Friday, March 21, 2008

U.S. National Debt

Most Americans simply do not know what the facts are about our economy. For anyone who is interested in facts and is willing to look at actual numbers, here are the National Debt figures provided by the U.S. Treasury Department.

3/21/08 - $9.38 trillion (current as of this post)
9/30/07 - $9.00 trillion
9/30/06 - $8.51 trillion
9/30/05 - $7.93 trillion
9/30/04 - $7.38 trillion
9/30/03 - $6.78 trillion
9/30/02 - $6.23 trillion
9/28/01 - $5.81 trillion
9/28/00 - $5.67 trillion
9/30/92 - $4.06 trillion

Look it up for yourself at the U.S. Treasury Dept.

Unless you believe the U.S. Treasury Dept is lying, you can see the dramatic increase under George W. Bush.

Under Clinton, the National Debt rose from $4.06 trillion to $5.67 trillion. Thus, it rose by a total of $1.61 trillion. This represents a 39.7% increase over Clinton's eight years in office [($5.67 - $4.06)/$4.06]. Keep in mind that by the end of Clinton's term we were making payments on the Debt and working to reduce the figure.

Under Bush, the National Debt has risen from $5.67 trillion to $9.38 trillion, for a total of $3.71 trillion. This represents a 65.4% increase over his term to date [($9.38 - $5.67)/$5.67]. It is a remarkable explosion of debt and it is worsening. This is just a simple, plain fact.

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