Friday, May 07, 2010

Excellent Jobs Number

290,000 jobs created in April. That is a great, great number.

Unemployment rose from 9.7 percent to 9.9 percent. People shouldn't worry about that because all it means is that people who had given up on jobs and were no longer considered in the work force are now streaming back into the workforce.

A few more months of 300,000 jobs created and we will start to see the unemployment rate start to really plummet. Again, we see that the economic policies of this President are working.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Deadskins Pull Same Old B.S.

WJLA - the local ABC affiliate in DC - had a story they were doing about an Iraq war vet who was coming home early and wanted to surprise his Redskin cheerleader wife. You know, one of those fluff, feel-good stories.

WJLA asked the Deadskins to film the reunion at FedEx, but instead of giving them access, the Deadskins said no, and then turned around and told WRC - the local NBC affiliate who also happens to be a Deadskins sponsor about the story.

They barred WJLA from covering their story and then gave the story to WRC.

To make matters worse, apparently, they told the cheerleader that if she spoke with WJLA she would be fired. Danny Boy's culture at its finest. When the sh*t hit the fan Danny Boy apologized to WJLA - of course, it was too late, the PR damage was done.

More Good News on Jobs

The private sector reports on jobs are showing positive signs and on Friday I expect we will see another solid jobs growth number. If we get more than 175,000 jobs on Friday it will be a very good sign.

Frankly, I am expecting to see the number above 225,000 because of the sustained economic growth we have seen in Q1 with GDP growing at 3.2 percent.

I am projecting Q2 and Q3 growth to come in above 3.5 percent and then to hit 4+ percent in Q4. If that happens, we will see 300,000 jobs created per month starting in about June, and perhaps as many as 400,000 jobs late this year.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Gulf Oil Slick

I heard a bunch of Obama haters the last few days saying that Obama is failing to solve the oil slick problem in the Gulf.

I'm not exactly sure what he can do about it, but I shake my head at the intellectual dishonesty of many of the President's critics. Many of these same people want to "Drill Baby Drill" and they want the government to leave Big Oil alone because drilling is so "safe."

Now they are complaining that the government isn't doing enough.

Which is it? Do you want government oversight (which these same idiots call "socialism" at every turn), or do you want unfettered capitalism?

It certainly looks like BP did not adequately provide "fail-safe" measures and now the tourist and fishing industries are devastated.