Monday, January 25, 2010

McCain Opposes Bernanke Re-Appointment

Let me first say that McCain is a total economic idiot. That is a general statement that is independent of what I think about his position on giving Bernanke a second term as Fed Chair.

Now, I am simply amazed by the reactionary idiots who now oppose Bernanke. If not for Ben Bernanke's cool hand and bold moves we would not be talking about a financial meltdown, but rather a full blown global Depression. Bernanke is a national hero.

The financial meltdown was a result of a number of factors but greed on Wall Street and the failure to effectively regulate the financial sectors allowed the careless and reckless speculation to nearly bring down the world economy.

The reason government does not work is because we don't get the best and the brightest to lead the nation. Instead, we are stuck with folks like McCain who do not demonstrate the ability to understand significant issues facing the nation, and others who make up a chattering political class that has no issue pitting groups of Americans against one another in an effort to get elected.

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