Monday, April 23, 2007

Draft is just Days Away

Not much really new. I am sure the Redskins and Bears are working the phones to try to make a deal. For the Bears, I think they would consider moving up and they must be trying to move Briggs. For the Redskins, the best thing for them would be to move down about 5-10 slots and pick up a pick or two in this year's draft.

The only real news in Chicago was that Urlacher supports Briggs' efforts for a new contract. And, there is a story in the Trib about a New Mexico linebacker named Quincy Black (Urlacher is from New Mexico). Sounds like a good prospect, who grew up in Chicago, and there may be some interest on the part of the Bears, but it looks like he would be taken too high if the Bears pick him at either #31 or #37.

The Post had a piece about the Redskins trying to move up to get Calvin Johnson. Horrible, horrible idea. Aside from the fact that they have so much money already invested in their receiving corps, they have many other needs that they could address if they just stay put, or even better move down. If they wanted to move up 4 slots, it would likely cost them next year's #1, plus an additional later round pick or picks. But bad moves are what Danny Boy has become known for, so let's see what happens.

I think draft day will be interesting with some last minute deals, and the very real possibility that both the Bears and Redskins will make significant trades.


deepie said...

Although I agree with you that the 'Skins should trade down or at least get some D-line help, I don't think acquiring CJ is such a horrible idea. Tell me how opposing teams would stop the 'Skins offense if they have CJ paired with Moss, Portis/Betts in the backfield, Cooley at TE, and one of the best O-lines in the game?

Granted, moving up to get Johnson would be costly. The potential benefits are tough to ignore.

If the 'Skins would have to part with next year's 1st, I'd be against it. Anything less and I'm all for it if it means landing a freak of nature like CJ.

Rob said...

First, they are not going to be able to trade up without parting with next year's first round pick. The Redskins don't have anything of value to offer except for next year's #1.

Second, you know how they will stop the offense? Sack the QB and stop the running game because they have taken a major step down at offensive line. They had a solid O-line last year, but they had no depth and were fortunate not to have any major injuries. Given their age, I am willing to bet that one of their O-line starters will go down this year (my guess is it will be Jansen) by mid-season. They don't have any depth and JC is still learning. He will make mistakes, which will happen more often when the running game stalls.

Adding CJ would just be another guy to try to get the ball to. Portis and Betts are going to split time - Portis will be bickering. Moss isn't going to be happy sharing the ball with CJ AND Cooley.

The best thing for the Redskins is to draft guys up front - except for perhaps drafting LaRon Landry who is awesome and would fill a need position for them.

j and k's d said...

I don't think they should get CJ but wouldn't be totally against it either. WRs like CJ (size, speed, talent, etc.) do not come around that often so it wouldn't be a bad selection. HOWEVER, before Rob's thimble sized dingie crawls back up into his body (where it typically is 90% of the time), the 'Skins have more pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball and need to go there first and foremost.

The idea of an O-lineman going down would be no surprise. It happens to many teams so it wouldn't be a surprise if it happened. I hope it doesn't but we'll see.

I do firmly disagree with Rob's contention that Moss and Portis would be unhappy sharing the ball. If there is one thing that those two guys have been is REAL team guys. They have been happy to spread the wealth. They are also not afraid to block or sacrifice in other ways for the team. HOWEVER, again, before Rob's dingie gets lost up in his body rendering him with virtually a vagina (which is basically what he is operating with anyways), I'm sure they would not be happy to not touch the ball at all. Well, we'll see how the draft shakes down and once it is done, we can speculate on the winners and losers and who will be great and who will be busts. Although, I might be a little crazy here (Deepie feel free to chime in) but I have a sneaky suspicion that Rob will make fun of the Redskins picks and be jerking off to the Bears picks.

Rob said...

Thanks for the imagery - you certainly have a way with words.

Moving up is silly for the reasons I states. I will not mock the Redskins if they trade down and take a D-lineman. I won't mock them if they take LaRon Landry. I won't mock them if they take Okoye.

But I will mock them if/when they take the Mighty Quinn, they trade the pick for Lance Briggs straight up, or some other equally bone-headed move.

As for all the offensive weapons. The problem is going to be using them with a weaker O-line and still-developing QB.

Anonymous said...

As stupid as the the "real" Danny can be, Al Davis will and can trump him. CJ will go to the Raiders, so all this talk of trading up to get CJ is moot. Even if CJ falls to #2 (1% probability), TB jumps all over it and gets him. Redskins choices are DL or Landry @ #6 or trade down.

j, k, and s's d said...

Okay, I am tired of Rob's disparaging remarks. For all, I have created the uber blog site entitled

Come visit and bask in the glory of my love!

Later, bitches!

Rob said...

I took a look and truly wish you luck. I am not sure how many people really want to be "bask in the glory of your love" especially when you refer to us as "bitches" in the next sentence.

I know it is all part of your comical persona.

Did Danny Boy ask you to start up the blog as part of your Manny duties? In any event, looks like I have another outlet for Redskin bashing.