Monday, September 29, 2008

What is With McCain?

Last week he (falsely) claimed that he was putting country first and suspending his campaign to solve the financial crisis. He made a big fuss about possibly missing the debate on Friday night because he was fixing the crisis. This morning, I watched him on TV at a campaign event in which he was claiming credit for putting the country first to work with Dems and Republicans to get the financial bailout through. OOPS! The House Republicans killed the bailout.

Now, I'm waiting for McCain to put the country first, suspend his campaign, and get back to Washington to work his "maverick magic." I won't hold my breath.

It was a political stunt last week - now it is just more obvious.


j, k, and s's d said...

I'm tired of this "maverick" bullshat. He's no maverick. People (especially Palin) like to just throw out the word maverick so people think he is some sort of renegade and can really shake things up. Cut with the maverick bullshat.

Rob said...

I agree, but I will say this, in the past he has gone against his party on some major legislation.

He went against his party on campaign finance (passed the McCain-Feingold bill) - but now he is against his own law and in line with the Republican position.

He was against the Republicans in their support of the Bush tax cuts - he even called them immoral. Now he is for the cuts and the Bush economic plan.

He was for comprehensive immigration reform, again against his Party. He offered the McCain-Kennedy proposal - but now he says he is against it. HE IS AGAINST HIS OWN PROPOSED BILL.

He gave up being a maverick when he decided to run for President and he embraced the Republican ideology.