Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bi-Partisanship and "Enemies Lists"

Senator Lamar Alexander is bitching and moaning that President Obama is not being bi-partisan and warned him not to create an "Enemies List." With respect to the latter, I have no idea what the Hell he is blathering about.

The President has been far too accomodating to the Republicans and all that has happened is they bitch and moan that he isn't giving them what they want. Then, after he makes concessions they still don't vote for anything the President wants and complain.

Elections have consequences and the RepubliCANTs need to stop being babies. They aren't in power and will not get what they want, so they need to work with the President on compromise positions.

In a somewhat related story, the Chamber of Commerce is finding that it no longer has a seat at the table when it comes to shaping legislation. The Chamber is a decidedly right wing lobby group that mostly represents large business interests. They have refused to compromise on anything and have been vocal critics of the President, so they are losing their traditional position of power in the legislative development process. That's what you get when you refuse to bargain in good faith.

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