Clinton left office we had a budget SURPLUS of $243 billion. So, Bush cutting the deficit that he allowed to explode to $249 billion is not particularly impressive. But, before moving to those numbers, I want to be sure that you understand the other numbers.