Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RepubliCANT Eric Cantor Must be Retarded

Eric Cantor (perfect name - "CANT-or" - for a RepubliCANT leader) is the House Minority Whip making him John Boehner's "#2". (go ahead and laugh - I wrote it this way on purpose).

This guy talks family values and then holds fundraisers at Britney Spears concerts. He constantly embarrasses himself on national TV with his utter lack of knowledge, but he is a leader for the minority party.

In a piece in Politico today he belly aches about Pelosi and that "no one on the White House power grid — from Obama to chief of staff Rahm Emanuel — has contacted [RepubliCANT]leadership to coordinate a bipartisan Afghanistan strategy."

What a doofus, Obama is the Commander-in-Chief and has his national security team. Given how stupid the RepubliCANTs are on health care (especially when they don't have a plan of their own), why in the world would he consult CANTor to come up with a "bipartisan" strategy. Either CANTor is delusional, stupid, or just plain retarded. If this is the quality of their leadership, it is no wonder that RepubliCANTs find themselves in such a minority position.

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