Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bears Notes

The anticipation is growing and there is a feeling among Bears players that they are being disrespected as a lot of people are talking about the Saints and the AFC teams as being better (sound familiar JKD?). The loss of Tommie Harris and Mike Brown to injuries this year has no doubt had an impact on the Bears D. But I think all of the questions are starting to get to the players and I expect a big effort this week.

On Sunday we'll see who is better.

Also, there was a good article in today's Post about the 2-back tandem of TJ and Cedric Benson. It seems to be working well. Redskin fans may like the idea for CP and Betts (although CP's cap number is extremely high).


J and K's D said...

The questions are valid and they deserve to be asked. The Bears have brought them on themselves with their struggles and decline in numbers the last several weeks. It only makes sense that they use it as fuel for the game. What would be the alternative? That they buy in to the questions and get scared and lay down? Of course not. It should serve as good motivation. In the NFL viewing community, the Bears have something to prove each and every week. Lets see if they rise to the occasion this week when the Saints come marching in.

Rob said...

Every team has questions surrounding their team and something to prove each week - as the Chargers found out.

As I have said, the Bears are the best team in the NFC and will prove if this weekend. The Saints are just the latest flavor of the month.

J and K's D said...

No doubt that anything can happen in the playoffs.

I don't know if I agree with your statement of the Bears being the best team in the NFC. Certainly, they are if you look at record and playoff seed but they certainly haven't been playing like a #1 seed the last several weeks.

We'll see what happens on Sunday.

Rob said...

The Bears were better than the Saints when you look at:
1. The season records (13-3 to 10-6)
2. The last 10 games (7-3 to 5-5)
3. The second half (6-2 to 4-4)
4. The last 4 (3-1 to 2-2)
5. Home records (6-2 to 4-4)
6. Road records (7-1 to 6-2)
7. Division records (7-1 to 6-2)
8. NFC records (11-1 to 9-3)

The Bears scored more points and gave up fewer points throughout the season.

If you look at the last 4 games the teams have played the Bears scored 94 to the Saints 88. Over that stretch, the Bears gave up 102 to the Saints 78. That is the only number that supports the idea that the Saints are better. If you want to pin your opinion on that - that is up to you.

By virtually every statistic the Bears are better and when they get the defensive effort I expect this weekend, you will see that they are the class of the NFC.

I am still waiting to hear about how I twist the numbers and how the Saints are peaking.

J and K's D said...

Rob, why is it that so many of the progosticators pick the Saints? It is not only me who thinks the Saints have come together and the Bears seem a little shaky. You boy, Dr. Z even picked the Saints.

Again, we can throw everything out because it is all meaningless come Sunday.

Rob said...

Because they are wrong and have fallen in love with the Saints' story.

Dude, are you telling me that you are making your pick because a bunch of other people are doing so?

You still have not explained to me your interpretation of the numbers and how I am twisting them (allegedly).

J and K's D said...

The "experts" are just sexperts that fall in love with the darling of the week and base their picks that way. If that's what you want to believe, whatever dude.

No, I'm not telling you that I make my pick because a bunch of other people are doing so. Not sure how you came to that conclusion. I go with who I honestly think is going to win. Except in the case of the Redskins where I probably pick a little more with my heart.

Rob, during political races, would you agree that politicians put a "spin" on statistics to make them look more favorable to them? They have not changed the numbers in any way but they just put a spin on them. Would you agree that happens?

My point is that you did the same to some degree. If you look at how the Saints dominated the last several games (minus the Redskins game), they were very impressive. Their offense rose to the #1 ranking in the league and they really seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Brees looks great, the Bush/McAllister tandem looks strong, and they have gotten way more production than hoped from their WRs. They were consistently putting up 500+ yards of offense. This is why people are picking the Saints.

That and how much the Bears struggled down the stretch against VERY weak teams. Their QB was shaky and the defense did not play nearly as good (gave up a lot more yards and points against weak teams/offenses). I know that they still won but the Saints looked much stronger down the stretch.

Again, I don't know why you get so defensive. Lets see what happens on Sunday.

Rob said...

I agree that people spin numbers. But you still haven't explained how I am spinning the numbers.

Your problem is that you don't even know the stats, but you think you do.

Dude, look up the stats. The Bears had just as many yards the last 4 games of the year as the Saints (they may very well have had more).

I am not being defensive, I am just asking you to explain your numbers and how I have the numbers wrong. You still have not done that, but I keep pointing out things that you are wrong on.