Thursday, November 12, 2009

Couple of Bears Notes

Bears play the 49ers tonight - cannot wait for that.

As is the case in many cities, the Bears HC is under fire and fans are calling for his head. Supposedly the team is rallying behind Lovie. We'll see tonight.

That said, I am so sick and tired of how quickly fans jump on and off the bandwagon. Lovie has to do a better job, but let's just wait and see what happens. The Bears are 4-4 and in the thick of the playoff hunt. Firing him mid-season would only tank the season. People want Holmgren and Shannahan - but they don't even know their records because if they did I don't see how they could actually see them as an upgrade.

I expect the Bears to play much better D and to get their running game going to go along with the very potent passing attack. I'm concerned about the D and how their D-line peforms, but I expect improvement. We'll know early if the Bears are going to be OK. They will have proper gap control on the D-line and keep Gore under control. If he is gashing them for 5-8 yards per carry, it could end up another long night.

One last thing - what is up with Sammy Sosa?


j, k, and s's d said...

It's a good game for both teams. Both teams need this game. I give the slight edge to the 49ers because they are playing at home. I think it is tough to have a short week and then have to travel away.

Bears will have to hope to play with some vengeance and try to vindicate themselves from last Sunday's embarrassment. Hopefully, for them, Tommie Harris tries to step up.

By and large, the majority of fans are stupid and go berzerk at the smallest things. A win today will calm some of those Bears fans down but a loss will be devastating for the team and those fans.

Regarding Sosa, no idea what his deal is. He's become a freak show. Not sure what a skin rejuvenation process is.

Scott said...

Cutler: 29 for 52, 305 yards and 5 pics. Ouch!

deepie said...

17 pics through 9 games...Double ouch!

That sucks. I picked da Bears to win this game and Jay George f'd it up for me.