Thursday, February 22, 2007

Redskins Cut Vincent

Troy Vincent was let go to save $1.3M in cap room. Not really surprising. Given the cap situation, I would be surprised if Arch Deluxe is not the starting safety on opening day.

Derrick Dockery is not going to resign. They don't have the money and he will make far more on the open market than the 'Skins will offer.


J and K's D said...

Troy is 35 years old and wanted out anyway. He wasn't going to play much in DC and wanted an opportunity to actually play. Not sure what team will be able to play him more consistently but I wish him well. The only real contribution he made in terms of play last year was his field goal block in the Dallas game. No doubt a HUGE play but he was never a difference maker.

Fine, give the job to Arch Deluxe. Give him another opportunity and lets see what happens.

If we lose Dockery that will be a shame. Lets see what happens there. I haven't really heard any news on that situation.

There is some talk of the 'Skins getting London Fletcher to fill the middle LB position. Couldn't hurt. Lemar was decent two years ago but sadly, like many 'Skins defensive players, his play last year was inconsistent. Fletcher would be reunited with Williams and hopefully he could help.

I'm sure we will draft a DE/DT with the 6th pick so hopefully that person can step in and have an impact. The good thing is that that individual could not be worse that what we have.

Again, we'll see how everything plays out.

Rob said...

JKD, weren't you saying that Troy was the answer last season? Man, you really changed your tune. If we go back I am sure you were talking him up and I was the one saying Troy was washed up.

Dockery is gone. The Redskins just don't have the cap room to sign him. I said it months ago and it looks like I am going to be right.

The fact that you think that bringing 32 year old London Fletcher and his 2 sacks to town "couldn't hurt" really says something about how far the Redskins have fallen. Instead of wasting money on another guy who is close to retirement, why not save the money and look to the future?

J and K's D said...

I don't know if I said that he was the answer. I thought he could help and he fulfilled his role last year. I know I also mentioned that he would bring some veteran leadership to the team. Again, I think he fulfilled his role. Still, in watching him play in limited action last year, he is not the answer. I don't think I ever said that he was the answer or a long term solution to the problem. In fact, I believe I finished up saying that they should give Arch another shot. Hopefully he will pick up the defense better and improve. I also think I offered up Prioleau as an option and/or even Springs as an option if we could get a suitable corner although that does not seem likely.

Have you seen something on the Dockery discussions? I can't comment on him because I haven't heard anything.

I don't want to pay premium for Fletcher but if he were available at a cut rate, then why not? At the very least, we would have more depth at the LB position.

Rob said...

I haven't heard anything about Dockery, but you know how I know he won't be with the team? IT'S THE REDSKINS!

They don't know what they are doing. They signed Jansen to a long-term contract to help free up some cap space - stupid move. The fact is that the Redskins have huge cap problems and cannot afford to sign a solid 27-year old player. Dockery knows he will make double whatever the Redskins offer him somewhere else.

OK, if they can get London at "cut-rate" then it would be a good move, but that seems unlikely.

J and K's D said...

Glad to see you only waited a month after the season before you started your Redskin bashing. Lets see about Dockery.

If they give Fletcher a 10 year $200M contract, I will be upset but if they can get him at a bargain because he wants to return to Williams then we'll see.

Lets just wait until the rosters are finalized before we start the bashing. I'm sure that won't deter you but I have said my piece.

Rob said...

Have a nice weekend!