Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Obama Money Machine

It is no secret that I like Obama and that I agree with his message of change. In my opinion, he has very advantageous positions relative to John McCain that should help sweep him to victory in November.

His policy positions are part of the reason that he has a groundswell of support from so many small donors. His fundraising advantages will swamp McCain and the RNC and help Dems up-and-down the ticket. Politico recently ran a great piece on his money machine.

But just what are the numbers? At the beginning of May, McCain has about $9.2M in cash on hand to Obama's $37M. However, the RNC had $40M to the DNC's $4.4M. So right now, cash is about equivalent.

But, here is the bottom line, every month, Obama is raising more than double what McCain has been raising. On top of that, Obama just put a couple of his finance guys over in the DNC and I am betting that fundraising is going to jump for the DNC. We'll have to see, but in the end, my guess is that the Dems will destroy the Republicans in terms of cash, and this will translate into huge gains in November.

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