Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interesting Discussion About Redskins Season Tickets

over at La Canfora's blog. Read the comments, they are pretty telling. The following was one of my favorite posts:

I think the best thing about FedEx is seeing all the grandma's and long-time season ticket holders rotting in the upper deck along with me...

Based on seniority these die-hards should be sitting 50-yard line lower, but Danny puts them in the rafters because they won't buy $1,000 tailgate passes OR $5,000 club seats... sad.

Anyone who thinks Dan Snyder is "for the fans" should be taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Oh, and how about the free Redskinette calendar they were offering last week... ONLY CATCH.. you must first spend $75 at a store. What a joke this guy is.

JKD and Deepie, Danny Boy is ruining the Redskins and when fans stop showing up and the games are no longer on TV, then maybe you will see how bad it really is.

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