Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What to Do About Rex

Lovie reiterated that Rex is the Bears starter. It is a very delicate situation, and Lovie knows he has to handle it carefully. I like the move to give a vote of confidence to Rex and let me explain why.

First, the Bears can afford to give Rex another game to try to work out his problems. They play on Monday night on the road in St. Louis. If he sucks, there are still three games to go. If he is average, they can give him another game.

Second, if they replace Rex as the starter now, and Griese sucks, it is tough to go back to Rex. You would have a young QB who may view the benching poorly.

Third, if they are patient and Rex plays poorly this week, they can replace him at halftime. Then, they can still go back to him the following week, or make a change if Griese plays well.

Ultimately, by being patient and sticking with Rex, they keep their options open. Obviously the hope is that Rex will regain his early season form. However, they have the advantage of knowing that they don't need spectacular play from their QB to win, they just need solid play.

Great coaching at this point - we will see if it works out in the playoffs.


deepie said...

Lovie did the right thing by sticking with Rex for now, but one more bad performance should be the end of the line with the playoffs so close.

All the Bears need is a QB who doesn't make mistakes. They've proven they can win with defense and special teams. Where's Trent Dilfer?

J and K's D said...

Lovie is saying all the right things to protect Rexy. Rexy has to improve his play. You do not want to go into the playoffs with a shaky QB. It's funny because that cell phone commercial with Rexy and Muhsin where they are voting for their Pro Bowl selections seems like a joke now.

I think Rexy will show some improvement this week. I think playing a struggling team (losers of 6 of their last 7) and another weak defense should help him out a lot. I also think playing away and in a dome will help him. However, Rexy is one of the biggest stories in the NFL right now and I'm sure he will have some jitters playing in front of a national audience.

The thing is Rexy does not need to win games. Just don't blow them. I have said it a couple of times before. If I am Ron Turner, I scale back the playbook and just have passes that Rexy is comfortable with. Don't get fancy and keep it very safe. You don't want to shatter Rexy and put him under even more scrutiny and fire. The special teams and defense alone can win the games for the Bears so just keep the offensive playbook very safe. Because any INT or bad pass Rexy throws now is going to be magnified.

J and K's D said...

"With the way Rex Grossman has played, they should feel glad about the division they're playing in. They can overcome his mistakes playing in the NFC North. They should also feel fortunate that there aren't a lot of teams vying for the top spot in the NFC. I can't ever remember a team that – at 10-2 – was this dissatisfied with its starting quarterback."

- Cris Carter

Rob said...

10-2 is 10-2. I'm not going to apologize for their division. They play whom I seem to remember someone saying the NFC East was hands down the toughest division in football before the season started. I said the AFC West was toughest.

Who knows what is going to happen over the next 4 weeks.

Do you believe Romo is going to continue at his pace?

Are the Saints going to win it all?

What happened to the Giants?

Where is pre-season favorite Carolina?

I'm not worried about Rex. In two weeks I'll start to worry about it. The Bears coaches know what they are doing.

J and K's D said...

Take it easy, tiger.

If you look at what I said, I agree that they should start Rexy but call plays that he is comfortable with and keep things safe. They have to get his confidence back up. Just look at what I wrote above.

It's always easy to dispel preseason predictions now that we are entering the latter part of the season. I wasn't alone in my thinking that the NFC East was the toughest division. So many things change during the preseason. Unfortunately we are not all blessed with the gift of prognostication like the almighty and great Rob.

FYI - in a poll in Chicago, the majority of the fans think that Griese should get some time and the best man b/t Griese and Grossman should win out.

I'm not saying anything other than what the poll indicated. I still say stay with Rexy for now (read my post from earlier if you want to know what I think).

Rob said...

I am relaxed about the situation.

I like the way they are handling it. Let's say Rex throws three interceptions in the first half against the Rams. They can give Griese some work in the second half.

Then, they can still come back with Rex or Brian the following week. They don't have to commit to anything. If they change Rex now, then it is very difficult to go back.

With 4 games to go, things will get settled.

J and K's D said...

Agree. I mentioned earlier I expect Rexy to come around because of who they are playing but I said the same thing last week. No doubt Rexy's play on Monday night will be the biggest story of that game since the game is pretty meaningless.

Rob said...

Meaningless? Rams are one game behind with 4 to play (as the Redskins would have been had they won). The Bears still need to wrap up a bye and home field. There is still a lot riding on the game.

J and K's D said...

You're right. My mistake.

However, given their collapse and their weak defense, it should be plenty for Rexy to get back on track.

Rob said...

The Bears should win, and Rex should improve. If not, Lovie and the coaches will have to cross that bridge when they get there.

Again, I have no fears.

J and K's D said...

I agree. The Bears should win against the reeling Rams and their weak defense. I should hope that Rexy improves of course you can't get much lower than a 1.3 QB rating. Seriously, I expect him to have a much better game. Again, it would be smart to just let the special teams and defense win the game for them and keep the playbook VERY safe and conservative to help Rexy build back his confidence. Every pass will be under a microscope and he can't really afford to have too many more INTs.