Thursday, January 04, 2007

Redskins Analysis

Here is a funny analysis of the Redskins game against the Rams from a post over at La Canfora's blog.

The Rams game. They ran....a lot. They passed....a lot. Sean Taylor wiffed....a lot. They scored...a lot. We scored...our guts out. We pre-gamed our guts out.....We national anthemed our guts out...We showered our guts out...Nobody drank out of a Gatorade cup harder than that group of guys in Burgundy and Gold...even though we lost, we'd go anywhere with that group of guys (except maybe to a football game!)....

Clearly done in a Gibbsy voice. The bottom line is that nothing really matters if you lose. Unfortunately, the Redskins are simply one of the worst teams in the NFL and will be a dormat for some time.

Really, this team is close to winning. All they need is a new defense, they just need to cut the penalties (which is coaching), and they need depth at most positions because injuries happen (which requires some draft picks and a personnel department that actually knows what it is doing). Besides that, the team is really close.

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