Thursday, September 04, 2008

RNC Convention Strategy?

I am completely perplexed by the Convention so far. Obviously I am an Obama supporter, but from an objective standpoint it seems to me that the RNC could have done a much better job of lining up the speakers.

On Tuesday we saw Fred Thompson and Joe LIEberman. It was an odd pair. Thompson dealt out "red meat" in his folksy style, but then LIEberman was weak and boring. Last night there was another serving of "red meat" from Rudy and then Palin dealt even more. Now tonight we have McCain and I have no idea what he is going to offer.

The fact remains that Republicans are highly unpopular relative to Dems, because people are mostly fed up with Bush. The greatest appeal of McCain is his "maverick image." But, instead of softening the image of the Republicans and having speakers who are moderate and who reach across party lines, we have mostly been giving servings of red meat ravings that have attacked Obama and Dems.

I would have organized the convention totally different. I would have had red meat night on Tuesday - Thompson/Rudy. That would fire up the delegates and give them what they want to hear.

I would have then had Huckabee give his more folksy talk as a precursor to Palin. He is stronger with evangelicals than many other speaker and he would have helped send a signal to those voters that they should be on board with McCain. But then, I would have had Palin give a more uplifting speech that was light on red meat and more appealing to a broader audience. This would help try to get crossover voters.

Then, I would have had LIEberman introduce McCain (to highlight bi-partisanship) and then have McCain give his vision for the country. The whole theme would be to play up change in Wsshington through he maverick image.

Instead, they have presented an angry, sarcastic, anti-Dem convention that offers little. This would be fine if the Republican brand was strong - but it is not.

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