Thursday, January 07, 2010

How's This for a Trade

Jay Cutler for the #1 pick this year, the #1 pick next year, and a conditional pick (#2 to #5 based on performance) next year.

The Bears could sign Jason Campbell and use the picks to pick up some young talent. They could also go back to more of a traditional Bears offense that focuses on ball control and not making mistakes.

Shanny would get the QB he wants and Cutler will be happy playing for him.


j, k, and s's d said...

No deal. We need our picks for other needs and I am not a fan of Cutler.

You weren't a fan of Cutler until your boys traded for him for all those much needed draft picks. Angelo and Co. thought you were just a QB away from greatness but now we can see how many glaring needs you guys have.

I do think Jeff Cutler would be happy to reunite with Shanny and would probably be better here but I don't want him. Unlike you, I would not change my tune if we got him. I would root for the Skins but would not be thrilled to have Cutler especially at that price.

If he played really well and led us to the Super Bowl, I could/would certainly change my tune but I am not a fan of Jeff Cutler.

Good luck, Bear fan!

Rob said...

Shanny would love to have him and I'd love to see JC somewhere where he could flourish.

JC is more of a Bears-type QB.

Frankly, I'd love to see Zorn brought in as offensive coordinator with JC. Then trade Cutler for the picks and move forward.

It is never going to happen, but I would love it.

j, k, and s's d said...

I'd like to see JC rewarded and flourish as well. Hopefully that would happen with the Skins.

I like Zorny as well and wish him the best. Interesting how many of the players this past week talked about how excited they were to have a proven winner in Shanny coming to town and how everyone liked Zorn but how much the team lacked discipline and how some of the players that liked Zorn didn't think he made a good head coach.

I'm sure you would like the trade. If Jeff Cutler came here you would turn on him real fast and all of a sudden he would truly be Jeff Cutler in your book. I would not want to trade our picks particularly for that arrogant arse.

Good luck, Bear fan!

deepie said...

That proposal is not even close to fair. JC had a higher QB rating and equal or better stats all the way around (minus TD passes). JC has proven to be a good NFL QB. I can see trading JC and the 2nd rounder for Cutler being more realistic.

Regardless, I don't want Jay George on my team. Your Bears have invested a lot in him. Keep him.

Rob said...

The question is what will Shanny offer the Bears?

deepie said...

Do you really think Danny will want to throw away draft picks after all of the backlash he received this past season? Do you really think Bruce Allen will agree that trading away multiple high picks is a good strategy? Do you think 'Skins fans want a guy who just threw 26 picks? I highly doubt Cutler will ever be a Redskin.

Why are you so willing to get rid of him? Maybe this is the year you get Brandon Marshall. Don't you think Cutler is just a receiver or two away from being back in his comfort zone?