Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Health Care and the Dems

There is an excellent commentary by Thomas Frank in today's WSJ that captures how I feel.

I have been greatly disappointed by the failure of President Obama and the Dems to push through health care reform. Actually, I could probably accept some of the delay in putting forward a bill if it was as simple as trying to iron out details. But the reality is that lobbyists have stoked a small group of angry, uninformed folks into believing that their freedoms would be taken away and Obama would create death panels to see to it that old, sick people were killed. Sadly, there are congressional Republicans who are playing political games knowing full well that they are contributing to lies and deception of the American people. As a result of this nonsense, Obama and many Dems looked like they caved on the public option.

There is still time and we still need reform. For anyone who isn't paying attention our premiums are rising rapidly, insurance companies are cutting services and payments to doctors, and the current Medicare system is unsustainable. WE HAVE TO HAVE REFORM. Serious people know that without reform soon, the American health system will face a dire situation in coming years. It is time for President Obama to stand up an lead the fight that he spoke so strongly about during the campaign.

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