Friday, October 02, 2009

Football Predictions for the Weekend

5-1 in my Bears/Redskins picks.

BEARS!!! (2-1) After getting their first win in nearly 2 years against the reeling Redskins, the Lions come to Soldier Field. Any momentum the Lions have will quickly evaporate. This game will not be a problem for the Bears. The Bears will win this game easily 31-17. (The Lions will get a late trash TD to make it seem closer.)

Deadskins (1-2). Tampa comes to FedEx with a QB making his first NFL start. I expect the D to play better and the moribund offense will finally come to life against the lowly Bucs. After hearing some boos and getting off to a slow start in the first quarter, the Malcolm Kellies will roll 27-3. Malcolm Kelly may even get 3 catches this game in a breakout performance (I would put the over/under on his receiving yardage at 35 yards).

UVA (0-3). The ACC schedule starts for the Cavs in Chapel Hill against a solid UNC team. I like the way the team has improved on offense and still think the team has the players to play solid defense. They need better play out of their special teams units. With the bye last week and the ability to start fresh with the ACC schedule I think the Cavs will be ready. It is funny, UVA always plays well against UNC and finds ways to win. I expect the same tomorrow. UVA 34 - UNC 27.

Centennial (1-3). If it doesn't rain today or this evening, we will head over to watch the game. The Eagles are in a must win against 2-2 Wilde Lake. I haven't watched the team but they have some talent. Wilde Lake is a perennial powerhouse but they have a new coach. Should be a good matchup, but I think the Eagles will lose 24-10. I'll hope for a better outcome.

Enjoy the weekend games!


j, k, and s's d said...

Robs offers nothing new.

I expect the Bears to win. They will attack Stafford the way the Redskins should have. Still, because of the poor Bear secondary, C. Johnson will have a couple of nice catches but it won't be enough. Bears 24-10.

Redskins better win easily. Right after last week's game, I said this week's game will be very interesting to see how we play. It's at home against the Bucs. A loss will most likely mean the end to the Zorn era and big changes. The fans will be coming ready to boo. It's a defining game for the Skins. I expect a lot more aggressiveness in coaching and play on both sides of the ball. Skins win 27-6.

UVA sucks! How does Groh have a job. UNC is coming off of a tough loss and will want to rebound at home. Don't know the score but UVA will lose and Groh will continue to say that they did some good things, blah..blah..blah. This guy is one of the highest paid coaches and has not showed he is nearly deserving of that salary. If you like mediocrity, Groh's your guy.

Don't know or care about Centennial.

Rob said...

I pick the Kellies, but I really hope that Tampa wins - just to see the outrage at FedEx. It is the only way that Danny Boy may decide to hire a GM and change his horrible organization.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Rob said...

I'm curious, how do you define "poor secondary"?

Having played three pretty good teams, I think the Bears' secondary has held up well.

Certainly I am very pleased with the defensive performances overall.

j, k, and s's d said...

I know you hope the Josh Johnson's win because it is impossible for you to ever hope the Redskins win anything.

I define poor secondary by playing poorly. How's that? It is clear that the Bear secondary was a big concern going into the season. Even you admitted to that. I have only seen one game and they were not that good in that game. Vasher was beaten badly for the go ahead TD and there were at least two other deep balls where the WRs were open but the ball wasn't delivered well. One was the G. Jennings and the other was to, I believe, Driver who was WIDE open (I think Vasher was again covering) but Rodgers over threw him when Urlacher was in his face. It was an easy TD.

I have commended the Bear D line for getting pressure. If they didn't get pressure, that secondary would be consistently torched. I cannot comment on the other two games because I have not seen them.

Rob said...

The Kellies will probably win this week, but only a truly committed fan of the team would believe that the season is going to be anyting other than dismal. We'll see.

OK, I assume you think the Redskins secondary sucks also. Your definition would seem to cover them also.

Statistically, the Bears are right up there and given that we have played teams with good passing offenses, including two games on the road, I'm fairly comfortable with the secondary.

Rob said...

What I also love is that after watching one game you claim to know the Bears secondary. I have watched more of Malcolm Kelly than you have watched of the Bears secondary and yet you think I shouldn't have an opinion and I should just "give him a chance."

There is even statistical evidence to show the Bears secondary is solid, but you apparently don't care for that. It is whatever your "gut" tells you I suppose.

That is good enough for you, but when I have an opinion based on more info and more observation you think I am being unfair. Hilarious!!!!