Friday, December 01, 2006

Grossman and the Bears

I hear and read all of the griping and criticism of Grossman. The big thing that people keep saying is that if the Bears don't make it to the Super Bowl it will be because of Grossman. That may be true, but that is the case for almost every team. Outside of Tom Brady, every team has some issues at QB. Peyton supposedly cannot win the big one. Delhomme is questionable and blew the NFC Championship game. Tony Romo is not a Hall of Famer yet. Rivers is a first year starter. Hasselbeck has been prone to make mistakes in big games. Steve McNair has not really been tearing it up.

Last year against Carolina, it wasn't the QB that killed the Bears, it was the failure to control Carolina's passing game (particularly Steve Smith). All of this speculation about Grossman is ridiculous considering the Bears are 9-2. I have great faith in Lovie Smith and the Bears coaches. In addition, the team seems to really like Grossman. Unless Grossman makes the mental errors where he threw into double and triple coverage that he made against Arizona and Miami on a regular basis, I don't see any reason to bench Grossman.

What I find even more hilarious is how many of "the experts" are now saying that Dallas is the best team in the NFC. Three weeks ago it was the Giants. At the beginning of the year it was Carolina and Washington. The only constant in the NFC has been that the Bears have won while the other teams have faltered. If the Giants beat Dallas this week and the Bears win, then everyone will be back on the Bears bandwagon.


deepie said...

I said it last week and I'll say it again because my expert opinion is the only one that matters. The Bears losing in New England by 4 points is no indication of the Bears getting worse. They are still the best team in the NFC. As you said, they are the only NFC team that has consistently won this year. The Cowboys, with Romo at the helm lost to the 'Skins despite all of the 'Skins problems. The Cowboys can be beaten by a team that can run and throw. Any team with good receivers and a good o-line can compete and beat the Cowboys.

Rob said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with their kicking game. If Martin Grammatica blows the game there will be a firestorm in Dallas.

TO's comments this week that Vanderjagt should not have been cut probably irked Parcells. It certainly doesn't help build team unity.

I expect the Giants to play with some heart this week and would not be surprised if they cut Romo's growing mojo down. It would make the NFC East race much more interesting.

deepie said...

The TO thing is another example of the press distorting what a player says to create chaos in the locker room. TO said he didn't know why Vanderjagt was cut. That hardly implies that Vanderjagt should not have been cut.

The same can be said about the Strahan / Burress thing. If you listen to what Strahan said, he never criticizes Burress as a person/player/teammate. He says over and over again that Burress is a good teammate and a great player, but that he needs to realize that giving up on a play the way he did will create a reputation for him that isn't accurate. Once again, this hardly implies what the press twisted the comment into. It goes to show that unless it comes out of a coach's or player's mouth, and unless it is a complete quote not taken out of context, you can't believe it. Sports writers get paid to report on controversy so they create it at the expense of the team and its players

Rob said...

What are you talking about?

TO said, "I don’t see what he did wrong to warrant him being cut. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us. Whoever made that decision, I’m pretty sure they’re hoping the same thing.”

That seems pretty clear to me.

As for Strahan he said on Monday, "You can't give up. You can't quit. You're not just quitting on yourself, you're quitting on us. I don't understand what his lack of motivation is in those situations."

Sure he said that Plax is a good player and good teammate, but it was Strahan who used the term quitting - it wasn't the media.

If I call you a bunch of names and then say, "but he is a great guy." That does not change the fact that I called you a bunch of names.

deepie said...

I heard differently regarding what TO said. If that's the complete quote, he said more than what was paraphrased on Sportstalk 980. Still, I don't see anything wrong with what he said. Vanderjagt was 13-18...not great, but not Nick Novak either. Regardless of his misses, he's still the most accurate kicker in the league's history. Just because he's in a slump doesn't make being cut completely explainable and it may not have been the best decision. TO's comment simply implies that it would be tough to find someone out there who is better than Vanderjagt and that whoever made the decision had to understand that.

Your Strahan quote is a partial quote. I heard the whole thing on the radio and honestly, if I were Burress and I heard everything that Strahan said, I wouldn't have anything bad to say about Strahan. Burress was told about the comments Strahan made by a reporter who took pieces of what was said out of context.

When Strahan said, "You can't give up. You can't quit. You're not just quitting on yourself, you're quitting on us. I don't understand what his lack of motivation is in those situations," it was preceded by something along the lines of I'm going to talk to Plaxico and what I want to tell him is that he's too good of a player and too valuable to this team to become someone who is looked at as a quitter, because even if you take one play off or if you don't give 100% just one time, your reputation becomes that of a quitter.

Strahan's comments were nothing but constructive criticism that was mangled and hacked into something that it was never intended to mean by the press simply to put together a story of the Giants' impending doom. It's complete crap and is a perfect example why we can't trust sports media when it comes to analyzing the pulse of a team.

J and K's D said...

So, Rob, you don't listen to the "experts" when their is some negativity involving the Bears but they are the experts of experts when they talk about the 'Skins. I like your thinking. Happy Friday, Bitches!!!

Rob said...

Deepie - then Strahan should have talked to Plaxico. Plax was pretty upset about the comments because Strahan was the one who made them over the air. No one made Strahan say what he said, he did it on his own. Then Strahan complains that the media misrepresented it. That is a bunch of nonsense.

If TO thinks that Vanderjagt shouldn't have been cut, that is fine. But again, he spoke up to the media. No one made him say anything.

JKD, I have no problem with the national media criticizing Grossman. The reason that it is a joke is the Bears are 9-2 and like I said in my post, the national media keeps annointing everyone but the Bears as the team to beat in the NFC - right now it is the Cowboys.

The difference between the criticism of Grossman and the Redskins is that for Grossman it is the national media but for the Redskins it is the national media AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the beat writers and local sports hosts who follow the team every single day.