Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts About Hannity Waterboarding

A few weeks ago, blowhard idiot Sean Hannity said he was willing to be waterboarded for charity - in particular, for the families of fallen soldiers. He did this on his own TV show. Of course, he isn't actually going to do it because he would end up crying like a baby and soiling himself on national TV. (Too bad for the troops.)

But man, if Sean Hannity really wanted to help families of troops he really could make this a huge event. Hannity could start by saying he won't do it until there are at least $1 million in sponsored donations. He could get that easily. Frankly, he would probably raise $5 million from people who would want to see him waterboarded.

Then, Fox could run it on primetime TV and it would be one of the most-watched TV events of the year. They could sell millions of dollars in advertising, some of which they could put toward charity.

Better yet, he could do a pay-per-view event that would surely raise at least $10 million from people who would pay to $50 to watch it (I'd watch it). If he enlisted the help of others he could really make it an event. Put in an undercard fight of Keith Olbermann vs. Bill O'Reilly in a battle of the talking heads. (Olbermann would kick O'Reilly's arse.) You could have Rush duke it out with James Carville (Fat Drug-Addicted Gas Bag vs. the Ragin' Cajun). Add in a couple of musical acts and comedians - not the boring right wing ones like Billy Ray Cyrus and Dennis Miller - but actually entertaining folks and you would have a huge event. Then close up the night with the main event - Sean Hannity getting waterboarded for 90 seconds (although I doubt he would go longer than about 20 seconds (probably more like 10 seconds).

It could easily raise $25 million for charity. Oh but Sean won't subject himself to torture and possible death so it will never happen.


Dennis said...

Rob, calm down. It sounds like you're going off the deep end. Yoga is really good for relaxation. Maybe you could use more sleep. Give one of those a try.
Your guy is in the White House and your party has control of both Houses of Congress. Why are you so angry? Anyway, as Ken pointed out in his forum, Hannity has already raised millions to help families of fallen troops. There's nothing preventing Olbermann from writing a big check for the troops. He doesn't have to wait for Hannity to be waterboarded. I'm sure Keith could afford to donate alot since MSNBC probably wastes millions per year for his salary checks.

Rob said...

I'm not angry - if you knew me you would know I am being funny. I addressed Ken's points over there. Nothing you have added changes the fact that Hannity is a blowhard liar.