Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Couple of Football Notes

Favre is retiring (supposedly). That changes a lot for the Packers, but they should be able to move on with Rodgers and the good young team that they have.

Bears traded Griese to Tampa for a 2009 draft pick (undisclosed, but probably conditional on how much Griese plays). Good move, now they can draft another young guy and hope they can develop him over a couple of years.

The Bears rescinded their contract offer to Pro Bowl Special Teamer Brendon Ayanbadejo. His asking price was too high for a special teamer and he wanted to play more on defense. The problem for him is the Bears are already loaded at linebacker and they have a lot of guys who can play special teams. It is too bad, but the Bears are going to use the money to extend Devin Hester - obviously a much better use of the money.

I heard Mike and Mike talking about free agency today and the point came up that I agree with - most of the guys who are signing the big deals (they mentioned Berrian) are worth nowhere near the amount of money they are being given. For the most part, the great players get locked up before free agency and the ones with flaws are the ones who become available. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but it is largely true. You have to be able to draft well and develop players to succeed in the NFL. That is how the Giants did it. That is how the Patriots did it. That is how every Super Bowl winner has done it. Free agency will allow you to get one or two contributors, but it won't solve a player personnel problem a team may have if they don't know how to draft.

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