Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The most hopeless franchise in the NFL.

Additional updates to post:

Wilbon's column today hits the nail on the head.

If you didn't read Sally Jenkins piece last week - here it is.


deepie said...

So a disgruntled fan expresses his displeasure...so what?

As a fan, I'm going to hope that Danny Boy is aware of all of the criticism and understands it to be legitimate. I really hope he brings in a Holmgren or Gruden type who won't let the players run the ship and who will demand that his input be taken into account when it comes to acquiring players.

Is that too much to ask for?

Rob said...

The guy isn't a fan of the Deadskins.

I added Wilbon's column today - the quote from Jimmie Johnson is pretty telling.

Danny Boy isn't going to change. He isn't going to fire Vinny. Holmgren had his GM duties stripped in Seattle. Gruden hasn't done player personnel. Shanahan was horrible at player evaluation in Denver which is why he was fired. They can bring in any of those guys and nothing will change for the Deadskins because Danny Boy will still be there.

Given his age (in the 40s), you only have to wait another 40-50 years until the Deadskins have a chance to succeed.

Rob said...

Deeps, one other thing when you say you hope Danny Boy is aware of all the criticism you don't seem to get it.

He is most certainly aware - he just doesn't care. He is still making plenty of money as he milks every drop of goodwill out of the fans.

I was patently obvious they needed O-line help and they didn't do anything. They have drafted 1 lineman in the last 5 years.

Vinny is an idiot and Shottenheimer fired him for being an idiot. Then when put the Deadskins in a position to become a winning franchise Danny Boy fired Marty and re-hired Vinny.

He has not done anything to make FedEx more fan friendly. He sues season ticket holders who now cannot pay. He even continues to overpay for questionable talent year after year. Fat Albert and DeAngelo will NEVER live up to their contracts and would NEVER have gotten anywhere close to what the Deadskins paid for them.

All of these things have been going on for 10 years - they won't change any time soon.

deepie said...

I read the Wilbon article. It's dead on.

Interesting yet useless sidenote...Apparently Ronnie Mervis of Mervis Diamonds is fed up with Snyder and is interested in buying the team from him. There's an online petition saying if 10,000 people sign up, he'll make a concerted effort to buy the team from Danny Boy.


Rob said...

I'm assuming you will be signing the petition.

Of course, Danny Boy is never going to sell the team and for anyone signing the petition, he will find out who they are and banish them from FedEx.