Friday, September 12, 2008

Bears and Cavs Thoughts

Chicago goes on the road to play Carolina. I like the matchup - two power teams that like to play good D, focus on the run, and get efficient play from their QBs. My view is that the Bears are better. Should be a close game but in the end I expect it to end with the Bears on top: 20-13 Chicago.

Virginia makes a trip to UConn without their starting QB, Peter Lalich. I don't actually see that as much of a loss. I don't have all that much confidence in him anyway. Last year, the game in Charlottesville was extremely tight and UVA pulled it out in the final minutes. I like the UVA D, they have a great running game, and if they get some QB play they should be fine. I'll go with my heart. Cavs 17 - UConn 13.


deepie said...

Bears...Good fight against a good team...Should have held on to the lead, but winning two games on the road against two tough teams is asking a lot. You should be happy at 1-1 with the team looking pretty good.

Cavs...We got thumped. Looks like this year, we have no defense to go along with our no offense. Good job Groh. We've been outscored 97-17 against Div 1-A opponents so far. Good job Groh.

Rob said...

Disappointing Bear loss. If Olsen doesn't fumble going in for a score and again deep in Bears territory the Bears win easily.

I'm not too worried about the Cavs. USC beat Ohio State 35-3. USC is a pro team. We'll see what happens as the season brings.