Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bears and Redskins Stats

Bears struggle and survive. Redskins struggle and lose. That is the difference between good teams and bad teams. Here are the updated stats:


Bears - Number 2 scoring defense (9.8 pts/game - down 1 slot), 2nd-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (243 yds/game - up one slot).

Redskins - 24th-ranked scoring defense (23 pts/game - down 2 slots), 22nd-ranked defense in terms of yardage/game (333 yds/game - down 1 slot).

The Bears have allowed 1 rushing TD this year (tied for #2). The Redskins have allowed 3 rushing TDs (tied for #8).


Bears - #2-ranked scoring 0ffense (30 pts/game - down 1 slot), 13th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (325 yds/game - down 9 slots).

Redskins - 15th-ranked scoring offense (20 pts/game - up 1 slot), 11th-ranked offense in terms of yardage/game (326 yds/game - up 1 slot).


J and K's D said...

Seemed to have forgotten the QB Comparison, RB Comparison, and Red Zone Comparison.

This is why you are an arse. You were touting Grossman as the messiah a couple weeks back but after a 10.7 rating, you will scrap that comparison and sweep it under the rug. If you are going to weekly comparisons of a select group of stats, follow through with it all year.

Bears struggled but the Cards had one of the biggest chokes in MNF history. Still, I am happy that you acknowledge how VERY lucky the Bears were to escape a loss against the Cards, Rob. That is big of you.

Rob said...

If you look, I did away with those stats LAST WEEK - get your facts straight.

It is just too much work.

Look back at my October 9 post and you can see for yourself.

J and K's D said...

Again, my most humble apologies.

Good day sir!