Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Football Predictions

3-1 on Bears and Malcolm Kellies predictions this year (those are the only ones that I am counting here).

I know the discussion is floating around on various posts. I'll comment on the Malcolm Kellies over on JKD's site. But, I'll put my final weekend predictions here.

BEARS (1-1) - Playing in Seattle (1-1) is always a tough game, but the Bears are going to have a special year and winning on the road against a banged up Seahawks bunch is a must win if they are really going to make some noise. I don't think the game will be all that close. The Bears will also get their running game going. Bears 27 - Seattle 13.

DEADSKINS (1-1) - Detroit went 0-16 last year, but there are 32 new guys on the team and an all new coaching staff. They are 0-2 and have lost 19 straight overall, but they will finally get a win this weekend. Final score will be 14-10 Lions. As bad as this week was with all the bitching and moaning in DC after a lackluster win, the fans will get out their pitchforks and torches after the Lions beat the Skins.

UVA (0-3) - off this week.

Centennial (1-2) - go on the road again tomorrow to play 3-0 Long Reach. I'll go with a win, but I have no real idea. Centennial 12 - Long Reach 8.

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