Friday, September 18, 2009

Football Predictions for Weekend

Centennial High (1-1) is going up against 1-1 Atholton. Good, even matchup based on the stats and the teams both teams have played against. I'll go with Centennial in a squeaker (they lost their first game in OT by 1 and won last week by 1).

UVA (0-2) travels to Southern Miss. I think the spread will be much better and they will air it out a bit. I expect an offensive explosion with UVA winning 30-17.

BEARS (0-1) will get a much better performance out of Cutler against a very good Steelers D. But it will be the Bears D that will win it with their ball hawking. They will stifle the Steelers running game and get a couple of turnovers off interceptions by Big Ben and at least one fumble. Chicago 24 - Steelers 14.

Malcolm Kellies (0-1) should have no trouble with St. Louis, but they will have trouble. In the end, it will be a 21-17 Deadskins victory and questions will remain about how good the team is. The fans will not be happy.

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j, k, and s's d said...

Don't care about Centennial.

Freedom fell to Kettle Run 25-14 yesterday. Still good that they competed. A couple of years ago, the school opened and had no senior class and they were blown out in every game. Looks like they have built a pretty quality team in a short time. Also found out that the girls basketball team made it to the state championship last year. GO EAGLES!!!

UVA loses to the Golden Eagles and Groh gets fired.

Jeff Cutler throws another couple of INTs. The Bears are dominated and lose 23-10. Jay George loses it and rants and raves at his WRs, coaches, and fans but is quickly subdued when Pep sticks his dudzik in Cutler's mouth which serves as a pacifier...Cutler falls asleep soundly on the bench.

Skins win big. They dominate both sides of the ball and play with much more intensity and aggressiveness. Skins win 31-10.