Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night Football

The Bears have a chance to really establish themselves with a home win against the Packers. I expect them to do that. Both the Packers and Bears have some injuries on their O-lines and have struggled to keep guys off their QBs - but both teams have QBs who have been performing.

I think the team that plays better up front will likely win, and I have more confidence in the Bears right now than the Packers - especially with the loss of Ryan Grant. The running games will help set up the pass and I think the edge has to go to the Bears on that front.

On D, I think the Bears have been able to get turnovers and they seem to be flying to the ball and getting pressure on the QBs. If Peppers has a couple of sacks it will go a long way to securing a win.

Should be a good game tonight.


deepie said...

The 'Skins lost so I'm done with football for the weekend. Good luck to your Bears. I'll check the score in the morning. I agree that good pressure up front will go a long way towards winning.

At least UVA won and won big.

Rob said...

I like the way UVA is playing, but rolling up on 1-AA competition is just a stepping stone. I'd like to see the Cavs go about 6-6 or 7-5 and get into a bowl.

As for the 'skins, I wouldn't jump off a bridge just yet. You have to think that my mid-year the team will be with Shanny's program and will show some improvement in the effort and the way they play.

It is part of the process of turning around a rotted out organization.