Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama Convention Bounce

The full effect of the DNC Convention can now be asssessed. It certainly looks like Obama got a nice bounce. He has opened up a much wider lead in the polls than at any time in recent weeks. There is still a long way to go, but I think the convention went a long way to shaping opinions and differentiating the positions of Obama and McCain.

Ultimately, that is what will drive most of the voters.


deepie said...

Not as much of a bounce as a deflation for McCain's boneheaded VP pick.

Rob said...

It is hard to seperate the two. But, I think the numbers will continue to improve for Obama because of the Palin choice over the next couple of days.

Keep in mind, that the Gallup and other tracking polls take the three day average for the 3 prior days of polling. So today's daily tracking poll is really the average for today, yesterday, and Friday. The full impact of the initial reaction to the Palin pick won't be really known until the end of the week.

I think it is clear that McCain wanted LIEberman, but he just outsourced the pick (and the vetting) to the Religious Right. It was a stupid move given the choice that they made for him.