Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama vs. Faux News

There is a tempest in a teapot story about how the Obama Administration is no longer working with Faux News. Big deal! I say good for Obama. There is no obligation for the President to work with any private organizations. Faux News can continue to dole out its entertainment for right wing extremists who make up the GOP base, but nothing compels the President of the United States to work with them.

So Faux News is all up in arms and using the "war" to say the President is biased and wrong and evil and the anti-Christ or whatever the Hell they want to say to further cater to their viewers. Good for them. However, Bush did the exact same thing to MSNBC, so when Faux falsely claims that Obama's actions are unprecedented they are lying (as usual).

It doesn't matter whether Obama works with Faux or not, they are still going to bash him. That is fine with me - they have their right to do that. It's a free country. I say let the Faux News Nuts have their station and get their propaganda.

Faux has great cable numbers, but that does not mean all that much. On any given night, O'Reilly and Beck will get about 2.5 million viewers and Hannity will get about 2 million viewers. Those folks are the hard core nuts who want their dose of anti-Obama rhetoric every day. By comparison, almost 9 million folks watch NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams and 1.6 million watch John Stewart do his take on the news every night.

On top of that, there are more than 300 million Americans, so most folks are not even bothering with the news. Obama should just continue to shut Faux out if he wants. It doesn't really matter in the end whether he does or not; the folks that watch Faux won't vote for him anyway.

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