Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Afghanistan and Iraq

We are starting the withdrawal of troops from Iraq - but frankly we should just get more of our troops out of there. There is little reason to stay and it seems clear that most Iraqis don't want us there.

However, it is also time to pull the plug on Afghanistan. It is a barren, rocky country that offers no strategic resources. It has a highly corrupt government that does not care about human rights or democracy. Why we are serving as the police force for the Afghan government is beyond me.

What we should do is sign agreements with these countries to allow covert operatives and special opps forces the ability to conduct missions in those countries. We could offer money, food, and even weapons (not heavy weapons) to do this.

We have to stop our crazy, super expensive, and highly ineffective interventions and just focus on more attainable missions. We don't need to have our forces working on nation-building exercises.


deepie said...

I totally agree, but what you're proposing would only work if our purpose is only to find Bin Laden and put a stranglehold on the growth of Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, I don't think Team America's (World Police) agenda is that simple.

Rob said...

Given the financial condition of this country and the enormous growing costs of health care, we need to shut down the growth of the military industrial complex and get real about helping our own citizens.