Monday, October 12, 2009

Carlos Rogers Will Be Out

On his twitter page, Rick Maese posted this quote from Carlos Rogers:

"It starts not only with players and coaches, it starts with the ownership. They bring everybody in and they've got last say-so of everything, so that's where it starts, I guess."

Danny Boy won't like that - looks like Carlos will be with another team next year.


deepie said...

He may not like that and it would be childish of him to get rid of him just for that, but...Rogers has proven to be a bit of a liability with his stone hands. At least one drive in each of the last two games could have ended had he been able to catch the damn ball. He had the ball hit him in the hands at least a few times last year as well.

I don't think I'd like to lose Rogers. He's a decent cover corner and a great tackler. I don't think I'd lose much sleep if he did get let go after this season though.

Rob said...

The Deadskins have far bigger needs to address than corner. Losing Rogers would be a loss - although I find his unique "ability" to not catch balls fairly humorous.

deepie said...

London Fletcher, when asked about Rogers' drop in the Bucs game, said, "His hands really do...suck."

Rob said...

They do - there is no question about it. If he even had average hands he would have at least 5 interceptions per year.

The thing about the guy is that he has some talent and he is a better than average corner in the NFL. But, he is not a game changer because of his horrible hands.

j, k, and s's d said...

So now "Double Move" and the guy with brick hands is suddenly a valuable commodity. Robs is ridiculous.

Rob said...

He is a better than average NFL corner. That doesn't mean I think he is a Pro Bowler.

In addition, I said the Deadskins have far bigger concerns than at corner - most specifically at offensive line, running back, receiver, linebacker, and D-line.

Losing Rogers would only add to their problems. You have to look at the complete depth of their problems to see where Rogers falls - frankly he isn't that big a problem on the field for them.

j, k, and s's d said...

I get it. So now you think highly of "Double Move" where before you thought he wasn't very good.

Makes BIZARRO WORLD! Nice job being objective, Robs.

Rob said...

I have no idea what you are talking about or what relevance it has to this post.

I think I am being clear in what I wrote, but for some reason you want me to disparage Rogers. Whatever.

j, k, and s's d said...

I don't want you to disparage Rogers. You did that yourself.

Who came up with the nickname "Double Move?" Did I give him that name? Would you have given him that name if you thought he was a good corner?

Seems you have changed your tune. Curious if you will actually answer the questions above.

Rob said...

Are you referring to the Tampa Bay game 2 years ago? Jeez dude.

I wrote what I wrote about Rogers above. If you don't accept it that is fine, but the Redskins have far bigger problems then Rogers.

You need to get in the here and now and stay on the content of the post.

Rob said...

I looked it up. Here is my original discussion about "Double Move".

The nickname came directly from a quote that Rogers had after getting burned on a double move play.

That said, I'm still not sure what that has to do with anything we are discussing here. Rogers remains a better than average corner who has horrible hands. The Deadskins have much bigger problems than that.

j, k, and s's d said...

Jeez dude, what?

For the rest of the season, you referred to him as "Double Move." I assume you weren't calling him that because you thought he was a "better than average" CB.

All of a sudden he is better than average. Whatever, dude.

Rob said...

You are talking about something from 3 YEARS AGO!

I have not said Rogers is great - but for some reason you seem to think I am now saying that. Certainly you would have to agree that Rogers has not lived up to being the 9th pick in the 2005 draft. I keep saying that they have bigger problems to deal with. For that reason, losing Rogers would be a loss because then they would also have to find a starting corner.

Frankly, I think you are just being unreasonably petty and acting like a child. You are essentially complaining that I am not disparaging Rogers because you think I disparaged him 3 years ago.

Live in the here and now dude! Comment on what is being discussed - not something you expect me to say based on a posting or two from 3 years ago.