Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Redskin Woes

Gibbsy's post-game press conference was about as anger-filled as Gibbsy ever gets. The only thing that is surprising to me about his anger is why it took so long to emerge. The Post has a piece today, "Gibbs Bemoans Team's Lost Way." It is his fault that he has not held coaches and players responsible. The defense is horrible but the offensive play calling was just as bad. In a close game with a QB making his first start, who calls 34 running plays and only 20 rushing plays?

At best, the Redskins are going to win three more games this year. Anything more than that will be a surprise to me. That would put them at 6-10 in the third year of Gibbsy's reign of incompetence. It would result in a record of 22-28, with little to look forward to for next year. Barring some sort of real turnaround in the next 6 weeks, I cannot imagine that Gibbsy, G-Will, and Al will all return next year. Nor should they in my opinion.

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