Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Bears-Packers Game

I thought the game tonight was intense and had a great atmosphere. Sucks that the Bears lost, but they just made too many mistakes.

Cutler had a tough night. I liked the way he came back in the second half after throwing three interceptions in the first half. He looked terrible in the first half, but a couple of huge drives in the second half put the Bears up with a little more than 2 minutes.

The fake punt in the fourth quarter on 4th and 11 was bizarre. It basically gave the Packers a field goal when their offense could not move the ball effectively all night.

The D was great for most of the night. Vasher blew it on the Packers TD at the end, but I thought he had a pretty good night otherwise. It happens, I just hope he can shake it off.

Injuries to Urlacher and Tinoisamoa (two starting linebackers) is concerning - especially to Urlacher. Hopefully he will be back next week.

Pittsburgh comes to Chicago on Sunday afternoon. That should be a very good game. I'd like to see the Bears commit to the running game more (especially early). Cutler threw 36 times - that is too many times for the way the Bears play D. They need to mix in Garrett Wolfe for a change of pace, but I think as Cutler gets more comfortable with his receivers he should be fine.


j, k, and s's d said...

Pretty intense but WAY too many mistakes all over the place. The Packers had a number of dropped passes. Cutler had a number of picks. However, they are not all his fault. His receivers failed him. A number of times they just didn't finish their routes. The last INT that young guy just stopped and fell down on the slant in. Seemed like on a couple of other Cutler INTs there were miscommunications as the ball was just thrown up with no Bear receiver around. Some of those were just bad throws where he is throwing across his body.

You could see that Cutler was getting ticked off. On that last one, I'm sure he was pissed at that receiver for stopping.

It will be critical for Cutler to have some early success this Sunday. If he throws an early INT, the fans will boo and that will only enrage Cutler more.

I will say that Cutler looked better in the second half. He did seem more in control.

The fake punt was bizarre. It looked like no one new that was coming except for I guess the snapper. Not sure why the snapper took it upon himself to call that play on a 4th and long in Bear territory late in the game. Crazy play.

I will say that defense ruled for both teams. Bear D line was good and put a lot of pressure on Rodgers and he seemed to lose a little of his poise as a result. I think the secondary is still pretty weak. Vasher was badly burned on the game winning TD. He wasn't even close to Jennings. There were a couple of other deep balls where Packer WRs were open but one time the ball was overthrown and the other time the ball was underthrown. It's clear the Bears will have to rely on getting pressure on the QB because if they don't, the secondary will get torched.

LB injuries are a concern.

Agreed with Collingsworth in that the Bears should have tried harder to establish the run. That is what they do. Lovie preaches strong D and special teams with sound running attack. They abandoned that in the first half and just tried to pass. Maybe to try and catch the Pack off guard but I think it behooves them to get the running game going.

Big game next week against Pittsburgh. Again, will be critical for Cutler to not make mistakes because the fans will quickly turn on him and I really don't think he will react well to that. I can imagine him pulling a Beckham and trying to run into the crowd to fight.

Rob said...

Vasher was burned but by and large I was comfortable w/the secondary (including Vasher).

That was a game the Bears could easily have won. The Pack made one more play than the Bears.

The receivers did make a few mistakes on routes, but Cutler made a number of horrible decisions. The Pack dropped a couple of easy interceptions.

j, k, and s's d said...

Most every game the losing team could have won if a couple of plays were different.

The Pack left several points on the field by missing/dropping passes. Also, the phantom illegal contact penalty on Harris would have killed the drive that led to the Bears go ahead FG.

Bottom line, is the Bears lost. It's in the books. Put it in the past and look forward to the Steelers.

I wasn't impressed with the Bear secondary. They look like they can be exposed. The good thing is the pass rush seems to be back so if that continues and opposing QBs have limited time then it should help any secondary shortcomings.

Rob said...

Even match - just one play was the difference. But the Bears will move on.

j, k, and s's d said...

Like I said, you can say one play is the difference in many games. You just hope that you end up on the up side of that one play.

At the end of the day, there is only one stat that matters. Fine line between winning and losing.

Rob said...

Absolutely. Championship teams find ways to win - even when they shouldn't (take New England this week).