Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Post on the Redskins

Pretty sad (and funny in some ways) comments about the state of the Redskins. These come from some dude posting on La Canfora's blog. Again, I cannot say it is all true, but there is no reason to doubt the comments.

"my buddy asked me to sell his 2 tickets before the game. I stood outside for 25 minutes and all I could get was $10 for one, and an offer of a bag of weed (no lie) for the other. I declined the weed and ended up tearing up the 2nd ticket... $10 for 2 tix to a Skins-Eagles game... sad. Looking back I should have accepted the weed and gotten higher than a kite and drank in the parking lot."

"as I predicted, FedEx was a sea of green (Eagles fans) and yellow and red (empty seats)... sad."

"Gibbs press conference... AGAIN. Let me get this straight, Gibby? You are "PROUD" of the guys? We dropped to 4-9 and all you can say is how "PROUD" you are? How soft has this guy become? MY GOD."

Day 1918!

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